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The solution is based on the American version of the game, there may be differences from the Spanish one.

The Story of the Phantom

When your father has finished telling you his story, follow him and Hesh up the hill. A sort of earthquake will shake the earth under your feet; cross the fallen trunk until you reach the actual top of the hill itself. The city will be shrouded in chaos! Go down the road and keep following Hesh until you reach a house; you will be dragged into it; once there, just go to the opposite side to where you are now. The scenes will move in space, and more precisely in the earth's orbit; the game will suggest the space movement commands, follow your colleague to the station door which will be indicated by a blue light; let the doors open for you, then move inside the station itself, as soon as you reach the other members of your space mission, some terrorists will break into the room killing everyone except you and your colleague! Follow Kyra and go through another door, you will meet some of these terrorists very soon; you will automatically come into possession of an assault rifle; aim the enemy in front of you and fire. Keep following your partner down; you will encounter three other enemies to fire on; then keep following Kyra until you reach two other terrorists; the station you are on will explode throwing you out into the sidereal void; shoot any hostile floating in front of you; fly to the ODIN (the huge satellite weapon) and pull the hatch above it; start hitting the machine; after a few explosions you will find yourself suspended above the satellite itself; keep hitting the same spot to end this dramatic spacewalk! You will return to follow the terrestrial events; turn right once you leave the house with Hesh; jump over the car and enter the building; you will find the laptop with the first Intel on the floor right in front of you; acquire the data as quickly as possible, then, continue your escape. Jump down and enter the house below; run through it and jump low onto a roof; go through the window and follow Hesh upstairs and consequently to the end of the road to finish this mission.

A fearless new world

Follow Hesh through the hall and wait for him to create an opening through the cloth wall, then proceed to the other room. Climb the walkway in the center of the room and head to the double doors on the left of the balcony; when you hear a sound, just follow Hesh back through the next halls until you find a couple of deer. Once outside, go past the fountain and up the stairs at the end of the street to reach a large open area; at this very moment you will find yourself in a post apocalyptic world! Turn right past the destroyed vehicles, Hesh will follow you when you fall onto a rocky path and then climb up. Once the door is open, turn right and hire some Federation soldiers; secure the whole area and move to the next complex to rejoin the rest of your team. You will soon find some enemies who are executing civilians; engage them and get off in the open area downwards, quickly hide behind the containers near the gas station; from here, you can easily take out all the soldiers hiding behind the crates on the opposite side of the gas station. Once the area is cleared, move to the opposite side and go through the tunnel to reach some canals where a big crossfire is taking place! Quickly hide the nearest car wreck and start taking out all the hostiles from a distance; start by killing the enemy controlling the turret from the helicopter. You and your companions will thus be able to advance; hide behind the next wreck again to take out the enemies under the bridge, then keep clearing the area of ​​the last wave of enemies. Once you reach the gate, quickly grab the missile launcher on the right and wait for the hostile helicopter to arrive; fire a couple of missiles and guide them towards the enemy aircraft with the laser beam to shoot it down. Be sure to reload the missile launcher, then, quickly hide behind the jeep as you will catch up with another heavily armed helicopter; fire some missiles at it again and hide behind the vehicle to reload. Once the helicopter is destroyed, jump into the back of the jeep and drive to the base; follow your brother into the communications room; then join your father upstairs. Be sure to get there according to intel when the conversation between Hesh and Elias is done; this can be found upstairs in the same room where your mates are talking; on a large table to the right.

It is not a country for men

This mission will start as Riley, with whom you have to take out an approaching enemy. Follow Hesh down the path until you reach a familiar area: your hometown! Move through the houses and keep following your partner. Synchronize with Riley and wait for the two enemies in front of you to split; take out the one on the left first, then the second by barking to get his attention and jumping to his throat; enter the nearby house to spot other enemies in the distance; wait for Hesh to take care of the sniper, then perform a quick attack on the enemies to take them out with ease. Stay close to the double doors and get ready to hit the Federation soldiers as they move (the game itself will slow down allowing you to have more time); advance through the house and take cover behind the rock as you exit; again, other enemies will be found around the area; take them out and move down the path on the left to engage in another firefight, you can also hit the gas tanks to cause further damage thanks to the explosions caused. At the end of the path, hide behind the crate and start hitting other enemies at the construction site; wait for the soldiers near the windows to be eliminated, then enter the barracks.

