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The solution is based on the US version of the game for Nintendo 3DS, so there may be differences in the Spanish version and / or other platforms.


This is a tutorial level, which gives you directions on how to play. With the X, A, B, Y keys, you will shoot in the four directions according to their position on the 3DS. The game does not indicate that if you hold down two buttons that are not opposite each other, you will also shoot diagonally.


The first level is the classic easy level to start the game, with mostly a large number of Grub coming out of the underground or coming from the fences on the perimeter of the area. Occasionally, larger enemies will come out, so dedicate yourself to them when they come out, such as Scorpions that give a bonus point multiplier until you get hit, while some of the normal enemies will drop seeds that turn into plants that will help you kill. the smaller enemies. At the end of the level, the first Centipede will appear. To damage it, shoot the red flashing spot in the middle, and it will split in half. Shoot the red dot of each other half until the four rear parts of the Centipede glow white, and then there is only the head left to destroy. Once all the heads are destroyed, the level will end.


In this level the monsters appear faster, especially the ants. Monsters can come from the outer perimeter of the screen, but they will also come out of the pit in the center. Use the power-ups you get from the spiders coming down, many ants will drop seeds, which will help in creating a strong army of turret plants that will fight against you. A Centipede awaits you at the end of the level.


In this level it is necessary to protect Maisy, it is the first of several phases where you will have to defend her. Here, all you have to do is wait for the level to finish, killing several enemies as well as a Centipede, making sure that Maisy's health bar doesn't hit zero before the end. This level represents the first appearance of bomb spiders, ugly creatures that usually appear in hordes from the perimeter, must take some damage before they die, and can explode after a few seconds if they get too close. However, if they drop seeds behind them, bomb plants are born that spew clouds of poison that do damage to enemies that prowl too close. In this level there are two tanks. To reach one, go to the back of one of them and press the L button to enter. Inside the tank you will be invincible and you can use as many ammo as you want. However, it is only possible to fire in the direction the cannon is pointing, and not in all four directions.


The fourth level does not actually introduce any new mechanics, and therefore can be considered a reconstruction of the second level, as you will stand in a single arena and slowly shoot the various enemies as they appear, continuing for several minutes until the only one Centipede of the level comes out and the level ends with his death.


The fifth level is a bit different from the first ones we tackled. Your goal here is not to wait for the end of time until a Centipede appears and then kill it; you will have to use Stomp in front of each of the machines present to activate them and finish the level. During this time, many enemies will appear, as well as two Centipedes. The level practically never ends if you don't use Stomp on all the cars, so if you want to rack up points for a gold medal or get one of the points goals (up to 75.000), you can stay in this level for the duration. time you want until you get the necessary number of points.


The sixth level is extremely long to the previous ones, with many enemies, mostly bomb spiders. The battle takes place on a train, so while the area is extremely open, it is also considerably smaller than normal. All the enemies will appear from the side of the tracks or come from the north side and there are spiders coming down that will give you power-ups. There are two Centipedes on this level. The first arrives quite early, a little before the middle of the level, while the other arrives at the end of the level in the middle of the full battle.


This is another extremely long level, with several waves of wasps and ants, but no bomb spiders. Only one Centipede is present in the level, it appears about one third of the way. During the first stage of the level, you can stay on the south side, where no enemies will approach. After destroying the Centipede, however, locust-like enemies will come from the south. Spiders only appear occasionally here, so use power-ups sparingly.


In a sense, the Milipede is just a larger Centipede. When he crawls across the field, he has about twenty body pieces along his length, what you need to do is hit him with your shot and make him turn red (apart from the head). During normal battle, the Milipede will travel underground, its length indicated by the small dust cloud it raises. Stay away from the cloud, then as soon as it emerges go close to its body and shoot (use the flamethrower power-up once acquired for continuous fire). The Milipede likes to move fast, make sharp inversions, but it does not turn on itself, so it will leave you some space to stay close to it. When the Milipede has all of its body pieces damaged, it will circle around for a while longer, before popping out again and firing a barrage of bullets. The direction of the bullets will rotate very slowly, so the Milipede's blind spot (the area where it does not fire bullets) will rotate as well. Use your machine gun to hit the Milipede from a distance, and keep your attention mainly towards the bullets that might hit your character, move and dodge any bullets that come at you. Each time the Milipede takes refuge, the pattern repeats itself.


