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The solution is based on the American version of the game, so it is possible to find differences in the Spanish version.

Sequence 1 - Memory 1

Pursue the marked assassin, running through the forest. Go down and go on him to try to assassinate him. Talk to Liam on the beach. Follow the green marker on the map to reach the objective and meet with the captain and his men. Challenge the captain. This will work as a combat tutorial, so pay attention to the on-screen instructions to master the fight. Once completed, follow your fellow assassin into the restricted area. Go past the soldiers without being seen, or fight and take them out. Once you reach the smugglers, free them and repeat the process to free the smugglers on the docked ship. Take control of the ship and begin sailing to the captain's ship. You will start your first naval battle. Once back in the real world, follow Violet out of the building. Find the server room and access the terminal with the wireless system. Solve the puzzle by connecting the planks to power the core. Return to the workstation to continue the sequence.

Sequence 1 - Memory 2

Start by reaching the area indicated on the map. You will learn basic attacks. Locate Liam and then use the pistol to shoot the first three targets. Next, go through the forest by shooting at the designated targets within the time limit. Then start stealth training. Use designated targets to perform stealth assassinations from above, from a bush, while running, and from a haystack. Always stay hidden while carrying out these assassinations. Once the tutorial is complete, make your way to Kesegowaase and follow it through the treetops. Use the eagle vision to spot a moose and assassinate it to get materials to upgrade you. Meet with Achilles and get the guns to complete the memory.

Sequence 1 - Memory 3

Set sail to locate a schooner and use your ship's weapons to disable it. You can board the ship. Your main goal is to collect the 30 metal units from the schooner. Climb aboard the enemy ship, defeat the crew and decide the fate of the ship. Return to your ship with the supplies. Continue your journey to Perce. Dock your boat and locate the small upgrade shop. Use it to upgrade your ship's guns and upgrade the hull. Return to the ship and sail towards the fort on Anticosti. Sink the Royal Navy ships and once you arrive, dock and talk to the spy in the fort.

Sequence 1 - Memory 4

Take control of the ship and start the search for the expedition by checking nearby ships. Follow the expedition until you reach the island. Keep following her on the territory making sure you go unnoticed. Use your stealth skills to move through the small settlement to the boat. Neutralize the enemies if necessary and move through the restricted area.

Climb aboard the ship and collect the package to get the air rifle. Next locate Lawrence and move through the garden going unnoticed. Assassinate the target when required. Escape the area and reach your ship before it is destroyed, then set sail and save yourself.

Sequence 2 - Memory 1

Take control of the ship and go in search of the Equitas. Disable the ship and capture Samuel Smith. Also sink other enemy ships if you are in trouble. Reach the land and follow Samuel through the restricted area. Assassinate the target when you have a clear line of sight and you will get the artifact from the templar. Once obtained, return to your vessel to finish the memory.

Sequence 2 - Memory 2

Go through the restricted area and go to the Albany convention. Find the target and listen to Ben Frankling's speech. After the meeting of the Templars, chase the messenger and take him out to retrieve the manuscript. Use the eagle vision to locate James Wardrop and infiltrate the base. Kill him when you think the time is right and escape the area after taking him out to run out of memory.

Sequence 2 - Memory 3

Locate the seized goods near the port. You will see a soldier carrying the goods into the warehouse. Follow the soldier to the destination while staying in the shadows. Locate the barn where the goods are stored and retrieve them unnoticed. Once looted, go back to Benjamin Franklin.

Sequence 2 - Memory 4

Enter the temple and climb the walls. Use the eagle vision to locate the hidden locks on the walls above. Activate all the hidden symbols and return to the ground floor. Enter the Temple of the Forerunner. Continue through the temple and retrieve the artifact. Escape the temple and go to your boat. You will have to run across the roofs of the buildings through the wrecks and escape from Lisbon. Immerse yourself in the river and board your ship to complete the memory.

Sequence 2 - Memory 5

Enter the restricted area and infiltrate the manor in Davenport. Use the eagle vision to locate the manuscript upstairs in the house. Move and cross the mortar field without entering the marked areas to avoid the explosions. Fight enemies when necessary, but focus on traversing the forest to make your way to your destination. Escape the farm with the manuscript to finish memory and sequence.

Sequence 3 - Memory 1

Move over the rooftops and spot the location of the criminals with the eagle's eye. Go after them and kill the criminals before they reach Benjamin Fraklin. Return to the present and locate Berg's office. Use the elevator to reach the lobby and reset the server. Return to the animus to continue the mission. Move between the house to investigate. Attack the invaders to defend the couple. Get rid of the enemies, the last one left will start running away. Pursue him through the city and interrogate him to find the location of their leader. Follow George Monro to retrieve the stolen goods. Renovate the chapel to complete the memory.

