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Let's find out what is new with the latest update in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, here is the guide to the new event called "Nature Day" 

With the end of the Easter event, the Bunny Day that we have covered with a large number of guides, Animal Crossing: New Horizons has seen it coming another substantial update that covers the entire second half of April until the first week of May. Another themed event has also arrived, called "Nature Day" which began on April 23 and ends on May 4. With this short guide we want to show you the main changes that we have so far discovered through this new event and explain, in detail, how to build hedges.

Earth Day, Nature Day, whatever you like

Before starting our guide to the Day of Nature in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, we remind you that we remind you that here on Holygamerz you can find the review of the latest Nintendo effort. You can also find a long series of guides on the title, for example how to build stairs to climb to the top, how to jump and travel in time, how to plant star trees, how to make a bunch of stars with turnips, our guide to colors of the various balloons, how to use shooting stars and much, much more. And most importantly, how to poop. Because human nature is also of fundamental importance. Let's begin! 

Many Miles of Nook - Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Nature Day guide

The new event created by Nintendo offers you a new series of Nook + Miles tasks to complete to earn Nook Miles. You will have a themed task for each day which will have a fixed 5x multiplier. We still don't have a complete list of added tasks, but below are the ones we have found playing so far. If we find others, of course, we will update the list. 

Floral Tasks - Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Nature Day guide

Below is the list of tasks found so far of the Day of Nature

  • Build a Flower Crown - 300 Miles of Nook
  • Plant three seeds of [a specific flower] - 200 Nook Miles
  • Send flowers to friends - 200 Nook Miles 
  • Wear a flower - 150 miles of Nook
  • Move a tree - 100 Nook Miles 
  • Plant a coconut shovel on the beach - 150 miles of Nook 
  • Build a wreath - 300 Miles of Nook 
  • Plant Three Bushes - 200 Nook Miles 

And here are the Hedges! - Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Nature Day guide

After completing at least one of the Nook + Miles tasks for the Day of Nature, go talk to Tom Nook. Your favorite loan shark will reward you with a DIY Project that will allow you to build the Hedges. Hedges aren't just bushes, like the ones you can buy from Florindo, but they work just like the various buildable Fences in the game. You can then align them and use them to delimit specific areas. 

Below you will find the DIY Hedge project. With 10 weeds, 5 branches and two stones you can build 10 Hedges. The Day of Nature also introduced Florindo to Animal Crossing, which we will discuss in a specific guide dedicated to the most flourishing sloth on your island. 

Have fun!

Our initial guide to Nature Day in Animal Crossing: New Horizons ends here. How is the administration of your island going? Are you at a good point? Write it to us below in the comments, we will continue to keep you updated with all the news and guides on videogame and tech! 

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