Collect the third intel on the desk inside this building; then proceed to the next walkway to take out other soldiers in the distance; pass the small building to the opposite side to reach a new large open area; move to the end of the road and follow Hesh as he crouches; stay on the right side of the road to move safely. When the enemies split at the intersection, take out the one on the right and continue following your partner into the structure; you will return as Riley who is on the fields; reach the waypoint and pass the big pipe; from here you can take out some soldiers. Go past the vehicles and ignore the hostile neighbors; move right and over the wall, take out the single enemy controlling the area, then do the same thing with the one above and in the direction of the next waypoint. Go through another narrow pipe, but wait for the soldier to pass first; follow him from behind and kill him when the opportunity presents itself; going down a few more meters in the fields, you will be able to spot Rorke; after the chat, approach the waypoint and take out the enemy near the vehicle. Continue past the waypoint, you will be attacked by some wolves, you can hit a couple but another you will be forced to face until you are saved. Follow the rest of your party to the ruined gate ahead of you and prepare for another major firefight; hide behind the destroyed walls below and start taking care of every single enemy on the streets and in the palace; once the area is safe, enter the building through the alley on the left and eliminating the opposing soldiers, follow the linear path to finish this mission.

Pulled down

The mission will begin while holding the controls of a remote sniper - you are looking for your Ajax companion. Finding him will be very easy, simply zoom in on the destroyed part of the stadium right in front of you to see some characters who are questioning him; then grab the grenade launcher and control the convoy on the road below you. Go down the building and jump inside the truck; before you reach the checkpoint, be sure to detonate the explosives to pass through. At the end of the short trip, quickly take cover and start taking out the enemies in the large hall; some of these will throw grenades, try to avoid them or, if you are very fast, grab them and send them back to the sender; start by taking out the soldiers on the higher floors, then, quietly dedicate yourself to those on the lower floor. Once the area is safe, go upstairs and wait at the double doors; You will thus take the controls of the remote sniper, in this way you can deal with the enemies inside the room behind the doors in front of which you are now; after that, go ahead and follow your team. Quickly hide behind one of the concrete columns and take the remote sniper controls again to take out the enemies who are now firing at you; follow your teammates again going down inside the stadium; Throw a grenade under the shutter then take care of the enemies left behind it. Go through the hall, take out the remaining hostiles still alive inside the area, then, pass the next two empty rooms; follow Keegan through the hole on the right and through the double doors; at this point the game will slow down allowing you to clean up the enemies in a very easy way; Then check to the right and inside the costume cabin to find the fourth Intel. After finally finding Ajax, follow the group and take the remote sniper controls again; protect your teammates then hit the helicopters and enemies controlling the turrets above the vehicles to end the mission.


Follow your companions until you reach a palace; before going up, turn left and check the sandbags for the fifth intel. Go upstairs and stay behind the turret to take out all the enemy helicopters that reach you; after the bombing, a heavily armed aircraft will attack you, hide behind the wall to your right and activate the drones as soon as they are ready; so make sure you hit the helicopter precisely. You may want to move to the beach and take control of the turret to take out the enemies that will reach you in endless waves; however, this will not be necessary, instead, follow your companions to the right and enter the trenches; clear the area of ​​hostiles and advance. Take over the drone controls again to destroy a chariot blocking the path; later eliminate the helicopters again and always remaining behind cover take out the remaining soldiers as well. Move under the passage on the opposite side, then move through the building, keep running ignoring the explosions. Once inside the low street, take out the enemies and keep cover behind the walls of the various buildings. As soon as Hesh opens the passage for you, go under it and reach the upper floor passing under the burning garbage, face another small firefight and finish the mission.

