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Winterlight Peak

Destroy the gate
Talk to the members of your group around you. You will have to try to escape from Sevenkeeps. First thing: find two moonsilver springs to close the city gate. Head to the quest location, fight, retrieve the item. Embed them in the gate. Click on the symbol that sets the gate mechanism in motion.

Activate the Gauntlet with Dwarf workers
You will need to find at least 20 Dwarf workers and take them to the portal. Try to kill all possible enemies with the first and second wave of fire. Group the workers in one spot, give them a number, and move them to a safe area. Keep Whisper and Wind nearby. Send the avatar up the path, trying to get him to attract as many enemies as possible. Repeat the process eliminating the excessive presence of opponents. As soon as there is an announcement of the arrival of the enemies, move your team members towards the objective. Click all along the area around the fire, so that the workers move continuously. Same thing for the following bonfires; then get 20 dwarves into the portal.


The entrance blocked
North of the entrance portal, you will come to Alluvyan. You will find yourself practically surrounded by a large mass of troops from the Orc clan. No one can enter as the portal is closed until the clan is completely expelled from the city. Off to the north part of the barrier; talk to the Scout near you, and give him some commands: he can either join, or give instructions to the trebuchet to open fire on the entrance. Use the spells, killing the Clan troops present; the archers on the walls will very soon direct their attention towards you; in this way the Treants will be able to destroy the magical barrier. At this point the entrance to the gate will be vulnerable to trebuchets, and the gate will be quickly destroyed. You will now have to eliminate the Clan near the entrance.

Elimination of the Clan
You will need to create Shaikan units to assist you in your goal. Go to the headquarters to the south, and destroy all the workers. So create smelters and bricklayers. Next, the troop units, always bearing in mind that there are a total of 30 slots available. When you are ready, it is recommended that you leave Whisper and Wind at the headquarters. Save, and send the avatar to the entrance. Attack, focusing on destroying the armor, ignoring the clan troops. As soon as you have destroyed a building, keep the Clan at bay, until your troops arrive en masse, giving you the opportunity to permanently eliminate it. Your avatar will have to participate. Then create reinforcements, and go and destroy the Clan camps in the city.

Investigate the secret passage
Head to the northwest section of the map. Kill the orcs, then free Weyland, who is imprisoned nearby. The entrance to the passage is located in the west area of ​​the outer city. In the village, along with Weyland, there are some chests and corpses, including the book "Stories from Liannon". Kill the orcs and wild wolves. So get some of your workers to take the silver. Now send your army north-east. Kill the opposing party. Take the crate; then take the skin of the orcs. You should have two, to get the third one - which you will need to dress up - go back to the path near the camp, and kill another orc. Then go back to Haldor. It will cast the spell when you are in front of the east gate of the inner city.
Get everyone back to town, there might be some orc near a gate. There will be some orc archers and a catapult that looks out over the gate area. Replace all dead troops, and select one of the available options to break the gates: Haldor Option
Send everyone near the east gate, and your avatar will have to get close to it. Fight, then resurrect all of your party members, then send everyone back to the Realm camp, and destroy the orc raiders. Then go back to town.

Weyland option
Activate the lever near the grate, you will reveal a blue force field. Send your avatar inside, have them open the gate, and send your troops inside. You will be immediately attacked by two teams of orcs, be ready to fight. Then you can delete the last two fields.

Eliminate resistance
Try to build a new headquarters in the inner city before destroying the remaining orcs. You will then have to watch a cutscene where Skjadire is the protagonist, and the dwarf civilians are ready to run towards the Sevenkeeps portal. You will also need to rescue the Satras, who are imprisoned near Titan. Kill Ragefire, and the orc squad assisting him, to access the portal to Sevenkeeps on the north side of the map. Replace the dead troops, then proceed to fight. Free Satras and talk to him. You will now be able to enter the portal.


