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The solution is based on the US version of the game. There may be divergences from the Spanish version.

Capitolo 1: The Great Blue Sea

After the cutscene, you will proceed to Seasong Beach.

Seasong Beach - Covo
Talk to Piplup. Follow him to the beach, locating a chest marked with a blue question mark. Break it and retrieve a berry. Then follow Piplup along the platforms, pressing 2 to jump. Also got the PokePark pad, go talk to Timburr. You will have to fight it. We recommend that you always hold down the B key, using Thunderbolt repeat. You will then walk towards the beach. After the skit, proceed forward to locate a chest marked with a question mark. Run around it, take the berry. Talk to the Krokorok, give him 20 berries to proceed to Wish Park.

Wish Park
After the cutscene, you can exit the portal. Follow Gothia, then proceed towards the Cofagrigus. Talk to him to start a simple game, which will require you to "point" the Wii remote at the screen, then press A repeatedly to fire at the various ingredients, thus earning additional points. The next short battle will require repeated use of Iron Tail, do it and you will quickly defeat Yamask. You can then return to the lair.

Seasong Beach - Covo
Start following Oshawott, defeating the Drilbur along the way, marked with a blue question mark. You will thus be able to recover an additional amount of berries. Proceed to the bridge, following Oshawott for a while. Talk to Samurott. You will therefore have to battle Oshawott: dodge his attacks and use Thunderbolt repeatedly to eliminate him in speed. After the cutscene, take control of Oshawott and head to the stretch of water to the southeast. Talk to one of the Alomomolas in the area. Then go back to the north-east of the playing area, along the sandy ramp. Approach the building next to Samurott, thus locating the lighthouse. Before entering, take control of Pikachu.
Use Thunderbolt to destroy the obstacle in front of you. Jump to the berry, then destroy a second obstacle. Take control of Oshawott, get in the water. Right, grab the berry, jump to the next platforms. Retrieve the chest near the stairs, then the hammer inside. So get out. Northeast, returning to the area where you met Timburr. Give the hammer, proceed forward along the path. Examine the white colored wooden area to get 100 Berries. Make your way to Cove Town.

Cove Town
Grab the chest at the end of the path, then locate the fountain. Talk to the crocodile and to Sandile. Using Oshawott, start the battle - we recommend moving around in circles, repeatedly using "Water Gun" to inflict damage on the enemy. After the victory, you will have to try to make some friends inside Cove Town. Let's start with Raichu: talk to him using Pikachu, then use Iron Tail to defeat him during the next battle. Then, Tranquil: you just have to win a chase race. For Aduino, you'll need to talk to him and give him 100 Berries so he can upgrade your health level. Moving on to Minccino and Trubbish, talk to Minccino, then beat Trubbish while playing Chase.
You will then pass to Corphish: proceed along the tracks to the west, locating a real gang of enemies. After passing the first test, you will have to defeat their leader during a battle (we recommend using Pikachu's Thunderbolt repeatedly). Also remember to open the nearby chest to earn 100 Berries. Proceed then to the building in the north-east, try to climb the crates repeatedly to locate some shadows; repeat the action on the crates in the north-east alley, thus reaching the roof. Then open the box marked with a question mark, taking the Rotor Motor. Climb to the roof to talk to Misdreavus, becoming his friends. You will also unlock the ability to take photos, which will be essential in the following. Make your way to Seasong Beach.

Seasong Beach - Covo
Here, too, it will be necessary to start by making some friends. To befriend Drilbur, fight him using Pikachu's Iron Tail. For Axew (near the lighthouse), you have to win during a chase. For Fraxure, you'll have to win a direct battle against him. Passing to Pidove, near the fountain, talk to him then take him and take him to the fountain. Moving on to Frillish, proceed to the northwest beach, there you will have to win a chase game and therefore defeat the blue Frillish in a hide and seek challenge. Moving on to Patrat, you will need to take a red-blue-white orb (from the tunnel near Wish Park) and bring it to him. Continuing with Maractus, talk to the subjects near the northwest beach, then southeast.

