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The solution is based on the American version of the game, there may be differences with the Spanish one.

Guide to the world and the roads

This section will serve as a real guide to the game world and the roads of the Hoenn Region. If you find yourself stuck or just don't know what to do, quickly check out this section to continue. The names of the places will be indicated in the order in which you visit, and the actions and paths to be taken in the order in which they must be carried out.

1: Littleroot Town

1: Route 101

2: Oldale Town

1: Route 103

2: Route 102

3: City Petalburg

1: Route 104

2: Petalburg Forest

3: Route 104

4: Rustboro City

1: First Gym Battle: Roxanne

2: Route 116

3: Rusturf Gallery

5: Rustboro City

1: Route 104

6: Dewford Town

1: Second Gym Battle: Brawly

2: Route 106

3: Granite quarry

4: Route 109

7: Slateport town

1: Route 110

8: City Mauville

1: Third Gym Battle: Wattson

2: Route 111

3: Route 112

4: Burning Path

5: Route 112

6: Route 111

7: Route 113

9: City Fallarbor

1: Route 114

2: Meteorite Falls

10: City Mauville

1: Route 112

2: Mt. Chimney

3: Jagged Pass

11: Lavaridge Town

1: Fourth Gym Battle: Flannery

12: City Petalburg

1: Fifth Gym Battle: Norman

13: City Mauville

1: Route 118

2: Route 119

3: Weather Institute

4: Route 119

14: Fortree City

1: Route 120

15: Fortree City

1: Sixth Gym Battle: Winona

2: Route 120

3: Route 121

16: Lilycove Town

1: Route 122

2: Mt. Pyre

17: Slateport town

18: Lilycove Town

1: Team Magma Hideout

2: Team Aqua Hideout

3: Route 124

19: City Mossdeep

1: Seventh Gym Battle: Liza & Tate

2: Route 127

3: Route 128

4: Seabed Cavern

5: Route 126

20: Sootopolis city

1: Cave of Origin

21: Sootopolis city

1: Eighth Gym Battle: Wallace

22: Ever Great City

23: Road to Victory

24: Pokémon League

1: Elite Four

From Littleroot Town to the gym battle with Roxanne

Follow your mother inside the new house in Littleroot Town. Visit your room and give your mother a kiss before starting your adventure. It's time to meet your neighbors, enter the house opposite yours and meet Prof. Birch's family, you will meet his son numerous times during the game and he will always be of the opposite sex to that chosen by you for the main character. ; in the case of a son his name will be Brendan, in the case of a daughter it will be May. Locate the Pokémon Lab and talk to the researcher inside to find that Prof. is absent, as he went to the nearby town by taking Route 101. Prof. didn't go far as he is blocked by a wild Poochyena. Grab his backpack and face the wild Pokémon by choosing one of those inside the bag. Take the time to choose one of the three starter Pokémon as it will be your companion for the entire duration of the game. Treecko is leaf type, Torchic is fire type and Mudkip is water type. Once you have emerged victorious from this first battle, return to the laboratory. Return to Route 101 and follow it until you reach Oldale Town. Explore the area before continuing on Route 103 and reach the Petalburg City.

You'll have to go back to the lab with Brendan to get the Pokédex as well. Return to Route 101 and get the DexNav upgrade from the Prof's son, then you can continue to Petalburg City via Route 102. Visit the gym to meet your father, you will be sent to assist Wally as he tries to catch a Pokémon. The basics of catching a Pokémon will always be the same, you will have to face it in battle and weaken it (without knocking it out), then throw a Poké ball at it. Go back to your father to get the PlayNav update once you've helped Wally. Follow route 104 through the Petalburg forest, explore the area until you meet a researcher from the Devon Corporation, give him a hand in the following battle against a member of Team Magma (or Water depending on the game version you purchased). Once you have emerged victorious from the battle, head north on Route 104 to the Rustboro City. Explore the area and meet up with Brendan at the market. You will have to wait a little longer before taking on the battle at the gym. Level up your Pokémon party, then locate HM 01 - Slash west of the Pokémon Center. Enter the first gym to face the boss. Roxanne will use rock-type Pokémon, the combat-type ones will be particularly effective during this fight, but the grass, water and land-type ones will also fulfill their task. Once you have emerged victorious from the battle, have the Stone Medal delivered and exit the gym.