Destroy the Siege Towers
You will find that the city is under siege by Pact's armies of the dark elves, eager to gain access to the city's granaries. After you find the dust, go back to Skjadir, who will tell you to run to each tower, and blow it up with the dust. You will need to go talk to Haldor, who can create a Shadow Slave to distribute the powder. He will need a dark elf to create the whole thing. Kill the Elf Sentry. Bring the hide to Haldor. Be careful not to alarm the other dark elves around too much, or damage your party. Haldor will summon a shadow. Inside each tower outpost, there will be a circle on the ground, you have to make sure that your shadow is inside it, and a barrel of dust will appear. You only have a few seconds before it explodes. Let your shadow blow up all the towers on the peninsula. The shadow will have to destroy the outer gate to the city, so stay there for a while. Send the party away along the beach, and destroy the elven sentries. Then send them to join Shadow.

The Dwarf Sprint
Lead the refugees along the southern platform of the peninsula to the destroyed gate and park there. Send the party and Shadow up the street, where some dark elves will be waiting for you. Kill them but still pay attention to the squadron of elves that is near you, save, then proceed to the closed gate, and you will converse with Skjadir. The gate should now open. Focus on getting refugees through the gate; Jandrim will be waiting for you near the orc quarter. Once you arrive, you will watch a cutscene with Jandrim, then another in which your party will be presented to King Ulf.

Esplorando Sevenkeeps: Dwarf Quarter
First, go explore the Dwarf Quarter, talking to Lieutenant Falida, who will give you a side quest about an elf named Idara, which you will have to carry out in the north-central area of ​​the city. So to the north, talk to Idara, she needs water from a well, which is in the northwest part of the map. After the destruction of the towers, some Sevenkeeps defender will destroy the forces of the dark elves. Kill them all, as well as the Magma Forge. Take the treasure.

Feeding General Redmond's army
It is recommended to retrieve food by hunting animals. Speaking with Redmond, an option will be activated immediately to obtain stones from the south and west areas of the map. There may be animals around, destroy them. Proceed west along the southern border. Watch out for the crates with items, stay away from patrols. Collect 20 packs of meat, return them to Redmond, getting the change to make a total of 20 troops. Now you can open the gates, and eliminate the forces of the Pact.

Defeat of the Pact Army

Elimination of Pact Camps
There are four main fields, as well as subsequent sub-fields. You can take out all the dark elves, but the troops around there will reoccupy everything sooner or later. Kill any animals you get close to, and take their meat. You can replace fallen soldiers by returning to Redmond.
Start with the camp near the ramparts. Dark elves are not good melee fighters. Try to keep them away from the heart of the battle. Proceed clockwise to clear the fields. You will probably have to use several waves to be able to completely clean up the surroundings.

Ghostwatch: the Inner City

Judge Caine joins your party
Kill Caine. It can now be resurrected through Shaikan's intervention. He reveals that he was sent to judge Riddengard, and was eventually bribed, so he attacked Whisper for this reason. It is therefore added to your party. Soon after, a number of panthers will attack you, and Whisper will reveal that at some point he will have to use his orc. He can't be helped by your party. Explore the area all around the spawn point, you will also get some side quests. Talk to the commander of the imperial camp. So with Ragna, he will give you the first information about the mysterious sources of power inside the city. Collect the loot in the field.

Bringing a Dragonling back to life
You could use the commander's troops to explore the city. Also try to organize a good defense, as there may be unwanted infiltrations by dangerous enemy knights. Enter the city, so after a short walk, you should arrive at a Power Source. Follow the dialogue in its entirety, then use the sword. Talk to Ragna to find out how to solve the puzzle. East of the entrance to Ghostwatch is an area where Lya was digging. Read the notes here. To the east is a troll camp that can be conquered. Kill the groups of monsters, and you'll come to a corpse that provides you with a side quest. Ragna will give you the names of other sources, all to be activated of course. In the outer area of ​​the city, you will also come to a fountain that offers the test of courage.

Destroy the Inner City Fields
Towards the end of the road towards the interior of the city, you will see two sources of power, and two associated towers, which line the entrance to a courtyard. To the west of this, there is an even larger one. Activate the springs and you will arrive at the two towers running. Save, and start attacking the undead base. Destroyed the small camp, heal yourself and prepare the assault on the large one. You will get a thousand experience points.