So head to the Wish Park portal, along the east beaches. Examine it, causing it to open. Slam the Wii remote repeatedly to fill the bar and cause the portal to open.

Wish Park
After the cutscene with Gothita, proceed to the southwest corner of the map, starting a game - during the first round, aim at the spot on the screen and use the A button to shoot at the nuts (100 points for the green, 300 points for reds, 1000 points for gold). Once you have regained control of the character, talk to Cofagrigus. Watch the cutscene, then a battle will begin. During the first phase, you will have to destroy the cake where Cofagrigus rests, dodging the attacks - we recommend using Razor Shell for the work of destruction.
Second part, dodge the attacks and hit the enemy directly using Razor Shell. So follow the path along the various platforms to locate a bell, try to interact with it, then you will regain control of your character. Proceed to the southeast corner, go through the portal.

Seasong Beach - Covo
Back on the opposite side of the play area, approach the lighthouse bridge. Talk to Drifblim. After the cutscene, continue to Samurott, getting some information about the Arbor area. Proceed to Cove Town first.

Cove Town
Proceed to the northwest corner of the city, talk to Krookodile. During the battle that follows, we recommend using Oshawott, as the Water Gun is very effective against this type of opponent. After the victory, Krookodile will become your friend. Go through the gate, reaching the Arbor area.

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Capitolo 2: The Verdant Green Forest

North, talk to Karrablast. Then, northwest to meet Snivy. Cross the nearby stream using Oshawott, retrieve the honey pot from the chest, cross the bridge where Snivy was before. North, talk to the Magikarp, throw him into the water to befriend him. West, talk to Zorua. So you need to talk to Whimsicott to the west. Now, proceed to the area north of the Wish Park poster. After a short and simple battle, follow Snivy along the northwest path leading to Verdant's court.

Court of Verdant
You will first have to make some friends. Go talk to Lilligant and Leavanny to fight them and - after the victory - make them friends. So take a picture of Seismitoad, show it to Tympole in the previous area, making it to you as a friend. Then fight with Seismitoad to befriend him. Using Oshawott, jump into the water and talk to Surskit. During the next chase run, you can befriend Basculin. So talk to Venipede and Whirlipede to quickly complete a battle with both, making them friends.
Then head to the northwest corner, locating the Queen Superior. Talk to her, then continue to Deerling, climbing the hill near the lake. Once the next battle is completed, Snivy will join the group. Take control of it to jump to the tree stump.

The tree's trunk
Follow the instructions in the tutorial to use the leaf-shaped platform, it is a kind of elevator that is activated by Snivy's "Leaf Tornado" move. After regaining control of the character, go right and walk across the platforms. So use Oshawott to get over the water, then go back to using Snivy, go up the ramps and jump on the elevator just described to the right.
Use Leaf Tornado to activate the elevator. Left, go up the ramp. Then, at the top, right. Grab the berry, then jump on the moving platform to reach the chest. Once out, go back to the courtyard and talk to Deerling to befriend him. Then proceed to Windmill Way to the south.

Windmill Way - Arbor Area
South, repair the Wish Park poster. Fight with Bisharp using Pikachu's Iron Tail. After the challenge, talk to Zorua. Now you have to try to make friends with some people: go talk to Snorlax in the north-east area, then chase Cottonee to become his friends too. Talk to the Kakuna in the north-east area, then with the next one in the west area, making sure that they unite; then fight using Pikachu's Iron Tail, gaining two new friends. So go back to Verdant Court.

Verdan Court
Battle against Lilligant and Leavanny to get two more friends. Take a picture of Seismitoad and show it to Tympole, then fight against Seismitoad. So use Oshawott to jump into the water and then talk to Surskit. Before exiting the lake, open the chest in the center to retrieve the 200 berries; then go up the platforms along the east side, recover the chest of Sweetleave. Climb again to find Dugtrio, after a short battle you will become friends. So go back to Windmill Way. Examine the portal to Wish Park, inside the central building; move the Wii Remote to activate the portal and reach the park.