From the city of Rustboro to the first gym battle

Follow the thief through route 116. You will meet Mr. Briney at the entrance to the Rusturf gallery, the thief has sneaked in there and has all of poor Briney's Pokémon with him. Enter the gallery and face Team Aqua Member (or Magma depending on the version of the game you purchased) to defeat him and get all the stolen goods. Return to Briney and give him his items. Get the BuzzNav from Mr. Stone in Rustboro Town, then you need to deliver a letter to Dewford Town. Return to Route 104 to speak to Mr. Briney at his beach house. Briney will help you travel to Dewford Town, set sail with the ship and sail. Once you reach your destination, explore the city and prepare for a battle in the gym. Brawly's Pokémon will be combat-type, so flying-type moves will be remarkably effective. Once you have emerged victorious from the battle in the gym, follow Route 106 until you reach the Granite Cavern. Get the TM70-Flash as soon as you enter the quarry. You must have defeated the Dewford Town Gym Leader before you can continue. Explore the cave until you find a man named Steven, hand him the letter from Mr. Stone, then return to the harbor and board your ship to reach the City of Slateport.

From the City of Slateport to the third gym battle

Explore the area before entering the city proper, the area is great for collecting power-up items to help your party in battle. You can also visit the Energy Guru, the beach, the Fan Club and the ship depot. Enter the Oceanic museum, Team Magma (or Aqua depending on the version of the game you have purchased) will be waiting for you inside. You will not be attacked at first, reach the second floor to meet Captain Stern and you will be ambushed by two members of the opposing Team. Once you've won the battle, talk to the Captain and hand over the parts for Mr. Stone. You will then be joined by the leader of the opposing team (Archie for Aqua or Maxie for Magma), after the argument, leave the museum. Before leaving the area, stop by the Showroom to get a Challenge Pass and Pokéblock Kit. Once you feel ready, leave the area by going north and taking Route 110. Walk past the cottage until you reach the Mauville Town.

You will meet Brendan on the way to the next town. Get the dowsing machine and keep going north. Once in the city proper, stop by to meet each citizen and get valuable items, then buy a bike from Rydel's shop. Go to the gym and help Wally test his skills, after receiving thanks from his uncle, enter the gym to face Wattson. Before you can reach the Gym Leader, you'll have to solve the little electric puzzle using pressure plates. Wattson, of course, will use electric-type Pokémon, the ground-type ones will be remarkably effective in this fight and if you don't have any with you, go back to the cave to catch some, also it is advisable to bring with you some object that heals the negative status. of paralysis. Once you have emerged victorious from the battle, you will get your medal and you will be free to continue on your adventure.

From the city of Mauville to the fourth battle in the gym

Head north to follow Team Aqua (or Magma depending on the version of the game you purchased). It will be a long journey to Mount Chimney. Start by taking route 111 towards the Winstrate residence, smash the rocks to open the path and when you come across a sandstorm, take the alternative path west and route 112. You will meet the Prof's son along the way, you will get HM04 -Force and then continue to the funicular station. You will find that the station is controlled and you will need to head to the Burning Path. Walk through the cave to the exit on Route 11 to the north. Explore the area and continue to Route 113. You will meet Brendan (or May) again to heal your Pokémon. Continue along the volcanic area to reach Fallarbor Town. Prof's son will immediately ask you for help in finding Professor Cozmo. Explore the city before reaching Route 114 for Meteorite Falls. Follow Brendan (or May) inside the falls and reach him to fight against a group of the opposing Team. You will save Professor Cozmo by losing the meteorite. Gather in Fallarbor Town with your friend and professor. You can decide to travel with Brendan to Mauville City, or explore the surrounding area. Regardless of what you decide to do, you will still end up in the Mauville City, but it is recommended that you purchase a stunt bike, then stop by the local bike shop. Return to the funicular station and travel on it to reach Mount Chimney. Ignore many of the members of Team Aqua and Team Magma, keep walking the mountain path until you reach Admin Shelly (or Admin Tabitha depending on the version of the game you purchased). Defeat the Admin in battle and cross the bridge, then, get ready for a big challenge with the Team Leader. Grab the meteorite from the cape, then head south to the Jagged Passage, go down the mountain to Lavaridge Town, explore the area before reaching the local gym. You will challenge Flannery, his Pokémon will be fire-type, it goes without saying that the water-type ones will be remarkably useful, stock up on potions and cures for the negative burn status. Once you beat the gym boss, you will get the medal and meet Brendan outside. You will get the Go-Glasses that will allow you to get past the sandstorm blocking road 111.