Ghostwatch Eastern Area

Open the road to the east
Beware that the road next to you, leading to the eastern part of the city, has been occupied by some dragons and the Ghost of the City. If you need to replace troops that have been destroyed, do so. As soon as you are ready, have one of your men destroy the spiders. Create a tower to make the process easier. Use the Bone Key that was released by the Ghost of the City to open the gate leading to the east. There are various Power Sources that you can activate here.

Defend the Shaikan Camp
Almost immediately you will be surrounded by a squadron of Trolls, as well as some level 15 Blessed Ones. Have your entire army proceed up the ramp to the courtyard, where some Shaikan buildings are already in place. Create some silver and stone. Send your avatar to recharge at the sources. Then bring your team of workers to the courtyard entrance. Make sure that the imperial forces and your party go to the opposite side of the towers. With a little luck you may be able to create 5 more troops before more Trolls arrive to bother you. Always keep your forces together to try and fend off the next wave as it can be devastating, especially on dragons. Focus on the Trolls, and only then attack the Blessed Ones. So watch the cutscene with your avatar and Mordecai. Courage test
Go back to the fountain. Destroy the Imperials, then the Orcs, then a sword will be given to you, and the quest will be completed.

The City Ship

Free the Skerg
Talk to Judge Caine. Activate the Journey Stone nearby. The starting point of the map is located in the "upper deck". Nearby you will find a huge stone figure sculpture, which surrounds a huge globe suspended in the air. There are two pedestals that you will need to use to move the ship; on the upper deck, also a small area with a podium and messages from Lya, as well as a key. Explore the area near the arrival point, and take the Gray Key. Go down the ramps to the southeast, avoiding the ghosts. Use the Gray Key to open the cargo that contains Krypterius, a very powerful Spirit Mage. Get ready to fight it, the battle will be tough. Archers can deal heavy damage. Enter the cargo hold, and you'll see Skerg and a dragon, suspended in blocks of ice, behind a guarded gate. Look for the Blue Key, to open it. Kill the elementals. Take the cauldron, manipulate the ingredients to create a green potion. Give it to Urgi.

Activate the Navigator
Attack the Thoughts. Open the chests. Get the armor. Go back to the Globe Plaza, and interact with the navigator. Talk to urgi, he will tell you to go to the Hall of Knowledge. Kill the Vampires to proceed with the investigation. Interact with the Tablets, learning how to use the ship. Return to the Navigator. After the cutscene, continue to the salon, then ask the creo to reload the Urgi crystal. Go back to the Globe Plaza, and repair the Navigator.

The Citadel: Prologue

Eliminate Enemy Fields
Explore the outer area of ​​the sunken citadel. There are many structures such as demonic portals that you should try to avoid, unless you want to be trapped in a web that is difficult to get out of. Also take everything inside the crates. Then open the gate with the key, and enter the courtyard. Look for a chest to get a treasure. Attack the level 20 Gate Guardian. Talk to the Shadow Warrior. Return to the ship.

The Thought Storm, the Guardians, and the Codestone Puzzle

Thought Storm
Proceed to the Hall of Knowledge, and upon entering you will see a cutscene with Urgi trying to determine the location of the Dragh'Lur. You will need to try to kill all possible Thoughts before they join the storm. Don't worry too much in case you can't.

Bring the Guardians back to life
Eliminate the ghosts, you will find five Firelauncher Guardians, and two broken spiders. To activate the guardians, simply select the "Push button" option. Group them and set them aside. Talk to Urgi, she will give you a side quest to repair one of the little spiders. You will need to get five pieces of "Filigree Metal" and a "Clock Generator". The first of the two will always be in the vicinity of the ship. The second, in the central corridor. Send the Firelanchers to the west chamber where you will find the Thought Storm. Keep your party at some distance from the room so Agathos can't reach you. The Guardians will have to deal with the storm: the battle will be long. Heal the guardians if necessary. Take the treasure from the chest.

