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The solution is based on the US version for PlayStation 3 of the game, so there may be differences in the Spanish version and / or the other platforms.

MISSION 1 - Invasion

There isn't a particularly long introduction, the game starts almost immediately. You will have to fight various enemies ranging from medium-small bots to flying ones and you will have to take down the flying red mines as they do damage to your health. Destroy any tower that provides teleportation portals if you find yourself in the midst of enemies, or take out small groups of them with your hammer. At some point you will come to a floating battery and you will have to hit the right and left side to light the bars and open the doors; both sides need to be lit, so you need to be quick. When the doors are open, hit the core and enjoy the huge explosion that will occur every time you do it. In another spot you will see three examples of large batteries anchored to a cliff, kill all the baddies surrounding the anchor and use your new hammer to hit and detach the bright yellow feet of the anchor. After destroying some of them, you will be called to fight in the citadel. Kill the towers and enemies along the way and climb to the top of the citadel to fight Manhunter Ultra, the level boss.

MISSION 2 - Diversion

Immediately after defeating Manhunter Ultra, you will be called into space and take part in a level of flight, similar to the flying game; you can use your Ring Blaster and some missiles to take out all kinds of flying enemies. There are no meteorites to find and you cannot use or purchase Construct upgrades in flight levels, but you can still make regular purchases. Remember that when you use your Ring Surge, Hal Jordan will transform into a flying jet capable of giving you rapid gun fire and extra speed to dodge enemy fire. When flying into the core, you will be dealing with lasers that can be shot down easily and with flying mines, which require quick intervention. Fly to the bottom and destroy the main power source by aiming for the large rotating yellow lights of the central battery.

MISSION 3 - Central Battery

In the caves you will initially be assigned to destroy all regeneration portals. Follow the main path and be sure to destroy each tower right away to reduce the number of enemies coming from the portal. Unlike the first level, some portals require two towers to be destroyed rather than just one. Throughout the level you will see some rocks that you can hit, be sure to break them to get extra white points. When you reach the central catacomb, you will learn a new Construct, the flying mine; create and launch a flying mine on each rock face that has a glowing green aura. Inside the catacomb you will see a central battery and a group of floating red targets, you will have to destroy them along with all the enemies in the room. When you're done with the second round of red targets as well, blast the rock face where the hopping green dot was and you will get an upgrade meteorite. After beating the enemies, some dialogue from the story will lead your character into the depths of the core of Oas. When you reach the next part of the level, run along the path and you will come to a fork in the road, take the left, destroy some rocks and you will get another meteorite, then go back and take the other road. Make sure you destroy any rocks that you think can be destroyed. At the end of the path you will come to a wall with the symbol of the green lantern and a luminous circular object at your feet; use the hammer to hit the object and enter the large room, in the rocky wall at the top right with a blow you will create a hole from which you will see the luminous symbol of the green lantern. Climb on the symbol and follow the instructions to open access to a large puzzle of pressure boxes. Complete the puzzle by hitting the light pressure boxes on the white floor to open the door to the next room, then smash the pair of rocks with the flying mines and enter the large main catacomb. The final battle will be with two great Manhunters; defeat them both to complete the mission.

