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Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a big step forward for the series from the past. This is also made evident by the size of your inventory at the beginning of the adventure, now with twenty slots, where you can place the objects and materials you find in the game world.
However, you will soon find that this extra space isn't that much, as your pockets will fill up in no time. But don't despair. You will have the opportunity to increase the slots as the days go by.
Here is a short guide for those curious to find out in advance how to increase inventory space in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

How to increase inventory space

After paying off your first debt, Tom Nook will thank you by providing you with access to several features, including a new section of the shop in the Point Nook, where you can buy various goods for quite a few miles. Here you will find the "scheme" to expand your pockets (worth 5000 miles), which will be delivered to you immediately upon purchase. The price is high, but those ten more slots they will save you in several cases.

After reaching the number of 5 residents and upgrading Tom Nook's tent to a real building, Point Nook will sell new items, including another inventory expansion. Paying for these 8000 miles, you will have a good deal 40 slot. Certainly a big leap in quality compared to your starting point.
Those branches in the inventory, in principle, will no longer be a problem, unless you decide to go fishing for every species of fish in the ocean while on another island. In that case, it is best to keep an eye on the available slots, as it is always a bit painful to leave behind any materials or objects that, all in all, can come in handy.

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