Dragh 'Lur

Arrival in Dragh 'Lur
Collect some silver, and create Shadow Blades and Sorceress. Then go out of the field, and go down the roads that lead to the Shaikan Blade. You should now have no particular problems dealing with the Shaikan series that are all around you. Kill the leader.

Defend the Swamp Base
Activate the Journey Stone at the camp. Then send the avatar to the trap west of it, place an Eye inside it, and place the avatar nearby. Lead your dark elf troops to the seam of land leading south. Start collecting the stones you will need. When the Southern force meets the attackers, Wind Caine and Whisper will enter. Together with some elven troops. Have your team continually erect new farms in order to increase the maximum troop limit. Beware of the dinosaur coming from the south.

Eliminare i Blade Camps
You'll have to march across the map, destroying Blade's fields, before getting permission from the AI ​​to destroy the last base. Keep a dozen units in the camp, near the two towers; then have an extra alchemist built near the gate. Watch out for the trap near the west gate. Send the avatar to reload it, then rejoin your army. With about 60 troops, head south from the camp. There are traps along the way. When you get to the fields, you shouldn't have any problems given their small size. Take the three pieces needed to build the Ironcleaver. Always be ready to send the avatar to the base, so as to reload the trap to the west, or assist in defense if necessary. There are some crates in the northwest corner of the map. Destroy the other troops in the same way as you did with the Blades. Bring the army back to base, replacing the destroyed troops, and then prepare for the final camp. Destroy Yasha Ashir's base
Proceed south, locating the last sword, and destroy everything. A level 20 Titan will pop out in Blade's base. Gather all the troops, and invade the camp. It is a huge base with many towers. Enter the camp with about 70 troops. Fight all over the field, then let your avatar and party focus on her.

Back to the City Ship

Chat with Yasha's
Yasha will request to have a private conversation with you. Go with her to the Globe Plaza area. After talking to her, she will tell you that the Rune Stone you wanted from her was hidden in Alluvyan.

The Citadel: Elimination of the Guardian and construction of the Base

Return to the Citadel
The Navigator will have to transport you to the Citadel. Walk to the courtyard, then you will see Dragh'Lur's troops. Talk to the master lol'Thar, he will tell you to attack the guardian. After a short fight, the gate to the inside of the building will open. Some quests will then be given to you, and you will see all the enemy forces inside the citadel. You will have to destroy all four enemy bases scattered across the map. Have low-level troops meet at your party to attack the camp; you shouldn't have big problems. Pay attention to two things: the Covenant ground forces will stop to destroy the enemy towers on the path; then Riddengard will also send reinforcements to assist you against the attackers of the satellite bases. Among them, even a Level 27 Titan. Try not to waste too much silver. Patiently build a Shaikan or Blade army, destroying enemy air units, then drop some snipers and some Towers. Move the army towards the courtyard.

Exploring the interior of the Citadel
Explore the interior of the citadel to locate enemy encampments. Once the bases in the northwest are destroyed, you can use their resources to expand your army. Enter the new gate, destroy the enemy towers, then take all the contents of the crates. Open the west and east gates. Get the Crystal Lump. Beware of enemy flying units.

The Citadel: Destruction of the Satellite Bases

The North Base
Tell the two commanders to attack a target. It is best to concentrate all forces on one, as as soon as you start the assault, Riddengard will send reinforcements. Avoid melee fights. Immediately attack the northernmost camp. Once all the enemy forces have been eliminated, import some workers and take everything you can from the silver warehouses in your vicinity.

The East Base
Send the Pact Commanders to the east camp. Destroy the two towers, then as soon as the Titan intervenes, send the party to help your allies. Focus on clearing buildings, and more Titans will soon come your way. Don't over-provoke the troops. Get the avatar back to the camp, and tell the commanders to take out the clan camp to the east. So only the last one remains. Prepare for the final assault.

The Citadel: Clearing the Path to the Library

Attack on the Realm Base
While the Pact forces take care of the Real Towers and troops, your army will have to enter through a side street and smash the buildings. Then send your party and army to take out the remaining buildings. Make sure you have destroyed all of Riddengard's structures.