This level is quite open, with a single battle zone. The falling spiders in this battle are not many, but not rare either. During the initial fight with the enemies, many of them will bring plant seeds, try to take out those specific enemies first, before they can sprout turret plants and bomb plants that can contribute to the fight. After the first Centipede, stock up on power-ups. As you fight the second Centipede, as soon as you kill half of it, there will be a bunch of bomb spiders on the field looking for your character until you kill the second half of the Centipede too, so you see that you have good firepower to deal with. the bomb spiders.


This is a fairly simple, open space, single area battle. Enemies arrive in groups as usual and the battle ends with a Centipede.


Here the level design is a bit different. You will have two corridors connected at the bottom by a U-shaped block, with an elevator in the center that the player must wait to finally go up and finish the level. The best place to stay most of the time is right in front of the level, so you can see what's happening on both sides. During the first part of the level, you will have to face some purple moths that release a mist. Stay away from this fog, as it creates a sticky gel on the floor that is difficult to walk through. The power-ups are quite frequent in this phase, so during the attack phases do not hesitate to use them against the bugs that arrive. When the elevator goes down after battling the only Centipede on the level, you can go right up and finish the level, or you can also choose to stay and fight the enemies a little longer, but then they will end anyway.


The area of ​​this battle is quite narrow, and there are a couple of places where you can get trapped, especially the corners and fences near the tower. Use Stomp near the tower to reactivate it, there will be some invisible interference along the edges of the roof, and some enemies coming. When the caterpillars arrive, kill them immediately. If you let them live too long, they will turn into indestructible cocoons before hatching into purple moths, the same ones you saw in the previous level. You will also find a Centipede waiting for you.


Another level where you have to protect Maisy. Unlike the previous levels, you don't have to attack a single sector during the twelfth level. You will have to kill the insects, especially the wasps that swarm the roof where you are, waiting for Maisy to activate a walkway that allows her to cross a second roof. This step is repeated two more times, for a total of four roofs to cross. To overcome this level without many problems, you will have to use the upgrades especially on the wasps, which arrive numerous and can be particularly annoying. On the fourth and last roof you will find other enemies and finally a Centipede, whose death ends the level.


In this level you will find many groups of insects and spiders. After battling several waves, you can go northeast or northwest on a bridge, and find yourself on a second roof. Repeat once more to get to a third roof. Defeat a Centipede to finish the level.


At the beginning of the level, use Stomp near the radio tower. The tower will ignite indefinitely and send out waves of energy that cause shocks to all enemies involved in the area, which will be killed. After taking out a lot of bugs, move south and east following the arrows to get to the second part of the level. Use Stomp on the tower here too. Follow the second section of the roof, then reach the third section which will be the last. Finally, you will find a Centipede.


At the start of the battle many wasps will circle around the Queen Wasp, forming a protective barrier. Shoot the wasps which will then turn red. Once all the wasps are damaged, the queen will eject the wasps from herself for a period of approximately fifteen seconds, before the wasps return and form a protective barrier again. During this time, it is possible to cause damage. When the wasps revolve around the queen, they will direct fire at your character. There are a lot of wasps, they will shoot bullets in different directions. Move away a little, so the area covered by the bullets is more extended, allowing you to dodge them more easily. Once the queen is alone, run around her in a circle if you are very close to her as she will shoot in a rotating motion. The main advice is to stay away from the queen for the first part of the battle, until spiders start coming down. Kill them and hope to get the machine gun or laser pistol (the yellow power-up). With any other weapon, at close range, it is possible to attack the wasps that protect the queen. Once they're gone, use your machine gun or laser pistol to inflict massive amounts of damage on the queen from a safe distance. Repeat this again when the queen has her protective wasp layer around her again.