MISSION 4 - Distress Call

Walk a little and you will discover Queen Agapo facing a large group of normal Manhunters, so come to her rescue, she will introduce herself and tell you that her species uses the Voilet energy of love. Follow her to the Hall of Knowledge and fight some Manhunters along the way and destroy some teleportation towers, you will get a new Construct, the baseball bat; this new power is a lot of fun and will allow you to hit and send bullets back to enemies (you will use it a lot in the game, even in some puzzle levels). When the flying Manhunter loads both of his gun barrels, hurry to block him, you have to get ready with the baseball bat to hit and send the bullets back to the enemy, do it three times and you will defeat the flying Manhunter. You will face heavy combat with a series of towers protected by force fields; Kill the great Manhunter to drop the tower shields, then attack them. Follow the queen again and you'll find yourself in another great battle with a great Manhunter, but this time you'll have to watch out for the queen's health, if she dies it's over. After the fight, be sure to open the green lit rock face on the right with a flying mine to get another upgrade meteorite. Before arriving at the Hall of Knowledge you will be involved in a confrontation with the Queen's army that has been taken by Willhunter, a giant worm with yellow energy. Defeat the small army and eliminate the Willhunter using the baseball bat. When you are done, enter the hall through the giant doors, but soon you will find that you have made a deviation from your initial predictions that will lead you to face a lot of enemies. When running into the flying Manhunter, use the baseball bat to fend off large bullets, or block the shooting if you see two rifle barrels reloading. You may also encounter some purple army warriors who will try to kill you, so have a Sharp Ring ready. Make your way up the mountain and fight the purple enemies along the way, use a flying mine on the green rock face to the left to get some extra white points of light. At some point you will encounter a large purple crystal fragment called the Boost Crystal, which increases the shields of purple enemies, so take out the crystals before attacking the groups of enemies around you. When you reach the top platform with the large rock doors, you will see a purple trigger on the floor, stomp it with your war hammer to open the two pillars that will open the doors. Enter and eliminate the purple huntress group, then complete the first puzzle room, hitting the two pistons in order to rotate the circles in the floor making them point all the points towards the center of the drawing, then hit the bright center of the circle with your hammer. war when it turns on. Each time you complete the puzzle, a rocky door will open, letting enemies in. Defeat the enemies in the room and complete the puzzle on the ground several times, the purple wall gems will hit you, so use your baseball bat to knock them back. When you have finished all the puzzles in the room, a large door on the right will open for you to enter. Upon entering the room, you will see a lot of power-ups and purple enemies. You have to open the large door at the end of the room, then grab each of the spheres on either side of the door, one at a time and throw them at the wall (where it is marked they should go). Enter the Hall of Knowledge and you'll see a giant purple-lit library with enemies to defeat, but first you'll need to eliminate the large crystals that protect them. After destroying the first crystal, a giant Willhunter worm will pop out of the ground and join the fray. Get rid of all the enemies and exit, follow the path outside and take any power-ups you find until you reach another yellow Willhunter worm that will unleash a fight between you and Queen Agapo. Hit the queen with your Mace Storm or whatever, she will call for help so you have to defeat her minions before facing her again. Watch out for the yellow crystals on the ground, as they will lock you in a static field until you free yourself.

MISSION 5 - Possession

This mission is a flight level, like mission 2. You will encounter flying worms, lots of Manhunters and you will have to shoot the towers with the portals, dodging the incoming fire. You can also aim and shoot at the stone bridges for extra light. At the end of the first round, you will fly in front of some doors of the temple and you will have to eliminate all the bad guys and the many evil worms; try to get the containers with the white light credits. Once this fight is over, you will fly into a kind of cave and you will have to shoot at anything that moves; when you are surrounded by the worms, you will arrive in a place in the tunnel where there are huge purple crystals that you must avoid bumping into (while shooting the bad guys). After passing all the crystals, you will come to a temple where you will have to eliminate many of the enemies flying around. When you get to the stop, there will be three platforms that will allow the worms with the evil yellow energy to position themselves to shoot at you. When you have eliminated them all, chase them into another area of ​​crystal tunnels where there will also be towers with the portal to be destroyed along with the flying baddies. Eventually you will encounter a huge and evil Manhunter Ultra that you must take out in order to complete the mission.