Wish Park
Talk to Zoroark, then proceed to the red dot on the map. You will have to pass the "Dance Inferno" game. What is required of you is to shake your Wii Remote following the directions marked by the green icons at the bottom of the screen, hold it in the position indicated by the yellow icons, and follow the "time" set by the slider.
So take control of Oshawott and talk to Chandelure. After a short battle (just repeatedly use the Water Gun on the enemy), and a cutscene, proceed to the northeast corner of the map and make your way to the Wish Bell to heal everyone present. Continue to the northwest corner of the map, passing the portal.

Windmill Way
After the cutscene, we recommend that you take some time to make more friends. Fight against Bisharp. Then clash with Foongus and Amoonguss in a short chase, making them both friends. So locate Buneary by playing hide and seek with her (use the indications provided by her voice to understand her positioning); so try to befriend Oddish by pulling him out of the ground (you may notice a strange tree-shaped plant). So go back to Cove Town.

Cove Town
Use Snivy to talk to Servine, then quickly complete the next battle to befriend Servine. Then go and befriend Meowth by giving him 100 Berries. You can then befriend Munchlax by giving him one of the purple berries. After making all the upgrades you deem necessary for your HP and / or other potentially useful skills, return to meet Krookodile in the northeast area, thus making your way to the so-called "Crag Area".

Capitolo 3: The Rocky Mountains

As soon as you arrive, proceed south along the only path available to meet the legendary Victini. He is trying to find his friend Tepig, who apparently often trains near the fort. To enter, you will need to know a secret "password", but Victini cannot give it to you directly. He will therefore leave to locate Tepig near the colosseum. However, continue along the path to the northwest, locating Bastiodon. Choose "Kindness" as the password. Once inside, we recommend that you try to make some Pokémon friends: start with the Damanitan in the north, which sleeps near the eastern part of the city, it seems to be a statue (we recommend doing it in the role of Osna, who has more "charm). .
So talk to Bastiodon to make him your friend during a battle. Braviary will therefore come to the area to play with you. Try to befriend him during a battle, preferably using Pikachu's Thunderbolt. Now, proceed towards the center of this play area, locating a cannon. So talk to the nearby Darumaka characterized by the symbol "...", you will be told that when the cannon is examined it automatically goes to explode. Do it the same.
After the cutscene, Tepig will try to fight you. Use the Water Gun with Oshawott to finish the battle in relative speed. Tepig will then offer to create a team with the three of you, starting the tournament - you will then be told that you need Emboar's permission to enter the tournament in question. Having regained control of the character, proceed towards the northwest area of ​​the play area, meeting Emboar. He will tell you the conditions necessary to be part of the tournament. One of them: you will have to break the visible rock nearby. So take control of Tepig and throw yourself towards the rock, pulverizing it.
Second condition: you will have to head towards the cave, then returning with the Beard of Courage. To get to the cave you will have to use the cannon to get "thrown". So go back to this cave, use Tepig as a character to examine the entrance, then proceed inside.

You will therefore be notified of the presence of some "special" blocks, marked by a Tepig emblem. You can destroy them in two ways: from the side using the "Tepig dash", from the top using the "Tepig Heat Crash". Entered, use Tepig to proceed quickly to the right destroying the two blocks in the area. Then take control of Oshawott. Jump into the water, run to the right and retrieve the berries along the way. Jump over the mine; on the opposite side, take the weight and make your way to the switch, place the weight on top of it.
Right, go up the platforms and - at the top - take control of Tepig. Proceed to the nearest block, use Heat Crash to pulverize it, then make your way to the next blocks nearby. Left, locating a red switch. Take control of Snivy, jump on it and then proceed to the blue platform on the right. Approach the clock, then jump to the platform on the left and then continue left again to the next platform.
Still left, walk up the series of platforms that follow to locate a clock and two berries. Then jump to the second set of platforms, drop to the left and retrieve two clocks. Go up to the second platform, then take control of Oshawott and jump into the water on the right. So quickly run to the right, reaching the opposite side. Take control of Tepig, use Heat Crash to pulverize the nearby block. Landed, left to locate a chest with the Bravery Beard inside. You can then go out.