Here you will find four towers. Use Stomp at the top right to activate the first one and fight the various enemies. After a few moments, you can activate the one at the top left (when the icon is displayed, press the L key), then the one at the bottom left, and finally the one at the bottom right. This level is populated by a large amount of Grub enemies, so you'll be full of mushrooms sprouting. Use them as a wall to isolate enemies. Once all four towers have been activated, the level's only Centipede will appear. After you take him out, the level will continue for a while, until the elevator on the north side arrives. Enter it to finish the level.


The sixteenth level is quite fun. Stand behind the tank (from the north side), and press L to enter inside. Inside the tub, it will be possible to move 360 ​​degrees. The gun can be used indefinitely and you can hold down the auto-fire button. However, it will only be possible to shoot in the direction the tank is facing. For most of the battle, you will be inundated with waves of enemies. If you get plants, be careful with them, and protect them from insects as they can significantly help you through the long battle. A lot of enemies come directly from the sides, so focus your firepower on both sides when there are no enemies on the screen to keep them apart. After most of the battle is over, the Centipede will arrive. Hit him in his weak spot in the center, then take out the remaining two halves. Thereafter, the battle will continue for a while before it comes to an end.


Despite what the mission objective says, there is nothing to protect in this level. Rather, as always, it is necessary to kill the insects. Don't be afraid to use the power-ups present, there will be the laser gun and the missile launcher, and you can restore the power-ups in speed as there will be very generous spiders. Once again, the Centipede will split into two halves, with the first part of the battle significantly longer than usual.


Here you will need to use Stomp on each of the machines as the L icon appears. While waiting for all machines to be reactivated, you will be dealing with many enemy bugs. A Centipede will spring into action during the battle. Once all the machines have been activated, the battle will be over.


The battlefield of this level is a bit different than usual; instead of being square, it is tilted approximately 45 degrees northwest / southeast. The train platform is small in size and can get quite crowded with enemies quickly. Since many spiders descend on this level, you can feel free to safely use the power-ups to wipe out enemies as you will never be short of power-ups. At the end of the level you will find a Centipede.


In this level a new component will come into play. You will not have a gas mask and most of the battlefield is toxic to the player wandering around. The green meter on the lower screen will decrease and if it reaches zero you will lose your current power-up. To fill the meter, you will need to enter a green space. Stay in the green space where you can only shoot enemies with short range power-ups and destroy the spiders to get more. Many of the enemies you defeat will create plants that don't attack, but that create small patches of green space around them. Use these green spaces to slowly advance north, east, north, west and then north again, fighting an enemy Centipede along the way. However, these plants are temporary, only a couple of green spaces are permanent.


This is another level where you have to protect Maisy. In the three sections of the level, Maisy will go to one end and stand next to a dead tree for a few minutes before it shrivels and lets you pass. When you pass the first two sections, there will be a couple of islands where you will find spiders that will give you some power-ups. Power-ups will be very common in this level, so don't hesitate to use them against the numerous scorpions. There are some enemy caterpillars that will move over underground tunnels, leaving some sort of cloud above them as they move. Move close to the burrowed caterpillars to get them out and then take them out. The Centipede of this level arrives in the third segment. Be careful, once it splits, the two sides will go from left to right through the center and can crush the player who is in the middle of the battlefield.


A fairly normal battle, where you just have to kill a lot of bugs and nothing else. Spiders (and therefore also power-ups) arrive very sparingly in this level, so try not to use them until the enemies from the swamp area arrive (and don't forget that you can also use your Stomp). There are two Centipedes on this level. The first arrives in the middle of the battle, while the second arrives at the end of the level.