MISSION 6 - Corruption

This level is very linear, you have to follow the path and defeat the enemies in your way. At each step of the level you will find a lot of purple warriors, so you better get your Missile Pack or Mace Storm out. After battling a few groups of purple warriors, you will be locked in a huge purple crystal arena for a great battle with a huge yellow manhunter and other smaller manhunters as well as purple warriors. If you have the Mech Suit, use it to quickly take out the great Manhunter, but when you think you're done, a giant yellow worm will start messing around; as for the giant blue worms, use your baseball bat to counter their bullets. When you have cleared the yellow worm, go to the right side of the building and face the incoming enemies, then destroy all the purple crystals on the right to get some power-ups and reveal a special green jump platform that will take you down the small cliff into. a path where you'll find a couple of small power-ups and when you break the green-lit wall, you'll get another power-up meteorite. When you are done and ready to go back, use the green jump platform to go back and enter the main building. When you enter the first room, you will see a purple glowing circle on the floor that you need to hit with the war hammer, but first you need to take the upgrade to reload the Green Lantern on the right, so hit the circle; two pillars will rise from the floor and you will have to hit each pillar making them both light up before they go back down to the floor, starting this puzzle all over again. Complete the puzzle to open the door and move to the next room. In the first room you will have to fight two sets of moving statues and a gem from the wall that will shoot at you. Stone Warriors are slow at first, so you will have time to clear the first gem from the wall using the baseball bat, blasting them back at its bullets. To eliminate all the stone warriors, use the Whip Blade and the Mace Storm. In the next room there is a puzzle on the floor that will require the use of your swinging war hammer. When you enter the room, take the white light credits on the right, then continue along the path and on the right you will find a recharging point for Green Lantern, so continue and go left to find some green and blue power-ups, but don't get them right away, you will have to fight the warriors first. Go towards the end of the path where you will see stone warriors greeted by a giant yellow worm; defeat the worm using the baseball bat and / or missile pack and deal with the stone warriors first with the Blade Whip to remove their wards, then by any other means that destroy them. When you have killed everyone, you must activate the green indicators on each side of the door to enter the next room where you will find enemies to fight and a puzzle that will make you run into the side rooms to collect the purple energy balls that will activate the huge door for allow you to continue. Eliminate the fragments of the purple crystal, then take out the purple enemies and when the room is safe, take note of the large symbols written on the walls, doors and pillars; You will solve the puzzle by throwing a purple ball into the hole in the wall, following the patterns of the symbols on the wall. But first you should notice green jump platforms in the room; first take the one on the right, it will take you up and you will get one of the purple balls needed to deactivate the force fields of the purple wall. When you move the ball away from its location, some Manhunters will appear, defeat them and go left to collect various upgrades and a precious meteorite and to use the green jump platform to get other things. When you are done, go back down and take one of the purple balls, in the right side of the room there are two shapes marked on that force field, throw two purple balls into the corresponding holes and you will activate the opening of the next room where you will have to face a Manhunter ( and destroy the gem on the wall), then exit and repeat the same operation for the left side of the room. Obviously when you take the orb from the room, it will be a perfect opportunity for the enemies to come in and complicate things, so take them out and return to the puzzle room. When all four purple spheres are in place in the wall, a circle will appear on the floor, hit it with your war hammer, then start hitting the four rising pillars to bring down the purple wall and access the final room where you will face the boss, the Queen's Defender. When the Defender raises a hand, it means that she will hit the floor with it, and immediately afterwards three sets of rocks will fall from above (watch out for the cracks in the floor that indicate where the rocks will fall from, so you can avoid them) so you will have to move from the path of his hand and then from the rocks. When the Defender gets her hands on the ground, hit her with your Mace Storm or something similar; after a couple of hits on her hands, she'll throw some yellow worms at you, better take them all out before resuming hitting the Defender. In general, you can try to fire your missiles when she is away, but it seems that the greatest damage is caused by attacking her limbs directly. When his health is below 90%, he will raise both arms and some yellow worms will crawl around him; you have to eliminate those worms when they pop out of the ground, each of them represents his hands and will lose power every time one of them is attacked. When his health is close to 70/75%, he will show you a new signal, he will pull his hands back and hit the ground, so you will have to jump and avoid the yellow cracks on the ground that he will create, as large ones will come out of them. yellow crystals that can freeze you in place; do not waste your missile here, let its hands or the worms free you from them. If you destroy the remaining crystals, this will help increase your power and green energy, and you can even throw some yellow rocks at her, just for fun. When his health is at 50% or less, he will break the floor with both hands and pull them backwards as if he were digging and clean up with a yellow streak of energy; avoid the yellow stripe by jumping and make sure you hit his bullets with the baseball bat, hit him up to your level, then hit his face.