Rockridge Fort
Once out of the cave, proceed northwest to reach Emboar. Talk to him, you will be allowed to have access to the Battle Tournament. Take control of Tepig and proceed to the north area of ​​the play area, where the Darmanitans are. Talk to the one on the left, he will tell you that you need to use Heat Crash on the nearby emblem to open the gate. Use Tepig to make this move, then go through the gate to find yourself near the Colosseum.

Once in the area, go ahead and talk to Victini. So, northeast to the cave. Use Tepig's skills to break the rock in the front area. Then go down to the lower level, approach Rhyperior to be led to a special battle. Your goal here will be to try to "push" the Rhypherior over the platform. The easiest way to do this is to defeat the Geodudes in the area using Thunderbolt and / or Water Gun. After the battle, continue northeast, then northwest to exit the cave. Grab some salt rocks from the chest, then keep moving northwest to find the Colosseum gates - but they will be closed. Instead, run through the nearby tunnel to reach the inside of the game room. Once there, you will have to fight against Hydreigon. We recommend using a combination of Heat Crash and a "Dash" combo.
After the battle there will be a cutscene. You will therefore have to take care of finding a "powerful" Pokémon, necessary to open the gate. First, try to make friends with Breelom near the Colosseum, chasing him. Then move on to Apoim, becoming his friends thanks to accurate answers to his quiz. Garchomp will therefore arrive on the scene. You can become friends with Garchomp by fighting him during the battle, and later gaining a victory. Then move on to Swoobat near the cave, you can become his friends trying to win a competition (chase). So talk to Beartic, he will tell you that he can no longer find Cubchoo - locate him thanks to his suggestions, so as to win the friendship of both Cubchoo and Beartic. Now you can try to make friends with Boldore, hit him using Oshawott's water pistol and win the next battle; Throh and Sawk will therefore arrive on the scene. Try to befriend Sawk and Throh by fighting (and winning) Sawk account.
You will then move on to Delibird, you can make him your friend by bringing him his snow globe; usually, it can be located near the hut to the south. So now talk to Mandiblaze by giving him 30 Everflames; you can then proceed towards the sanctuary, going there to locate a White Quill of considerable size - he too can / should become your friend, if possible. Then return to Rockridge Fort.

Rockridge Fort
Talk to the Darmanitan in the north area, the only one you can see resting along the east side of the city. We recommend using Oshawott: you will have to face a fight, and Oshawott is the most suitable subject. So talk to Braviary, trying to befriend him during a battle. We highly recommend using Pikachu and Thunderbolt whenever possible. Go up to the highest section of the play area, break the Tepig-shaped rocks to locate the Primeape. Defeat her during a race to locate the Primeape itself. Ferroseed will arrive in the area. To befriend him, take him to the area that will be marked on the map, then go down the next two platforms to retrieve some Everflames. So make your way to the Colosseum.

Proceed to the Wish Park portal, examine it and then decide to start. After your friends have arrived in the area, quickly move the Wii Remote to cause a gradual filling of the bar, causing the portal to open. Proceed to Wish Park.

Wish Park
Once in the area, take the only path available to meet Gothitelle-Haxorus and Hydreigon. You will therefore have to fight against Haxorus, overcoming a fight divided into two even ones. For the first, walk the only path available until you reach it and hit it without much hesitation - its defenses will be anything but notable and / or effective. For the second part, you will have to fight against Haxorus himself. We simply recommend running around in circles to dodge all of his attacks and - in moments when he's not attacking - hit quickly with combos. Once the battle is over, Gothitelle will betray her two companions by asking Victini to do her a favor. His "boss" will appear - Darkai. Another short cutscene, then walk the only path available to find Gothitelle and Attraction - you will necessarily have to win here, preferably by making use of the Wish Bell. Here you will notice objects moving towards the center: while they do this, you will have to move your Wii Remote to hit them and earn points; when / if you manage to perform combos, you will also get bonus points. When / if a bomb comes on the scene, you have to press A to repel it. However, later, Gothitelle will provide you with the Wish Bell - walk the path leading to the bell and let it ring, causing the Pokémon to return to its senses. Victini will return to the scene to meet you. So go back to the portal, reaching the Colosseum.