Legends never die

Fight side by side with the legendary Rorke! Go down the road and ignore the enemies on the far side of where you are now; instead, turn the corner and follow your team into a collapsing building. Go through the complex and clear the streets behind it of any hostile presence when the missile launcher opens fire; once the area is clear enough, go up the ladder to the right and eliminate the soldier at the controls of the lethal weapon. In the following street, take out the soldiers on the right side, then hide behind the concrete blocks to safely take out the other enemies ahead; then follow your group into the alley on the right and enter the new structure; keep following Rorke and go upstairs. Kill the enemies in front of you to continue as the roof collapses; when you are safe, follow Rorke again and take out the soldier in front of you by staying in the water; go up again to the upper floor and move quickly on the walkway that connects the two buildings; turn the corner and take out the two opponents.

In the room you are now in, check the desk to find the sixth intel. Climb further into the complex, clear the roof of any enemy presence, then follow Rorke through the next building; as soon as you fall into the water, stay low and hide behind one of the crates in the open area to avoid being hit by hostile fire; from this point, start taking out the hostiles, then advance to the farthest crates. Climb along the palace, continue on the straight path and drop down to reunite with Ajax; kill the soldiers in the building on the street and head inside. Of course there will also be enemies in the inner area, so stay low to get rid of the pesky soldiers and proceed through the hall. Once inside the helicopter, kill the enemy and grab the firearm to hit Almagro whenever possible. Finally, let Rorke go to end the mission.

Federation day

At the beginning of this mission, activate the optical scanner and zoom in; point the man in uniform to confirm that he is the right person. Drop down and take out the grappling gun, then hook onto the top and slide to the lower building; Go down a level and take out the man behind the laptop, then move to the right to take out the other enemy. Go down the next level, move to the left to take out even the hostiles inside the kitchen; Once this is done, move to the right and blast your way to the lowest floor of the entire building. Before following Keegan, head to the left side of the room and enter the office on the left as well; you will find the seventh intel above one of the desks on the right side. Follow your companion inside the sewers and approach the light panel; use it and continue even when enemy soldiers reach you, you will still be able to finish in time. Hide in the hole and let the enemies through, then go back to the windows and slide down to kill the enemy in the balcony; then throw a knife at the other opponent who is about to reach you. Follow Keegan downstairs and take out the two opponents in the room with the elevator, then proceed to the right; go through the door and take out the five soldiers in the office ahead; then, cross the large hall until you reach a dimly lit room; hit the TV and activate the strobe light to kill anything that moves in front of you. As usual continue following Keegan through the doors ahead, you will meet up with Hesh at the end from the room full of monitors; several enemies will enter, make sure to always stay behind the covers present and once the area is safe, hook the grappling hook and slide down to reach the lower floor. Once the window is broken, quickly take cover and start taking out all nearby enemies; your goal will be to reach the end of this area; ignore the comments of Hesh who will try to hurry you and still try to stay covered as much as possible; take out the enemies from safe spots, and once you reach the end you will find Ramos. After the cutscene is over, quickly follow your companions downstairs, then, escape the building before it collapses; take out the enemies and take out the parachute as soon as possible.

Birds or prey

At the start of this mission, you will be driving a heavily armed helicopter as you engage in a direct confrontation at the enemy base. You can control your targets and fire powerful missiles to hit or destroy other missiles that will be fired at you. When no more targets are available, hold down the button to shoot and look for a yellow marker on either side to move in that direction; you will thus be able to find new targets to detonate without too many compliments; once you have destroyed everything, you will land and the second part of the mission will begin. Move inside the building and clean the room of any hostile presence, pay close attention to the throws of grenades; the next rooms will all be heavily controlled, so feel free to use the grenades too; then reach the stairs and go up them. Continue through the next room, where you will still have to face heavy enemy resistance; here too the grenades will do their dirty work; once you reach the elevator, return to the helicopter again to eliminate the huge amount of enemies outside. On the roof, face the last couple of enemy soldiers, then, enter the building, go through the hall to meet Rorke; immediately check the table in the center of the room you are inside to get the eighth intel and end the mission.