The Battle with Mordecay
Give the most powerful weapons possible to your party members. Then have the avatar enter the portal to the northeast. Summon all the heroes, and enter the inner area to face Mordecay. First, kill his minions. Then go back to the Altar of Life, heal your wounds, and destroy the boss.

The Godeland and the Refuge

Journey to Godeland
Send the avatar to the Hall of Knowledge to interact with the boards that contain navigation instructions. Then select Godeland as your destination, and after the cutscene, start your journey. You will therefore find yourself in a territory familiar to all RTS lovers. You will need to form a strong enough army to pass the level.

Create your Base
You will definitely need snipers. In fact, some flying dragons will attack you quite frequently. When you are ready, you will have to place the Shaikan towers on one fork, and proceed along the other destroying the dragons. Keep one or two weaker party members to try and help the defenses.

Attack the field to the West
Proceed along the northwest path, killing the wyrms that fall from it. Try to destroy a segment of your army by the Dragon Den. Once the camp has been destroyed, your Avatar will have to explore the surroundings and take up arms. You will have to hold positions while you create reinforcements. Then continue along the northwest path. It comes to a second field of Dragons, with some lava pits inside it. After that, send the army to the South Journey Stone, destroying all of the present. Also stock up on silver.

The Soul Carrier

The soul of the dragons
Enter the northwest gate. You will have to undo your killing of dragons in the refuge by trying to free this in the crater. You will have to give each soul the right collection of memorabilia, and then proceed through the dialogues trying to give the right answers. Some souls will lie to you. Talk to Fangor, and ask him about the other dragons. So about the other dragons. Proceed to deliver the items, then talk to Furyn again. Liberation of the Dragons You will have to control all your units while killing the dragoons. Be prepared for chaotic situations as you make your way down the road. Destroyed the last structure, there will be a cutscene with a couple of Shapers and Riddengard. You will have to fight the latter, nothing hard.

Sconfiggere Riddengard's Boarding Party

Bringing the Thought Storm back to life
Proceed to the Hall of Dreams. You will need to make sure that an entry corresponding to the category of Thoughts comes out from each pedestal. In this way, they will travel to the Hall, and will vanish once they reach the circle on the floor. You will have to pull two levers, and they must be the same, so you must always press levers of the same type in pairs.

Fight against the Blessed One
Direct the army to one side of the Globe Plaza, sending Whisper to fire an arrow at the Blessed One. Then have him retire, and the rest of your party, as some beasts will attack you. The battle will be tough, and you could lose a lot of the party during it. If you retreat, the enemy will return to the Navigator, however, and you will not be able to return to the battlefield. You will get a good amount of XP points.

Defense of the Westguard

Under siege for 15 minutes
Many skeletons and in general various enemies will be all over the map. You will have to defend the headquarters for fifteen minutes. Try to ignore the rest, and just focus on the headquarters. In fact there will be 15 uninterrupted minutes of attack by the enemy. Beware of the level 22 Rock Giant coming in from the south as you are occupied by a large amount of skeletons near the headquarters.

Building the base
You will have to eliminate all the Blessed Ones on the map. This obviously requires a good sized army. Here too, the headquarters will need to be well protected. Especially from the north opening of the Journey Stone. From the east, the enemy cavalry will arrive, and a good amount of dwarfs will be what you need to stop them. From the south, a Giant and some wizards, who come along the road regularly. They are the most powerful attacks possible. If you continue further south, you will come to a small field of enemies, but it will still be better to increase the capabilities of the headquarters before attacking them. Collect the stones and silver near the headquarters. Then, take out the enemy camp to the south. Place your friends near the opening in the south wall.

The Fiery Blessed One

Attack the enemy base in the south
Increase the number of your troops, especially those located to the south. Druids must be included. Start at the southernmost enemy base of all. The main problem will be the Sky Claws. Create your own flying units with dragon crystals. Place four Towers (at least) on the bridge to the east, along with a bunch of elves. So off along the road to the south. Now west, stopping at the end of the path, and having the workers erect two or three towers. Behind them, erect a fortress, creating more troops.