Colosseum & Cove Town
After the cutscene, we recommend that you take care of making friends with some Pokémon. First, overcome a battle to become friends with Hydreigon. Then talk to Glaceon and beat him along the indicated path to become his friends too. Switch to Vanillite, take him to the spring to become his friends. Continue with Munna, give her 10 "Aroma" candles to become her friends. Proceed to Cove Town.Try to make friends with Pignite, talking to him while using Tepig, and then win the next battle. You can therefore upgrade Tepig's moves, without having to pay anything. You can therefore make friends with Musharna by listening to his simple stories. So continue towards the Tech Area.

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Capitolo 4: Weird Science

North, locate the elevator, examine the pole to be able to use it. After completing the climb, proceed to the next elevator and use it in a similar manner. On land, proceed north to meet Gurdurr. You will have to overcome a battle, very simple. It will therefore be necessary to locate Conkeldurr. North, as far as possible; therefore slightly to the east. Talk to Conkeldurr, and you can start a battle - which will, however, be promptly stopped. So use the Drifblim in the northeast corner to fly to Seasong Beach. North, talk to Timburr. Southwest, locating Samurott. After the conversation, reuse the Drifblim to return to the train depot.

Train depot
West, talk to Conkeldurr. Once the iron bridge is complete, you will be told where the warehouse containing the Scientorium is located - proceed south. Golurk will be guarded at the entrance. Having regained control of the character after a cutscene, make your way northwest to locate the emblem of a lightning bolt; tell Pikachu to hit him with the Thunderbolt. Proceed to the stairs where you made friends with Gurdurr, jump to one of the trains. South, until you locate the White Quill in the air - take it, then continue in the same direction to return to the ground. From here, make your way north to locate the Golurk again. Defeat him during the battle to make him your friend again, thus making him open the warehouse. Come in

Northeast, reaching the stairs. Use them, then right to locate a lever. Run in its direction, activate it. Follow the path behind the lever, locating a second one. Activate it as before, then drop to the ground. Go back to the first lever, noticing that there is a new path: make your way to reach a third one. Activate this too, use the available path to reach a door. Use the shots of Tepig to break the door in question. A new corridor will be revealed, go through it to meet a large amount of characters. Open the door at its end, then talk to both Kinklang, Klink (in the north room), and Klang (at the top of the play area). When all three of them are back, you too go back to the end of the corridor. Talk to Duosion and the gear-shaped Pokémon, who will open the door for you. Use the elevator to reach the Scentorium.

North, towards the pink door. Finding Reuniclus, he will tell you that you need to retrieve the Collider from the lab. Proceed south and then east along the corridors to find yourself in front of the laboratory. Take control of Snivy before entering. As you enter, turn right and go up the ramps, then use the leaf-shaped elevator with Snivy's "Leaf Tornado". Left, jump onto the moving platform, then take control of Tepig located on the opposite side. Right, jump onto the block and use Heat Crash to destroy it.
Right, use the ramps to go down a few levels and then left to reach the clocks. Up, left, locate the weight and take it. Go back to ground level, then left and place the weight on the pink switch. Right, go up the platforms. Then left, retrieve the Collider from the chest. Back at the Scientorium, go west and then north, again facing Reuniclus. It will tell you - again - that you will have to find friends among the Pokémon to open the portal. We recommend talking to Solosis, passing the easy quiz to make him your friend; then with Duosion, showing him a photo of Munna asleep. Now go back to the Unawarehouse.

