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The solution is based on the American version of the game, so there may be differences with the Spanish one.


Bentornati a The Evil Within!

You will be thrown into the new chapter immediately and wake up inside a hospital room. Cats will be very sweet to the touch, and as soon as you are given the chance, inspect the door.

As soon as the scene changes, stop and go back inside the room, you will find a safe on the table along with a code. Check the walls to find the digits of the code which will always be random and should look like this:


Therefore, I will not be able to help you with the safe code, however by rotating the innermost circle, you will move everything else, so start with the lowest number, then continue with the highest one. Once the safe is open, collect the item inside.

Exit the room and go left into the hall. You will meet the nurse and after a little chat you will start a short cut scene, after which you can talk to Tatiana, even if you don't have much to say. Go back into the corridor with the cells and check the door at the end (as you remember, this is the reporter's room). You will start a short scene, after which the door will open and you can go inside to collect the research document.

Also check the other two doors in the corridor, you already know who they belong to. Once this is done, go to Tatiana and enter the door behind her. Follow the music to the lockers, then go back and listen to the man. Exit the metal door which is a shortcut to the brain room in the main game and start another short cutscene on the left. You will not be able to enter the gel room, but when you return to the hall, the wall beyond the desk will react and the "1" mark will appear on which you can direct the beam of your flashlight, revealing another door, open it and look at the TV , then go through the new door as soon as it appears.

Advance until you start a new scene that will show the terminal, then look for another "1" mark on the wall (in the corner) and use it to reveal two more doors. These doors will take you to the corridor, you can try to open the glass doors on the right, but the electricity is not working and you will have to make sure to fix it. Go through the bathrooms to the office to start another scene.

You will lose the flashlight and have to make do with something chemical that is nearby, turn around and pick up the strange shiny object on the nearby wall.

The time has come for a nice walk in the dark! First, don't bother exploring the upper area, follow the edge of this area until you find a ladder that will go down, it will be a long way from the door we entered, so keep following the edges.

You should find a ventilation system nearby and both left and right as soon as you touch the lower floor.

Turn right and walk away from the ladder, a car will be on your right and a corpse will be at the top. You can have the enemy grab you and take them out or go ahead and turn right again as soon as you notice another ventilation system on the wall. Enter the hole and exit on the opposite side.

You will find a door in front of you after passing a few chain barriers. Go right and throw a club at the corner (throw when the line extends from you to the corner). This thing will provide you with enough light. Go hide by the machines near the door and wait for an enemy to come. When the opponent has moved away, go through the door he just went through. Keep going until you come across a wall, avoiding the enemies along the way. Follow the wall on the left until you reach a large passage in the wall on the left, this will activate a checkpoint, which indicates that you are on the right path.

Going down the stairs, the light will disappear again. Follow the right side by the barriers until you reach a small wall, then continue left for a while, still holding on to the right wall until the path forces you to turn right into another room. From here you will reach some stairs, however take the left side of the room and go down the stairs when you reach them.

Once downstairs, pull the light in the right corner (you will find a barrier in front of you) and move to the same corner to get cover. Pull another light in front of you and follow the path to enter the alcove on the left and press the button you will find inside, you will turn on the auxiliary electricity.

Go back the way you entered and be sure to pick up the ax from the corpse. Use your weapon to take out the enemy near the door you passed. You will notice that the path is really linear, only in the dark it was even much scarier. Advance and avoid the other opponent to climb the stairs and back to the door that needed electricity to open.

Go down the stairs and start a short cutscene. Go left and check the offices for Music Track 1. Head to the bottom of the ladder and push the cart nearby to continue. Enter the new room using the hand scanner.

You'll find a brain experiment machine, the same one seen in the mansion during the main game. Go to the tables at the back of the room to find the research paper. Enjoy the vision and the radical change of the room.

Go back the path you came from and enter the door on the right. Continue your path through the corridor and reach the room with the jumping light. After passing by the monster, you can focus on the wall to bring up a door, enter and start running! Quickly walk down the fairly linear corridor until you reach a room with some walls to hide behind. Need to find an exit with the hand scanner, then wait until you can pass. The best place to hide is undoubtedly the center of the area, where there is a small portion of the wall that will allow you to move while being hidden. When the door is finally open, go through it and head right to reach a shutter through which you can pass by repeatedly pressing the button and saving yourself from the strange creature of light.

Unfortunately you will fall from the pan into the fire! This new room isn't really safe either, in fact it's another trap. You will have to keep avoiding the creature while you wait for the door to open. The exit is on your right, so start the countdown as soon as you can and avoid the opponent. At the first opportunity, enter the elevator!