Sequence 3 - Memory 2

Make your way to the old fort to save Christopher Gist. Enter the restricted area and shoot the rope to stop the hanging before it's too late. Battle the gang members, defending Christopher as he leaves the area. Follow Christopher to your ship. Take out all the enemies on the harbor and pull the flag down on the ship to complete the memory.

Sequence 3 - Memory 3

Go to the French outpost and upgrade your ship. Infiltrate by jumping over the fence by jumping from a tree. Use the eagle vision to locate the first target and assassinate him to retrieve the keys. Loot the warehouse and exit the outpost.

Use your ship's cabin to upgrade it. Once done, set sail for the fort. Destroy the towers and capture the strong enemy. Infiltrate the fortress and kill the two French lookouts nearby. Go ahead and once you get to the war room kill Le Chasseur.

Sequence 3 - Memory 4

Head to Benjamin Frankiln's house and follow Monro. Get the ammo and destroy the shed doors. Use the grenades to destroy the poisonous gas containers and escape to complete the sequence and memory.

Sequence 4 - Memory 1

Locate Colonel Monro and assist his crew during the battle. Take out all the enemies and escort Monro and his men across the island. Keep defending Monro with every fight. Climb the cliffs and once you are at the top, take out the snipers. Assassinate all nine targets and regroup with Monro. Continue escorting the group to the ship.

Sequence 4 - Memory 2

Locate the British soldiers at their camp. Assist them in battle and assassinate the French captain. Once the area is safe, pull down the French flag to survey the camp. Fight the French invaders to minimize losses. Kill the groups of soldiers to help the villagers. You can find the villagers with the eagle vision. Once the area is clear, meet Onatah and follow her to the cave.

Sequence 4 - Memory 3

Run to the fort to catch up with Colonel Monro and assist him by minimizing British casualties. After the battle, meet with the colonel and send him to the ship. Go after Kesegowaase and start the battle with him. Kill him, locate Monro before time runs out and take him out of the burning house to get him to safety.

Sequence 5 - Memory 1

After talking to Melanie and resetting another server, head back to the animus. Use the eagle vision to locate Benjamin Franklin and talk to him to warn him of the danger. Escort Benjamin through the streets by taking out the criminals before they reach him (you will spot them using the eagle vision). When you reach his house, clear the area before time runs out. In a previous memoir, locate and meet with Captain Cook. Take command and follow your British allies into battle. Destroy the incoming French fleet. Sink the wave of French ships before they reach you. Continue sinking the enemy ships until you clear the area.

Sequence 5 - Memory 2

Take control of your ship and begin the search for Adewale. Use the mini-map to make sure you go unnoticed. Enter the island. Once found, disable the ship and force it to crash on the beach. Take him to the fort, but avoid being detected. Assassinate the target when you have the opportunity to end memory and sequence.

Sequence 6 - Memory 1

Follow the gang members and take them out. Then head to the fort and start looting the treasure. Keys can be located using the eagle vision and can be acquired by looting them from dead guards. Once the fort has been completely looted, locate the flag and remove it. You will have a limited amount of time to complete the objective before reinforcements arrive. Escape the area unscathed to complete the memory.

Sequence 6 - Memory 2

Follow Haytham through the town and neutralize the soldiers when necessary until you reach the unattended warehouse and enter the building through the roof. After the encounter, run through the warehouse to escape.

You won't have to touch the floor. Run for the ledges, platforms and walls to escape the area. Exit the warehouse and keep moving, you will die if you stand still for too long. Continue until you find the target, chase it and assassinate it to complete the memory.

Sequence 6 - Memory 3

Navigate to the fort at Anticosti. Go to the back of the fort and go inside. Assassinate the leader and steal Verendrye's maps. Return to the ship and escape the naval battle. Once you arrive in safe waters, you will end your memory.

Sequence 6 - Memory 4

Navigate and locate the expedition fleet. Pay attention during navigation, you will be in the middle of a snowstorm. Attack the fleet once you have located it. Take out all six enemy ships to win the battle. After taking damage from a hit from a mysterious enemy ship, start the search on it. Once located, disable the ship and board the ship to take out the crew. Assassinate de la Verendrye while aboard the ship to complete the memory.

Sequence 6 - Memory 5

Move through the snow to reach the expedition. Climb the frozen cliff and locate the ship. Go to their camp and go unnoticed or take out the killers, until you reach the temple. Once inside, move through ancient blocks without touching the deadly lights. Take the time you need to learn how to move around the environment without harming yourself. Eventually you will come to the heart of the temple. Follow Liam avoiding the beams of light and avoid his gunshots as you run. Assassinate Liam and return to your ship. After returning from present time, follow Benjamin Franklin to the royal palace. Infiltrate the Palace of Versailles through the balcony. Spot the secret meeting unnoticed, using the crowd to remain anonymous. Follow Charles Dorian and get close to your target unnoticed. Assassinate Charles once you are close enough. Retrieve the box and leave the palace to finish memory, sequence and game.

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