MISSION 7 - Biot

The mission starts with a small number of enemies, so be sure to take them all out before getting any upgrades in the room. Reach a yellow-lit protected door with a red battery slot, to its right there will be some Manhunters who will corrupt your ring, blocking some of your green energy, kill them quickly. Run to the right side of the wall where you will notice a red puzzle that will give you a red battery to put next to the shielded door, then place the battery in the hole on the red-lit wall. After using the first green jump platform, you will see two power-ups in front of you, a green-lit wall behind them and a large sliding door to your right. Grab the upgrades, hit the wall to get an upgrade meteorite and go back through the door to the right. In the next room there are power-ups to the right, while on the ceiling there are red spots that will shoot bullets at you, clear this room by using the baseball bat on anything they shoot at you, but be quick, because some Manhunters will join the fight . When you have cleared the whole room, run to the circular path and turn the lock to open the door. In the next room, you will find a central knowledge station where you can place your ring, so move on; there are about three stations like this throughout the mission that you need to find and use. To open the next door, in this room you will be told to send a flying mine into the hole in the wall (this will repeat a couple of times along the level, albeit in different shapes). The door leads to a large factory with upgrades, save them if you can for the next fight with a Manhunter and a Manhunter Ultra together. After this fight, take the new green jump platform to get to the next section, where there will be flying cars shooting at you; your missile can take them down quickly, but the Manhunter jet requires you to use a baseball bat to injure it with its own bullets. You will arrive at the next central station of knowledge and see a red battery level to the right, so send a flying mine down the mine shaft to open the door on the far right of the room. Eliminate the four Manhunters in the corridor (use the baseball bat to knock out each enemy) and at the end you will find a yellow puzzle on the floor to hit with the war hammer, a door will open in the room with the rotating center; there are mining pits in the center, so you have to slow down its rounds by hammering on the circle in the pavement on the other side. When the center stops spinning, throw flying mines into each pit to unlock the doors to the next room. When you take the green jump platform to reach the factory floor, you will see a huge green energy boost, take it if you need it that soon you will have to face a group of enemies including a yellow worm. When you have defeated them, go to the newly opened door and take out the Manhunters before arriving at the last central station of knowledge with your ring; you will have to get a red battery and quickly run into the room to your right avoiding the yellow shields and protecting the battery, if you lose it you can go back and get another one. When the battery is inside the hole in the red wall, you'll need to get to the core of the knowledge base using a green jump platform. Attack any area of ​​the yellow shield where there is a mine shaft, hitting them with flying mines; now you will be able to enter the big red door of the factory, but before doing so you will find yourself in front of some flying red mines that you can quickly eliminate with the missile, if you can afford to spend green energy, otherwise run to avoid the larger groups and use your Ring Blast. When you enter the red door, you will find a group of power-ups along the wall to recharge before the upcoming big fight and four Manhunters. When these are eliminated and you have recharged, open the door at the end of the hall to face two large yellow Manhunters, power up with the Ring Surge and use the Mech suit to quickly defeat them (try to hit them together simultaneously). After the fight you will be surrounded by yellow shields and to your left will be a mine pit where you can throw a flying mine to clear your way to the screened area on the left. Kill the Manhunters in your path and continue along the left side where you will find a green jump platform, but before you grab it, grab the red battery on the right and take it with you. When you get up, jump into the battery and beat the enemies that come towards you (use the Mech suit on the big yellow Manhunter); when you've killed them all, grab the power-ups and hit the red circle on the ground to deactivate the yellow shield behind you. Throw a mine down the white pit and head back down to where the green platform was. Grab a red battery and throw it into the wall to the right, where the original mine pit was closed, which will open the right side of the room where the lock on the door that has just been taken off the shield is located. On the right side there are also some power-ups to take before facing the final boss, but there will be some Manhunters and two yellow worms to deal with first. When you have cleared the area and have recharged, hit the red and yellow ground circle to deactivate the yellow shield that covers the mine shaft that you have to blow up, but it is difficult, because the shield comes back too quickly, so I recommend you create a flying mine near the yellow shield, then hit the circle on the ground with the war hammer, jump and grab the mine to launch it quickly; now the great door will open for you. Go through the door grabbing the energy refill along the way, now you will have to face Grandmaster, the leader of the Manhunters! Use your Mech suit to bring his health to 90%, save your Ring Surge or, if you can, wait to take another 10% off him. Avoid his whip at all costs and use the Mech suit again to bring his health to around 70/75%, then he will start hitting you with a big yellow beam using his whipping weapons as well. Use your Ring Surge to make sure you can still use the Mech Suit, which should bring its health to 58%, but it won't be very effective from here on out. The Grandmaster can put one knee to the ground at times when he is fatigued, allowing you to hit him with some combo.

