The Division 2: how to get La Macchinetta | Guide

The Division 2 has introduced a more complex exotic weapon system than its predecessor and some, such as "The Machine", will require real treasure hunts to be obtained. In this guide we will see how to get it, going step by step.

The Division 2 is Ubisoft's Action RPG already available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows which, in addition to an avalanche of equipment, cosmetics and skills, contains several special objects, such as 12 singular masks and different clan keys. There are, however, much more useful and particular objects to obtain: the Exotic weapons which, although they were already present in the last chapter, in this title they have been greatly improved and made more unique and complete.

In this guide we will see how to get one of the best Exotic SMGs in the game: The Macchinetta, then let's proceed immediately, with advice and images so that the company is as easy as possible.

The Division 2: how to get La Macchinetta | Guide

Let's start by saying that before starting with the search for the pieces to compose the weapon, it will be necessary to obtain 3 parts of the project. These parts can only be found in the coffers of hyenas, but the higher your level, the more likely you are to find one of the parts of the project. Now let's see together the statistics of this fantastic SMG.

The Division 2: statistics of the exotic machine gun "La Macchinetta"

The machine has some really useful, special advantages and statistics and, if you are skilled you can combine them, but let's see them together:

  • Talker: Each hit increases rate of fire by 1% up to a maximum of 60%. It resets when you reload.
  • Charger Package: Killing with this weapon reloads its magazine by 20% and gains effect for 10s. While the effect is active, all hits increase the capacity by 1 to a maximum of 60. Killing targets consumes the effect until the extended magazine is completely filled.
  • Gossips: When in holster, reload your weapon within 5s after a kill gains a 20% rate of fire increase for 10s.

The Division 2: how to get the exotic machine gun "La Macchinetta"

Now we will show you where you can find the pieces that make up the weapon but, in case you don't get them, you will have to wait 24h and try again, since the drop is random.

To find the first piece, you will have to go through the mission al Grand Washington Hotel. There is a hidden chest in the toilet, under a sink, through which you can get one of the weapon sections. Another, however, can be found just as you exit the roof, to the right of the door.

The second piece can be obtained in the mission al Jefferson Trade Center, more precisely in the parking lot. Once here, you will have to go to the right side of the room where, on the loading bay, you will find another hidden chest.

This chest can be found in free mode, so don't worry, you won't have to activate any missions. To find it, just go to the police station in Judiciary Square, cross the courtyard with the two doors on the side. On your right there will be an elevator shaft in which you have to go all the way. To find the hyenas crate you will need to head to a parking lot next to a mounted turret. If you don't get the piece through that chest, don't be disheartened, as there are several in that area.

To find the last part of the project, you will have to play the settlement mission of the head office in the Bank. Play until you reach the room with large windows and several computers. On the left side of the room there is a small wall with a hidden safe near the partition wall in which, interacting, you will have to collect an RFID key which you will need later on. Keep going until you reach the large Vault and go left once inside. You will see a golden gate that you can open using the magnetic key on the right side of the door, where you will find the chest containing the latest project for "The Machine".

The Division 2: how to get La Macchinetta | Guide

This The Division 2 guide is over and we sincerely hope you find it useful. We remind you that if you are undecided on which specialization to choose, you can read our guide to specializations. 

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