The hunter

After the session on the plane, it will be quite linear; you will land in the wild jungle. Proceed along the path killing any hostile presence; the enemies will be numerous, but you can easily remain hidden by simply checking your radar monitor and staying on the left side. You will soon reach a more visible path, eliminate the soldier who is controlling it with the silenced pistol; the wreck of the plane will be found a little further ahead and the enemies will surround it; move to the right side again and look for a small waterfall, where your group is. Once in front of the waterfall itself, follow the creek to the left to locate and collect the ninth intel. Once reunited with your team, eliminate the enemies in the distance and continue fording the stream; you will have to stop and wait every time you encounter a hostile group and once you reach the other waterfall on the left, hide under it to let the group of enemy soldiers pass. In the next portion of the jungle, follow Elias' instructions and move along the right side of the area to avoid any enemies; once in the open field, stay crouched as you follow your companions, then reach the top of the hill to run to the left and slide when you are discovered, continue your mad dash by turning right and jumping from the waterfall.


Follow your companions along the snowy area to the checkpoint; hit the guard on the high tower on the right with a precision weapon, then do the same with the three enemies on the command tower on the left; take care of the soldier on the road, then, hide the corpse. When other enemies catch up with you, take out the pilot and jump into the vehicle; once inside the base, follow your group through the hall until the power is turned off. Put on your trusty night vision device and go to the server room; inside, check to the right to find the tenth intel on one of the desks. Go through the next room, then walk up the steps to find yourself on the command platform, from here you can easily place some mines all over the place; then defend the whole group and retreat to the elevator; continue until you reach the vehicle again. During the chase, you will be able to hit and destroy any enemy vehicle.

The fall of Atlas

You will start this mission underwater. Detonate charges, emerge and eliminate all remaining enemies; hide behind the large crates on either side of the area; from here you advance with blows to the end of the area itself; then go up the platform once your group has assembled. Once the big firefight begins, hide behind the barrels and start taking out all the nearby enemies; then go up the upper floor and clean up this area too; reach bridge number two and go through the door; go upstairs, go through another room; place the explosive charge on the double doors and quickly move into the room behind them, then hide on the right side. From where you are, you will be able to deal with every single enemy in the room and once you are safe, follow Merrick to the control room.

Check immediately on your right for the XNUMXth intel; then press the button next to your partner then go to the upper floor. After the explosion you will have to face a new and huge firefight; immediately hide behind one of the debris to eliminate any hostile presence; once the area is safe, continue following Merrick along the boardwalk. Once outside, reach the command center, face the enemies that will attack you starting by destroying the two turrets on the balcony; continue inside the center, remove the corpse from the terminal, then help Merrick stabilize the green bars; then flee to end the mission.

In the depths

Go down the tunnel and always swim behind Keegan; you are in the middle of the ocean and if you move too far from the game path, you will be devoured alive by a brutal white shark. Move past the containers and wait for your companion to give you further directions. Take out the enemy soldier and advance on the ship, always stay close to your partner; once you reach the group of enemies, hit the closest one on the left then take care of the others to be able to advance. You will run into an even larger enemy group, eliminate the one closest to you, then hide behind the rock to use this cover as a vantage point to safely eliminate any other hostile presence; when the area is clear, follow Keegan under the containers and slide down the tunnel. You will soon reach the lighthouse, go inside and swim to the top to release the Proteus missile; drive it to the red dot. After the cutscene, continue following your partner and swim to the ship; take out the enemies one at a time, look for the twelfth intel on the right side of the front of the ship itself. Continuing on, you will be thrown deep mines; quickly follow Keegan to the top ship; once you enter the room with three sharks, wait for the two below to move, then quickly swim up to the stairs; exit the ship and enter the tunnel to end the mission.

The extreme point

Kill the enemy at the start of the mission, then follow Keegan and slide down to the train area. crouch and quietly join the guard to take him out. Follow your group and hit the enemy; two other hostiles will be behind the passage, you take care of it or let your group do it; go upstairs and go straight following Hesh along the walkway; go around the corner and quietly take out the guard, then go to the next room and clean it of the soldiers with the knife. Go through the large door on the lower level and take out all the enemies in the larger room. pass the laboratory and the adjacent tunnel to reach the affected location and head downstairs. Once here, turn around and pick up the thirteenth intel on a chest near the stairs; activate the camera and inspect the warheads; then follow your group to a room with some terminals inside; use the one on the right to trigger a huge explosion; hide behind the table and take out all nearby enemy soldiers using the heat visor; use grenades against enemies with riot shields; the goal here is to reach the back stairs; the enemies will put up a strong resistance using also grenades, so be very careful. Once the area is safe, head upstairs to deal with a few more enemies, then proceed down the hall to the outside. Open fire on the enemy troops and jump off the roof once you reach the edge. Then hide behind the containers to safely eliminate the troops in the distance, wait for your transport to arrive, go up to finish the mission.