We recommend becoming friends with Electivire by winning the battle against him. Then Sneasel, here too you will have to win. You will switch to Gengar, completing a chase to achieve victory. By switching to Garbador, you can win the battle. You can therefore continue with Magmortar, always winning. You will therefore have to try to make a friend of Joltik by going to locate the Joltik lost in the area. You can then move on to Galvantula. By completing the battle, Galvantula will become your friend. To the east of the entrance, beyond the crates, you'll notice an area marked by a "fire" - use Tepig's Heat Crash to locate a chest with some berries in it, as well as a Duskull. So defeat him during the battle to make him your friend. Head to the train depot.

Train depot
Give the melody to Golett to make him your friend. Then challenge Zebstrika to a race, making her friends too. So, Eevee will come to the area to play with you. Run along the track indicated on the screen to make friends with Eevee too. Combine with Roggenrola to make her friend. Gigalith will come to the area to play. Fight and befriend him too. So try to make friends with Voltorb by completing the quiz. So make friends with Scizor by completing the chase. Escavalier will therefore arrive in the area, befriend him by completing the battle. Talk to Voltorb and make him friends by completing his quiz. Switch to Scizor, you can befriend him by completing the chase. So go to Mawile and give him a jewel to make you a friend too (you can buy one from Meowth). Talk to Murkrow and - by winning the battle - you can make friends too. So go back to Scientorium.

Go to the Wish Park portal, behind Reuniclus, to the north. Examine it, deciding to begin. After your friends have arrived in the area, shake the Wii Remote repeatedly, causing the bar to fill up. The portal will open. Proceed into Wish Park.

Wish Park
Proceed to the northeast corner to locate Sigilyph, the "boss" of the area. You will have to overcome a short game to be able to defeat him. You will need to hold the Wiimote horizontally, turning it slightly left and right to proceed. Having still achieved the victory, switch to using Pikachu by proceeding to Sigilyph. Talk to him again to start another two-part battle. During the first phase you will have to progressively climb the tower to try to reach the opponent, while trying to avoid excessive "damage" to your level of health points. Therefore, follow the only path in the area to get to the bell. Play it, taking care of all the subjects present in the area, thus interrupting their trance. Suddenly, therefore, the four areas of the Wish Park will come together to create a portal that proceeds towards the Wish Palace. Start in that direction.

Capitolo 5: Extinguishing the Dark Vortex

After the initial four zones, proceed to the portal and ignore the three Goths. Use the portal to reach the palace. Once inside, continue north to locate Piplup near a throne. Talk to him, then fight him using Thunderbolt as the main move. After the battle, Piplup will fly away and you will have to talk to all your friends. An intermission scene will then project you back to Cove Town.

Cove Town
Proceed to Seasong Beach, then turn southwest to locate the lighthouse. Defeat Oshawott to bring him to his senses, thus achieving the next objective - to find Snivy. So make your way to Verdant Court. Enter the empty tree trunk where you first met Snivy. Chase her back into the area; You will therefore be assigned the following objective, to find Tepig. Return to Cove Town, then to Rockridge Fort.
Follow the path that leads to the main fort. Take control of Oshawott, go past the cannon where you first encountered Tepig. Talk to him, starting the battle. When his memory comes back, head back to Cove Town. In fact, we recommend that you visit the various shops in the area to upgrade your characters' skills. Then head to one of the portals that lead to Wish Park, making your way to the Wish Palace.

Wish Palace & Wish Park
North, meeting Darkai again. You will have to fight it during a battle, which is divided into two parts. During the first phase, you begin "charging" attacks, waiting for his flame kick to finish working - so use your blows on him. You will then move on to the second phase of the battle, where we recommend a more offensive approach - do a large amount of "dash" combos to complete it quickly. After this battle, proceed to Wish Park. After a short cutscene, you will be prompted to ring the four bells simultaneously. Then, one of you will have to jump into the Dark Vortex using the Light Polariton.
North, reaching the flight zone bell. Intermission scene, then run forward making sure that all present go to the bells located in the area. So you can enjoy the final scene!

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