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    Those who use cheats and mods risk becoming a cybercriminal

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    Does your little brother play Minecraft using cheats and mods? So "keep an eye on him" because he could become a cybercriminal. The study published by the UK's National Crime Agency states that in this way younger people can more easily develop criminal skills.

    It seems absurd but according to the researchers the use of codes and modifications with video games allows the little ones to develop computer skills which they will then use to commit crimes online.

    The study is based on conversations between National Crime Agency researchers and young offenders. According to what has been learned, the little "latent cybercriminals" are motivated by the will of "complete a challenge" and challenge yourself with your peers.

    The solution to such a problem? Leverage the skills acquired by young players and get them on the right path before they become hardened criminals, offering them the chance to improve their programming skills or work in gaming and tech companies, thus providing the much desired sense of accomplishment and respect.

    According to some other studies, Skyrim modding leads to the madhouse!

    Now that you are aware of the results of this study, be careful the next time you install a Skyrim mod; maybe try sending Bethesda a resume!

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