Sin City

The beginning of this mission is essentially a long intermission scene; when, finally, you regain control of your character, hit the soldiers inside the room and pick up some better weapons from one of their corpses; or find the one you prefer from the gun cabin in the left corner near the round table. Hesh will give you a big hand in cleaning up the next room, so head forward and past the kitchen; hide in the room as soon as you are told to do so and wait for the various enemies to pass. Move along the hall and join the climber; a big firefight will start; take out all the hostile soldiers and go under the shutter in the right corner that Keegan is holding open for you. As soon as you pass the shutter, check to the immediate left to find the fourteenth intel on a low table. Continue along the next hall, descend towards the climber and follow your group; a door will be opened to you, but the area will fill with lethal gas; quickly run in the opposite direction and jump out the window. Once outside, you will find yourself in front of a large enemy army; clear this portion of the area and grab Riley, when you meet other enemies ahead, put your partner on the ground and shoot as hard as you can; continue following this process until you enter the helicopter and end the mission.

All or nothing

From the initial mission position, turn around and move to the bunk beds on the left; you will notice a door with a sign that reads "No Exit", on the bed to the right and behind a curtain, you will find the fifteenth intel. Move along the various rooms and reach the outside; you will collide with a large enemy resistance on the bridge, take cover immediately and clean up the area in a painstaking manner; then head to the right side of the bridge and take out the enemies that will parry in front of you. When the area is cleared, go to the point of interest and take the controls of the Osprey's aiming system; move to the point of defense and cut the ropes; then use the Osprey to destroy as many targets as you can. Then follow Hesh to the Sparrow missile launcher, target the ship then the helicopters; check your radar for eligible targets and fire as fast as possible. Then sprint behind Hesh while avoiding several obstacles to end the mission.

Close ties

You will start this mission at the controls of a splendid tank; follow your comrades and take out all hostile means in the path to the satellite; you will also have some remote guided shots useful for shooting down the helicopters. The next area, the base, will have even more targets to blow up in complete glee; the important thing to remember is that, despite being on a flaming medium heavy, you will take damage normally; so if you are not hit for a short time, the energy will recover automatically; achieve all objectives and disintegrate them!

Then jump out of the helicopter with Logan after obviously clearing the whole area; then follow Hesh into the command center to launch the deadly warhead; finally head downstairs. Once you reach the floor, turn right entering the hall, then pass the room to the left, where you will notice a blue sign, to find the sixteenth intel inside another smaller room. Clear the entire area of ​​any hostile presence, then turn the corner for another big firefight; reach the big elevator in the upper right corner and go down. On the way down, start taking out all the enemies, then take the train back to the battlefield again. Once inside the chariot, accelerate to the satellite disc area and hit all the walls. Follow the wagons to notice that the one you are on will be damaged every meter traveled; Get off immediately and dash to one of the friendly vehicles to end the mission.


As soon as the shuttle throws you outside, move quickly towards a cover to take out the Federation astronauts quickly and safely; make sure you stay covered as much as possible as you are highly vulnerable in open space. Move to the door in the distance and immediately deal with the other enemies that will jump on you; they will be vulnerable only for a few seconds and you will not be able, therefore, to kill them all; part of the station will explode after this fight. Reunite with your companions and start taking out other enemies in the distance; once the area is clean. Wait to move with your entire team, instead reach the yellow solar panels near the area you are coming from; then look for the XNUMXth intel floating right next to it. Once you have taken control of the drone, take out all the enemy troops and finish the mission following orders.

The killer of the ghost

Right at the start of this mission, turn around before going outside, search the cabin to find the eighteenth and final intel behind some crates. Position yourself in front of the terno; there will be a lot of enemy resistance, of course, but you don't have to worry about a difficult strategy, take cover and be patient as you take out the enemies. You will find Rorke and an intermission scene will begin during which to do some simple things (which we will not write to avoid unnecessary spoilers) and then enjoy the ending of the game!

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