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How to get gold easily in ArcheAge Unchained? The Labor System can become frustrating to get rich in the XLGames title, let's find out how to get around the problem!

ArcheAge Unchained it is not an MMORPG that you can play for hours and hours without giving yourself a break. In fact, the game uses the annoying Labor System, there is a sort of energy needed to perform certain actions (from crafting to gathering resources) that is consumed by assigning it to actions e it regenerates over time (real). This system forces you to take several breaks between playing sessions, which is good for your health, but makes sourcing the gold at stake complicated.

Consequently, collecting gold can take a long time in ArcheAge Unchained. This means that it takes a bit of patience before the game actually "starts" and, for some players, this aspect really is. too frustrating, as it limits you a lot in some stages. The easiest way to get started, having the precious resources of ArcheAge Unchained right away, is to actually buy gold from other players.

Why buy gold in ArcheAge Unchained?

There are many reasons to buy ArcheAge Unchained gold from other players instead of collecting it yourself, but ultimately the main thing comes down to "time". Earning a lot of gold in this game is not that difficult but it takes a very long time. In most other MMORPGs, you can farm continuously for a few hours to get what you need so that you can buy the item you want. In ArcheAge Unchained, the Labor System limits this behavior and it is necessary to wait for the energy to regenerate before starting a new harvest and, at the start of the game, this can take an eternity of time. This system makes progress difficult and, especially for new players who are not yet fond of it, the Labor System can make the game not worth waiting for.

Plus, the more profitable methods don't actually produce as much gold per hour, unless you're willing to learn how auctions work. Engaging ArcheAge Unchained items in auctions can be quite profitable once you know how it works but as we said, this is a mechanic that requires some experience. It takes a while to understand how this works at first and can be a bit risky, as market fluctuations can happen suddenly without too many warnings. So working at the auction house may not always give you more gold than collecting, at least as long as you are inexperienced.

The auction house callows players to buy and sell goods. This includes crafting ingredients that some players prefer to purchase rather than collect. Gathering resources takes time and manpower, manufacturing also takes time and manpower points. So buying resources from other players is a very common thing in this game.So, in reality, deciding to buy ArcheAge Unchained gold is not that different from what players already do during the game.

ArcheAge Unchained: how to get gold easily without buying it?

The most common methods to easily get gold in ArcheAge Unchained without buying it are:

  • Agriculture
  • Collection of resources
  • Daily missions and events
  • Guild
  • Killing specific bosses and monsters (often alongside Guilds)
  • Community Request Board (other players will pay you for your work points)

While these are not too difficult tasks to accomplish, they take up quite a bit of time for the most part. Guilds are profitable and don't actually need a lot of manpower when it comes to collecting gold from them. Joining a guild will give you prestige points which can be converted into Vocation Badges which you can then sell to other players. It is not very difficult but in the end it takes a while to get the gold, the speech is always the necessary time. That said, enter a being part of a Guild is definitely something that all ArcheAge Unchained players must do as if that Guild owns land it means you can farm it and use its buildings for free. Furthermore, there are Guilds focused on earning more gold than ArcheAge Unchained so we can all work together to hunt down the most rewarding monsters and bosses in the game.

Having excess work points means you can consult the Community Request Board to see what the players have to do. This usually means they have things to craft or collect but don't have the work points or time to do it. They will pay you for completing their application but keep in mind that the rewards may not always be great. It is not necessary to use it, however, you can simply collect and farm things yourself to later sell them through the auction house and to earn safe gold from other players. This system is something that also takes a long time depending on what you collect and the price of the premium items.

So how can I buy ArcheAge Unchained gold safely?

If the above methods seem too boring, you can purchase ArcheAge Unchained gold and other currencies from other players in the game. In doing so, it is advised not to go directly to dealing with individual sellers. The reason is that there are no protections for this type of transaction. At least not officially! The best thing you can do is look for some websites that allow users to sell and buy gold in Unchained by ArcheAge as they usually offer some kind of protection for buyers.

Websites like Eldorado can offer buyer protection so that the seller does not receive any money until you have your gold or items. Most websites don't offer much protection, but there are a few. This means that if you are looking to purchase gold in ArcheAge Unchained you must first do a little research to make sure it is safe to use that community. Some websites can be fraudulent by taking your money without giving you the gold or items you actually paid for. This is why it is always necessary to do some research to verify the legitimacy of a website and a community before spending money to buy ArcheAge Unchained gold.

A website like Eldorado offers strong protection in the form of the sistema TradeShield, so that the sellers don't get their money until the buyer confirms that they have received the ArcheAge Unchained Gold they purchased. There is also the added benefit of being able to search across different vendors to find one that fits your needs for make purchasing Archechage Unchained gold as easy as possible.

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