Go through the shower corridor once the elevator has stopped and go through every door you come across. You will find yourself inside a room with some explosive enemies, be very careful where you throw your chemical lights. On the left you will encounter an explosive opponent blocking your path. The game will force you to go under a shelf on the left and to do this you will have to lure the enemy and run as he approaches you making him explode. Wait for the second monster to lose interest in the whole thing and sneak past to go under the right shelf. Go through the door you will find in front of you and continue past the large circular room.

Once inside the room infested with eyeballs, advance until a short cutscene begins. Collect the torch from the table and enter the next room. Head to the left corner and check inside the sink for an item. Focus your light on the "1" mark and open a new path.

Before going down the stairs in front of you, turn left to find a safe. There is no combination for this and you will have to make do with the blood splatters. You will notice, in fact, that each number is stained with blood and you will only have to match the dried blood. Start with the lowest number, then the top left, then the top right.

Go down the stairs and you will notice a shape disappearing on the palette, so focus the beam of your flashlight on the "1" mark in the center of the room to start a short scene. A door will appear closed by a combination of buttons and you will have to help yourself in reaching the solution by checking the shapes on the white palette on the left; also in this case the combination is random in each game and I will not be able to provide you with a unique solution.

Go through the door and pick up the research document from the cart on the right. Continue to the terminal, then go through the doors behind it for a small cutscene. Go past the save point (save your game if you want) and continue up a ladder. On the way down you will see a scene involving your parents and you will soon find yourself downstairs and inside the police station.

Go up the new stairs with the two big doors. You will encounter a pair of smaller doors on the side and an interrogation room inside which there will be nothing of interest. Go through the large doors and check the table for the second music track, then advance to the next door for a new cutscene.

Go through the door on the right and go in the same direction to the next door in the corridor. You will find another safe, the combination for this will be found by illuminating the window with your light and, again, the combination is random for each game. Exit outside through the door marked "exit". Go through the next door for a new scene. Go through yet another door to find yourself in a sunny area, then continue on to the next scene. Go to the right of the table to collect the personal ID and across the room check the briefcase for another item. Continue past the small door and go down the corridor until you pass the larger doors to start yet another scene.

You will find yourself outside in a world in ruins. Look for the theater sign and take the lower right stairs to jump to a building with a blue tarp. Continue up the walkway and be very careful about approaching the enemy ahead (use the path on the left), then the game will tell you when to press the button to hit the enemy from behind and drop him from the roof. Head into the building and turn left until you find yourself in an area with several enemies. Pass silently to the right to the building with a nearby enemy, wait for it to stop at the fence and push it over the chasm.

At the top you will find an enemy-infested walkway, wait for it to stop in front of the hole to push it down, or use the ax to take it out and continue climbing the hotel until you reach a checkpoint. Enter the hotel and focus on the signal, then enter the crack in the wall, check left for a file. Enter the office area to notice a vending machine to hit to get the third music track. From here, go left to find a safe next to a microwave. This safe can be opened by solving the puzzle in the following way:

1 - Press the button at the bottom right.
2 - Press the button on the top left.
3 - Press the second button in the second column.
4 - Press the first button of the third column.
5 - Press the third button in the first column.

Go through the next crack in the wall until you reach a corridor, then advance to the door at the end. You will find yourself in front of an incomplete statue that you will have to assemble. To the right of the statue you will find the first piece, collect it and arrange it in its place. The room on the right is empty, so go through the wall on the left. You will find yourself in a large room, go through the door to find yourself in front of some lockers and on the left a table. Go ahead and hide when the enemy passes.

On a table in the back you will find the second piece of the statue. Go back, leave the lockers alone and just run to the door. Place the second piece on the sculpture and make an elevator appear. Once outside, go through the rooms and corridors to the checkpoint.

Continue up the walkway to see Sebastian below you. Continue and crouch under the beam. Once you reach the lower level, take cover from enemy shots and head to the room on the left to find a firearm with its bullets.

Go outside again and hit the explosive barrel to free yourself from the enemy. You will open a door at the bottom of the area and three more enemies will come out. Wait for them to approach you, then hit the red barrel to take them out in an instant. Continue to the door where the opponents came out, collect the ammo, press the button and let out three more opponents, hit the barrel on the right to eliminate the first two, then take care of the third survivor.

Go outside and eliminate three other enemies with the help of the usual barrels. Go over the bridge and pick up the ammo on the barrel on the right. Go left, go down the ramp and stairs to reach the boss fight area.

