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Pikmin's blue hat
Complete "Gloomy Grotto" twice

Bowser's hat
Complete "Mirage Tower" twice

Hat in the shape of a rabbit
Complete "Gloomy Grotto - East" once

Cat-shaped hat
Complete "Gloomy Grotto" once

Crown hat
Complete "Mirage Tower - Summit" once

Dog-shaped hat
Complete "Mirage Tower - Ground" once

Kirby hat
Completa "Gloomy Grotto - Exit" una volta

Link's hat
Complete "Mirage Tower" once

Luigi's hat
Complete "Fort Of Summoning" twice

Mario hat
Complete "Fort Of Summoning" once

Metroid hat
Complete "Mirage Tower - 3F" twice

Pikmin's red hat
Complete "Gloomy Grotto - East" once

Samus hat
Complete "Mirage Tower - 3F" once

Toad's hat
Complete "Mirage Tower - 1F" twice

"Ultimate" hat
Completa "Mirage Tower - Summit" due volte

Pikmin's yellow hat
Complete "Mirage Tower - 2F" twice

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Exit date: March 27 2011

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