Destruction of the Fiery Blessed One
At the top of the hill in the middle of the wheat field. Group your snipers, placing them to the side in the cornfield, to shoot the Sky Claws, and then retreat. Run to the Blessed One. As soon as it dies, a huge amount of troops will arrive in your surroundings, get ready - heal your team before that happens. You may need two successive assaults to destroy the beast south of here. Collect the loot from the chest after destroying the camp. Send the troops back to base camp and kill the rest of the people.

Il Blessed One of Storms ed il Blessed One of Night

Destroy the Blessed One of Storms
Use your army to destroy the skeletons, then kill the Blessed One as well. Beware of the undead structures along the way, destroy them as you go forward. Off to the west, climbing the mountains to the undead. Kill the Devourer, then have two towers erected, with Shaikan, so they can heal the party. Then exit through the portal.

Honesty Test
Towards the statue, on the bridge that connects the headquarters to the city. Talk to Craig's ghost. The answers to his questions are "the woes of others are a lesson to us", and "battle is our vice". It will give you experience, and a chest with weapons. So go shopping.

The Misty Coast: The Five Islands

Destroy the elementals on the island
You will arrive on an island southwest of where you left the Shaikan. Kill everyone, also recovering the "Clam Shells". Talk to Ylia, she will tell you to examine the island for indications of fate. Forget it for now, and set up a Practice Ground and Headquarters when you have enough money. Four Shaper Stations will be revealed on the map. These give the Archfire power. Each enemy camp on the island is guarded by towers and troops. Use the dragons to fly to the island, giving your avatar a chance to teleport. Beware that if the Soul Carrier is killed, the mission ends.

Creare una Flying Dragon Force
Build a good number of Food Stores to reach the maximum number of troops. Many Gargoyles will attack you, try to keep them at bay. The use of dragons is also desirable. Avoid making a Titan as it cannot fly and is very expensive.

Liberation of the First Island
Create a small army with a Soul Carrier and some Fire Crystals, sending them to the first island. Look for the location of the Journey Stone, then take out the elementals and other monsters around the stone. Proceed along the island methodically, destroying the towers. Throw the Rune Stone to destroy the Archfire. Fight with the Blessed One.

The Remaining Islands
Go to the base to see if the towers are intact, then replace the dead dragons, and proceed to the second island. Summon the heroes, then retreat and heal for reinforcements. You will find a chest with Rohen Boots. Next to the Journey Stone, a symbol inscribed on the beach. Deactivate the arc on the second, then in the third attention when the Blessed One comes out after deactivating the tripod. In the fifth, a fire gargoyle will attack you.

Misty Coast: The Shaper

Attack the Shaper, on the best defended island on the whole map. Send your dragons towards it, destroying the enemies near the Journey Stone. Teleport the avatar, then off to the interior of the island. It is good to bring your party members back to life at the Altar of Life. Send the dragons to the perimeter of the island, killing the enemy units. As soon as you are ready, concentrate your forces on the Shaper, it should die quickly. However, you will discover that it is a fake: the original version has already flown to the next level. Search the island for loot to find the Memories of Eo side quest. Complete the Lord of the Tides quest.

The Blessed One in the Palace

Blessed One in the East Corridor
You will be told that you must take out three Blessed Ones, level 30, guarding the entry points of the Palace. You will also need to get to the throne room. There are various sentries throughout the palace, but they are not major deterrents. The Blessed One will summon its clones as soon as you attack it. Wait for them outside the hall, as they are of a fairly high standard. The palace is littered with sentries, try to destroy them. Blessed One will provide you with a key to Dungeon No. 2.

Blessed One in Prigione
Head to the sul side of the palace, kill the giant, grab the gem, enter the south corridor. The Blessed One will not attack you unless you make the first move. Enter the prison, exit the courtyard, and proceed to the Altar of Life. There are stairs on both sides of the altar. Rest of the party stationed on the bottom of the flight of stairs to the east. Use effective weapons against the undead. Approach the Blessed One, and start fighting it. Some Skeletons will join him; save your game, and fight, so as not to risk it. Be prepared to withdraw in case of major losses. The skeletons will focus on attacking the Altar. After you kill Blessed One once, it will reveal its "real" version. You may lose two or three team members in the process, but you will still be able to win in the end. You will get some keys and gems. Ignore the sentries near the palace.