MISSIONE 8 – Hot Pursuit

This is the last flight level of the game and it is very short; in addition to the enemies to defeat, there will be large yellow lasers interrupting your flight path, so be sure to avoid them. When you reach the huge doors, shoot the yellow domes and then the enemies. Avoid obstacles like pipes and deadly rays. You will encounter a Manhunter Ultra, so use your Ring Surge to take him out quickly. Continue down the tunnel to shoot the enemies and yellow domes.

MISSION 9 - Ultimate Weapon

Blow up the bot's big knee shields with the Mace Storm or flying mines, hitting his knees will bring his health to around 75/80%; you will have to directly attack each yellow dome on each knee and set them on fire, then throw another flying mine to make the bot lose his balance. When the robot kneels, exposing the chest that encloses the Green Lantern Kilowog, attack the glass of the chest with the Blade Whip; the robot will suffer damage and when it is at 64% it will get up and other bots will come to its rescue. Kill them and go back to fight the big bot, throwing flying mines on their knees or if you want to be more precise, use the Blade Whip. When his health is about 40/46%, he will start throwing harmful things at you, so focus on attacking his knees, when all four yellow domes of his knees are on fire, throw another flying mine to undermine the its balance. The robot will make many small enemies appear until its power drops to 25%, then it will drop for the last time when it reaches 7% to allow you to finish it.

MISSION 10 - Return To Oa

As usual, buy any upgrades you might find useful in this last level. This level is packed with enemies on every platform, so you'll have to deal heavy group damage, mixed with melee and air strikes; the missile will prove to be excellent in this level, while for group attacks, if you can keep enough distance, you can use the jet fighter. After the second platform of enemies, you will face Amon Sur. Hit him with the Mace Storm to get him to 90%, there won't be a real fight yet, but get used to blocking his missile barrages. When it is at 65%, you will see a swarm of enemies and some yellow demonic hands coming towards you, while Amon Sur will be protected by his yellow shield, so don't waste your time with him, but take out all the others first. Use the missile to destroy the giant yellow hands before they become a danger, while flying mines work best for flying enemies. Check your white spots to see if there are any upgrades to purchase. After eliminating the group of bad guys, resume dealing with Amon Sur until he reaches 32/35%, after which he will call two big enemies and a lot of yellow demonic hands that you will not have to get close because they would crush you. Finish Amon Sur with the Mace Storm and the hammer, staying well away from the yellow hands! After some dialogue, Amon Sur will create a giant yellow Mech suit for himself, and you will do the same ... only in green. This battle with the Mech suits feels more like a minigame than a real fight; follow the on-screen instructions to fight. Stay focused and hit, making sure to block all his shots as much as possible. Ignore the men as small as ants who will shoot you during the fight, just focus on the Mech battle. Repeat punch combos work very well, but you'll have to stop when it hits 8/10%. At this point he'll get agitated and force you to play a random two-button sync sequence for his death. You will now have finished the mission and the game.


At the end of the credits, you can select "Continue" on the main screen to replay the game with all the new upgrades, allowing you to continue faster and unlock all the trophies for the purchase of expensive upgrades that you could not make before, you can also delete enemies faster in the Emerald Knight difficulty level, but you will notice that the levels will get harder and harder, if you have already reached level 10 you cannot expect the final levels to be as easy as the initial missions.

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