Boss: The Shade

To get rid of this annoying woman of light, you'll need to hit her glowing head. The problem is that if you stay in its visual arc, its head will be red, so you can't damage it. The secret is to hide behind the columns in the area and take the right angle to hit the boss's sweet spot when he doesn't see you. Once hit three times, the fight will end. Go through the door and go down the corridor until a new cutscene begins, after which you have to run and take the following directions in sequence to escape from the revived boss:

Turn right.
Turn left.
Stay on the left.
Stay on the right.
Turn right.
Stay on the left.
Stay on the right.
Stay on the left.

Once you have avoided the last obstacle (of the insect arms), you will reach the bus and finish the chapter.

A ghost was born

Follow the corridor behind you, then head to the right, interact with the painting and continue along the wall until you reach an elevator that you must try to open. Enter the shaft behind the elevator and drop into the room, go through the door and debris, then go up the stairs and watch the paintings start spitting blood. Enter the next room and get ready to act fast.

Watch out for the enemy on the left and the broken plates on the floor that could cause noise if you walk over them. Once the opponent is on the opposite side, silently reach the left side and pick up the ax on the table, then stand on the back of the first table and wait for the enemy to pass again to hit him from behind.

Go to the largest room and pick up the bottle. There will be an enemy in the far left guarding the painting that we must reach. Move silently and try not to get hit by the blood that would damage you, throw the bottle inside the large room and wait for the enemy to move to check what happened, leaving you free to interact with Leslie's painting.

Follow your target along the corridor, stop at the alcove with the "1" indicator and light it with your torch to find the staff room, you will find a safe which combination can be found by illuminating the numbers in the room itself, as usual, this combination will also be random for each game.

Go back into the corridors and reach the debris, advance, then turn right to collect the fourth music track. Continue along the corridor until you see a cat escaping to the right, follow the animal to a room full of explosive mines. Pick up the bottle on the right. At the bottom there will be three explosive enemies, approach and move away immediately to make them explode. Push the cart forward, then you will need to look for the magnetic key in the cold room to the right. Go through the right corner and enter the ventilation system. Once in the meat room, look for a bottle near the wall and pull it to the right corner, quickly pick up the key card and move away from the area.

Go past the cart, watch out for the explosive enemy and use the magnetic key on the reader. Go down the corridor and reach the room where you have to burn all of Ruvik's paintings. Burn the paintings by hiding from enemies inside the ventilation system. Join Leslie and try to burn her image to start a cutscene.

Continue along the corridor and exit until you reach the playground of the main chapter. Enjoy the cutscene and advance to change scenery. Once you go through the double doors, you will find yourself trapped with three normal enemies. Pick up the ax and take them out without too many compliments. Take out the other enemies and head to the back room to have a little dialogue with the chapter boss. Once ready, crack the center console and go down the stairs to the morgue area, light up the "1" indicator on the center table to start yet another cutscene.

Go back from the path you took to reach this location and take the cargo elevator that goes up. Advance to reach a corridor, then go down and look for a cart with the number 188. Continue up the metal ladder to go down. Continue in the area by eliminating the enemy with the shotgun to take his weapon and easily reach the sewers.

Within this new area, enemies will never stop respawning even when killed. Drop and three enemies will come out of the blood, run to the right and eliminate the first one as soon as it gets up, turn the corner and go down the corridor shooting the enemies that will appear, reload and collect the ammunition nearby, then exit. Run to the right and dive into the water, leaving the enemies chasing you alone.

Basically you will have to advance by eliminating all the enemies that will block your way (including a Ruvik clone) until you reach a room that will change in appearance in front of you. Reach the barred door and light it with your flashlight to open it. Go out on the rainy streets, go right to find another safe to open by matching the dried blood.

Continue to the doors in the distance and once inside go down the corridor and press the elevator button. You will have to wait for the elevator to arrive, while you will be attacked by numerous enemies. Take out any threats and enter the elevator once it arrives. Once out on the new floor, enjoy the cutscene and get ready for the boss fight.

Boss: The Administrator

This battle will be divided into three distinct phases.

Phase 1

During the first phase you will be surrounded by numerous copies of the enemy. Do not shoot wildly, but wait for the copies to try to hit you, when one of the faces of these lights up red it means that it is the real boss, dodge and hit.

Phase 2

This time you will have to deal with several copies of the game protagonist. Continuously move around the area and shoot the attackers to take them all out.

Phase 3

Hide behind the first column and wait for the Administrator to carry out the shock wave against us. Immediately get up and run and hide behind the third column to wait for the ground to rise again, then run behind the fifth column. Once the third shock wave has passed, run against the boss himself.

Two gigantic hands will come out, you will have to shoot the one raised and then light it up, then reload your weapon and prepare for the second hand following the same process. Keep hitting the hands until they explode, then aim for the face of the kneeling Administrator and shoot!

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