The Prison Cells
Get Nightsong to join the part, and return to the Prison. Open the door of the Mausoleum. There are three tombs that you can interact with. One of them will get you a Central Prison Key, while the other a level 30 skeleton that you can easily kill. Open the cells in the main corridor with the key. Talk to King Ulf. Open the door in the other wing of the prison, kill the skeletons, then interact with the gears to open a cell. Talk to Flink. Use his burglary skills to proceed along the palace. Get the wisp out of the kitchen, then grab the gem. Collect the armor in the crate in the food room. Go back to the courtyard, to the Altar of Life, proceeding to the west wing.

L'ala East
Kill the group of sentries near the entrance to the west wing. Get the crates. Break the walls, enter the secret passage, go down the corridor, killing the sentries. Enter the Audience Hall. Collect the treasure, interact with the gear, and some secret doors will open, revealing a large room complex in the southwestern part of the palace. Search the rooms to find Karan; talk to him, and he will immediately go to help King Ulf.

The North Section of the Palace

The Blessed One in the Temple
Go back to the west wing when you're done exploring the hidden rooms. Proceed inside the library to the north. Destroy the sentries, and use the Temple Key to open the door. A third Blessed Ones is inside, with many elementals in tow. Kill the Blessed One. Destroy the Nodes, stopping at the Altar of Life from time to time, to recover valuable HP. Enter the temple, trying to kill the Blessed One. Once he is dead, the first segment of the palace will be completed.

The Golem Puzzle
Nightsong will have to rejoin your party; enter the north-west portion of the building. Many golems will pass. You will need to take your party to the first door on the side. Then he will have to enter the portal, and be teleported to a room on the north side of the building. A party member will need to enter the symbol, so it will need to be left there. So all the rest of the party will have to re-enter the portal, to return to the palace room you left from. There are six symbols in the north-west wing, and each corresponds to a smaller room, which contains another symbol. A member of your party must be placed on each symbol. Wind will have to be the last to leave. You shouldn't have a problem killing golems. Then there will be a cutscene in which everyone proceeds to the dining room in the north section of the Palace.

The North Corridor
Use the lever to open a secret door that leads to a secret passage. You should get to the back of the Altar of Life. Via Nord, in the direction of the building, meeting another group of paths. One leads to the Key of the Throneroom. You will then arrive at the last section of the game. Save your game, and open the throne room.

Battle with the Shaper

Blessed One of Health
You will have to kill many Undead Kings. Attack the Blessed Ones, as they control the escape of the animals. Then go back to the Altar of Life. Save your game, return to the Throne Room. Castate Chromatic Shield. Aim the Blessed One. Return to the Altar of Life. There will be only two Blessed Ones left; now have Nightsong join your party, and after killing the third one, go straight to the fourth; King Ulf will enter the scene.

Defeat of the Shaper
Have the Blessed One attack the party, while Ulf and his men take care of the Shaper. So kill the latter.

Solution summary

Winterlight Peak
Defeat of the Pact Army
Ghostwatch: the Inner City
Ghostwatch Eastern Area
The City Ship
The Citadel: Prologue
Thought Storm, Guardian, Codestone Puzzle
Dragh 'Lur
Back to the City Ship
The Citadel: Elimination of the Guardian and construction of the Base
The Citadel: Destruction of the Satellite Bases
The Citadel: Clearing the Path to the Library
The Godeland and the Refuge
The Soul Carrier
Sconfiggere Riddengard's Boarding Party
Defense of the Westguard
The Fiery Blessed One
Il Blessed One of Storms ed il Blessed One of Night
The Misty Coast: The Five Islands
The Blessed One in the Palace
The North Section of the Palace
Battle with the Shaper

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