As the boss's name suggests, it is armored and takes little damage. Your basic firing is practically useless in this battle, as it would take at least ten minutes just to take down the armor. Fortunately, the cockroach does not actually pay much attention to the player most of the time, until it is hit with a power attack, it will move left and right at the top of the screen, completely ignoring any damage it has taken from the shots. . During this step, red hedgehog-like enemies will pop out of the ground and attack the player. Enemy hedgehogs will require a significant amount of hits to take down and use a medium range ice attack. Shoot the cockroach armed as you like, but reduce the presence of the hedgehogs as much as possible so they can't interfere with the battle. The main goal is simply to wait for the spiders to descend, one of them will drop a machine gun, another a flamethrower. Wait until the spiders drop twice to fully fill your power-ups, then use a power-up to hit the armored cockroach. Once hit, it will move to the top center of the screen and face south. His first attack will be a sending of energy beams; It can do this in two ways: either it will throw a straight beam of energy that slowly rotates around it, or it will send multiple blows south which then slowly move to the sides. Note that the cockroach will not move during these attacks. His second attack will be to fire a semicircle of thorn arrows, then he will fire another semicircle of thorns a little further to the outside. The cockroach will then use gravity to draw the thorns on itself, this is the hardest part. You need to use your character between the thorns that go towards the cockroach thus pushing the gravitational pull away. While the beetle makes one of its attacks, keep firing. If you run out of your power-up, move on to the next one. Once the cockroach has made its two attacks, it will return to its normal position.


Fairly normal level. Kill all the bugs on the starting platform. The yellow arrow can be hard to spot when it appears, so once the bugs are gone, head southeast / east through a few islands. In the second area, once the enemies are finished, go north and break down the two walls to continue. After some battles in the last area, defeat the Centipede that appears to level up.


This is another level where you have to protect Maisy. There are three sections in the area and they are quite large in size; While killing enemies, you are very likely to lose sight of Maisy and her health bar, so return to her every so often to make sure she is not under attack from numerous enemies. Power-ups are rare in the first two sections, so use them sparingly on your journey. To clear the first two areas, make sure you take out all the enemies (there are some Grub enemies hanging around and getting stuck on mushrooms). In the third and final area, there will be a battle against the Centipede.


This level is quite normal, you will have to kill all the insects present within a limited arena. Shortly after, the walls will be destroyed, allowing other insects to enter. The XNUMXth level is filled almost exclusively with bomb spiders that will give you upgrades such as the missile launcher and the flamethrower. As always, try to protect the plants so as to reduce the amount of work you have to do yourself. There is a Centipede that enters about halfway up the level. Once all the bomb spiders have been eliminated, go to the center of the arena to finish the level.


Underground, you will have to move through short and narrow sections. During these parts of the level the enemies, especially the bomb spiders, will come from the deepest part where your character is. Keep the power-ups, then use them to take down the new enemies that come out. Stay close to your plants as much as you can and protect them so it will be easier to kill the caterpillars and keep going. When you are in a larger area than before, save your long range power-up (it will probably be the laser gun) as a Centipede will visit you before the level ends. I recommend having a max powered laser pistol or even two as when you hit the Centipede in the middle and it splits into two parts, dozens of bomb spiders will come out and attack your character with endless waves. If you have a laser gun handy, then you can hope to defeat the two halves of the Centipede quickly, otherwise use your weapon to take down the bomb spiders to decrease their number. After the Centipede dies, go northeast after passing the end of the level.


This is a continuation of the last level, as one continues to go to the underground depths. There are no very narrow passages in this level, instead there are three large sections where you have to defeat all the enemies in each area before you can move on to the next. At the end of the third level you will fight a Centipede, you will finish the level as soon as you kill him.


This level is similar to the last two, with three sections teeming with spiders, insects and wasps. There are two Centipedes in this level, one arrives at the end of the second section, the other in the third.


For the last level before the fight with a new boss, the action is limited to a large area. Numerous spiders will descend, so don't be afraid to use your power-ups to kill the various enemies that keep coming. A Centipede arrives at the end of the level.