From Lavaridge to the fifth gym battle

You will have several alternatives to return to the city of Petalburg, this trip can be potentially long and encourage exploration, or really short allowing you to reach the next gym quickly and painlessly. The first method is to fast travel with Brendan (or May), the second method requires you to go back to the sandstorm on route 111. This way you will explore the desert area, where you can collect various useful items including precious fossils and abilities for Pokémon. Any fossil can be transformed into a living creature by visiting the Devon Corporation and speaking to Mr. Stone. You can also return to Petalburg by taking Mauville and following road 117, then passing Verdanturf. Continue inside the Rusturf tunnel, then Rustboro, take route 104 through the Petalburg forest; in this way you will not explore anything new, but you will have the opportunity to better visit sections already traveled. The Petalburg City Gym is a dojo that will require you to advance in three different sets of rooms. The trainers in each room will use special items to defeat you. The first rooms will focus on speed on the left and accuracy on the right. The second group of rooms will focus on Zero reduction on the left and defense in the center, then recovery on the right. The third group of rooms will focus on strength on the left, KO on the right. Your father Norman will be waiting for you at the end of the dojo. Fighting-type Pokémon will be extremely effective when fighting your father. If you have any problems, stock up on healing potions to keep your party always in tip-top condition. Once your father is defeated, you will get the Balance Medal.

From Petalburg City to the sixth battle in the gym

You will get HM03-Surf. This new ability will allow you to travel from some of the islands remarkably easily and you will be able to visit some of the areas that were previously inaccessible. Once you feel ready, find the location of Route 118. "Surf" to the central bay and continue towards Fortreee Town. Locate Steven's location and talk to him about the Pokémon. Fly with your new companion to the South Island, then locate and fight Team Aqua (or Magma depending on the version of the game you purchased). Mega Evolution is a new addition to the series. Your new party member Latias has the ability to mega evolve. The first thing you need is a Keystone that is already in your possession, since you got the Mega Bracelet from Steven, so you will need to get a Mega Stone that is unique to your Pokémon. Once in possession of the two items, you can activate the Mega Evolution in the combat menu during a challenge. Go back to road 118 and continue to 119. You will reach the weather institute. Once inside, check the situation and challenge the opposing team members by climbing the stairs. Once you've located the Admin, challenge and beat him, then talk to the researcher to get your new Pokémon as a reward. Go back to route 119, you will meet Brendan who will deliver HM02-Flight to you at the end of a friendly challenge. Enter the Fortree City and explore it top to bottom.

The gym is in the center, but it will be blocked by an invisible object. Follow Steven on route 120, reach him on the bridge to get the Devon Objective to use in front of the gym to see the invisible Pokémon to be defeated in battle. Once inside the gym, join Winona to challenge her. You will collide with flying-type Pokémon, which means that the electric-type ones will be remarkably useful. Defeating also the gym leader Winona will allow you to get the Feather Medal, thanks to which you can use the Fly skill to move quickly from one part of the game world to another.

From Fortree City to the seventh gym battle

Continue your journey along road 121, your goal will be to reach Mount Pyre to find out what's cooking in Team Aqua's pot (or Magma depending on the version of the game you purchased). You can also stop at the Safari area at the City of Lilycove. Route 122 will take you directly to Mount Pyre, but you will have to "surf" to the entrance of the mountain itself. Once inside, start a long series of battles to gain the summit. Once you reach Archie (or Maxie), let them go, then defeat the Admin to get the orb from the elder. Return to the City of Slateport and meet the leader of the opposing team at the submarine inside the city itself. Defeat two gang members and talk to Captain Sterno, use his ship to reach the secret hideout located in Lilycove. Inside the opposing team's headquarters, use the green panels on the floor to move around, you will have to go down to the basement level and from here reach the fourth floor, finally defeat some members and an Admin. Use Route 124 to "surf" directly to Mossdeep Town, explore the area before heading to the local gym. Here you will face psychic type Pokémon, those of the ghost or dark type will prove to be remarkably powerful to defeat the members of the gym. Once you reach the end, you will find two gym heads in front of you. For this fight, focus on one opposing Pokémon at a time. Once you have emerged victorious from the battle you will get the Mind Medal.

From Mossdeep City to the eighth gym battle

Once you exit the gym, the entrance to the Fondo Marino Cavern will open in front of you. Visit Steven to get HM07-Dive before continuing on the dangerous route 127. Continue along route 128 until you find the entrance to the cave itself, you will discover Captain Stern's submarine and you can continue inside the cave. Along the way you will have to face some members of the opposing team. To reach the end of the zone, you will have to "surf" and push boulders using the strength skill. Once you have passed the ten rooms and solved each puzzle, you will find yourself in the final area in front of the opposing team leader. After reviving the legendary Pokémon Kyogre (or Groudon depending on the version of the game you purchased), reunite with Steve and reach the City of Sootopolis by crossing road 126 and the secret islet. The entrance to the city itself can only be reached by using the dive ability. You will reunite with Steven, Wallace and Brendan (or May). Obtain the Aqua Suit (or Magma Suit depending on the game version you purchased) and enter the Cave of Origin. Go down the path until you find the newly awakened Legendary Pokémon in front of you. Defeat the Legendary Pokémon (which can also be caught) to save the entire region. Return to the city to get the last sphere and the Aeon Flute. Finally, you can head to the local gym to challenge Wallace. The Pokémon that you will have to face in this battle will be of the water type, so those of the electric and grass type will prove to be remarkably powerful. Once you emerge victorious from the battle, you will earn the Rain Medal and earn the right to challenge the Elite Four.

From the city of Sootopolis to the Pokémon League

When you feel ready to challenge the Elite Four, "surf" east along Route 128 until you reach a large waterfall, to be climbed with the right skill to reach Ever Grande City. Enter the Way of Victory and prepare yourself for the challenges that await you. Make your way through the cave and collect any items that may come in handy during your last mission. Cross the bridge until you reach Wally, defeat your friend to get the Stone of Dawn. Shortly before entering the Pokémon League, you will be able to visit a small Poké Mart, where you can buy any object that you believe can be useful, in fact, each of your opponents will use different objects to gain advantage during the battle. Sidney will be the first opponent you will face, he will use Dark-type Pokémon making those of the fairy, fighting and insect type very useful, just worry about keeping constantly monitored and, as far as possible, full the life of your party. The second opponent will be Phoebe who will use ghost-type Pokémon, this means that the dark-type ones will be very useful. You will not be able to use any type of physical attack and it is therefore advisable to have several items with you to charge your party's abilities.

Glacia, the third challenger, will use ice-type Pokémon, making it advisable to use fire, rock and steel-type Pokémon, just make sure to switch to a non-fire-type Pokémon when your opponent draws Walerion. Drake will be the last member of the Elite Four that you will have to face, it will only use Pokémon, the same type of Pokémon and the fairy ones will be remarkably useful during the battle, just take care to have with you many objects that can cure the various negative statuses that they can be applied to your party during the fight. Once you've defeated the Elite Four, you can challenge the Pokémon Champion. Steve will not use a single type of element and you will have to try to have a very versatile party. Skarmory can be defeated using special moves instead of physical, Aggron using fighting or ground type Pokémon. Claydol will have to be taken out very quickly so that he does not boost the defense of the entire opposing party while Cardily will be vulnerable to ice, combat, bugs and steel. Once your opponent extracts Armaldo, use items that increase the defenses of your party, finally Metagross will evolve at the beginning of his turn, try to counter him with a Pokémon that can withstand his powerful physical critical attacks. Once Steven is defeated, you will be the ultimate Pokémon Champion!


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