In the fight against the spider boss, only its shell is vulnerable to damage, and its shell is usually high off the ground. To reach its weak point, you will have to shoot the four legs of the spider, until it turns red. At this point, the spider will collapse for about ten seconds during which it can take damage. As long as the spider has at least one of its legs intact, it will lift and slam it, sending a shock wave towards the player. The best technique is to stay in one spot and keep shooting that leg until the shock wave approaches, then move quickly. This is especially important later on, when the spider loses more than half its health, the shockwave will be faster and have a larger amplitude. When the spider is down during the first part of the battle, ignore the two spiders coming down and focus on the big boss until he gets back up. At this point, feel free to shoot the two smaller spiders, the one on the left will drop a laser gun, the one on the right a flamethrower. In subsequent fights, hit the spider as it falls using the laser pistol. Once you've finished this boss step, aim your laser gun left and right again for the two little spiders that will release more power-ups. Use the flamethrower once you get close to the spider's front legs, if you aim particularly well you can use it for a few seconds on both legs. Repeat until you have used up your power-up. As mentioned earlier, make sure you stay safe and don't get hit during the first part of the fight, as the spider boss gets faster once his health drops below half. This way, you can take a couple of hits without needing to worry a lot.


The thirtieth level will be very similar to the one you faced before the spider boss fight, with a single battlefield where you will be surrounded by lots of spiders, wasps and other assorted insects. Once again, a Centipede will finish the level.


This area is similar to the twentieth level where the air is toxic except in green spaces. However, unlike that level, it is not possible to create new green spaces by killing enemies. Here, however, there is only one area in the level, so you don't have to go outside the center. Once you have the power-ups, start using them like crazy, going out of the center every now and then to collect even more. The more insects you kill, the more seeds will fall and therefore less work will remain within your competence. As always, the level ends with a Centipede as the enemy, but once again be careful not to get pushed out of the green space.


This level is quite simple, where you only have to eliminate bugs from start to finish, and there will be only one battlefield. In the middle of the battle there will be a Centipede with large amounts of enemies, you will probably have to use all your power-ups to complete this fight as soon as possible.


Another level with the classic single zone battle. Spiders come down in large numbers, up to ten at a time, so don't be afraid to use your power-ups, always keep one active throughout the fight. Most of the battle is simple, but you will notice some large black petaled flowers that pop out of the ground after killing a few enemies. When they open, giant purple moths come out. Keep your distance from these moths, as the fog they produce deposits on the battlefield a gel that slows the player if they walk on them.


This level, just like most of the latest facts, comes with a single arena, where the enemies present try to injure the player. There won't be many plants here as insects will rarely drop seeds. In this level the battlefield is a landfill, with piles of garbage around that will slow you down. There are many spiders coming down the area, but it is recommended that you run and grab the laser gun as soon as you get a chance, as their range outperforms garbage better than other power-ups. A Centipede will show up at the end of the level, followed by a few more fights after his defeat.


This is the last normal level of the game and can also become the longest. It takes place in the same environment as the previous level, namely the landfill, but is significantly larger, and with smaller enemies. If at some point the enemies stop coming towards you, look around, you will surely find a minor insect in the garbage or the Power-up mushrooms are easily found throughout the level, so don't be afraid to use them in case of need. . Enemies will drop seeds on a regular basis, so try to protect your plants to maintain an advantage over your enemies. This level features two Centipedes. The first occurs about halfway through the battle, while the second occurs in the final part of the battle. With his death, the level will end.


For the first half of the fight, the screen is fixed. The Alpha Centipede will start coming out of the cave where it is holed up which has three exits, one on the left, one on the right and one in the center. You will understand where it will come out of the head movement, so if you see the movement in your direction, move away to escape the attack, then return to that point, as it will not attack twice consecutively in the same place. Once he's out of the cave three times, he'll spit a lot of pink bullets at you, pausing every now and then as he continues his circular firing. Move trying to stay in the blind spot protected from bullets, using the missile launcher against the Alpha Centipede as soon as you have a power-up, while also maintaining the flamethrower. When the Centipede is at half its health, it will leave its cave and start moving south towards the player. You will necessarily have to move away from the Centipede. There will be upgrades for the flamethrower and missile launcher scattered across the battlefield as you move south, but there will also be pieces of junk. Keep moving south and if you finish going in that direction, quickly move left or right to get out of that junk-filled path. Continuously use the power-ups until you hit the last part of the Centipede, staying at close range. Fortunately, as long as you stay a little ahead of it, you will never be harmed.
Congratulations, you have completed Centipede: Infestation!

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