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    Spider-Man: Miles Morales, how to unlock all costumes

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    From the costume of Into The Spiderverse to the Improvised Costume. Here's how to unlock all the costumes within Spider-Man: Miles Morales

    Protecting New York from baddies not only requires great combat skills, but also a certain style. Insomniac comes to meet us by making available lots of costumes to be worn by our protagonist. They range from normal everyday clothes to overalls hyper technological, passing through uniforms complete with a feline companion. Let's not waste time and find out how to unlock all the costumes present in Spider-Man: Miles Morales.

    Aesthetics and power

    The developers decided to tweak the functioning of the costumes. In the previous chapter, each costume was associated with a special power. To use this power it was therefore necessary to wear the relative costume, forcing the players to choose between the aesthetics of the protagonist and his skills. Now instead the costumes are completely disconnected from the powers, which become mod. Getting a costume allows you to unlock some of these mods, which, however, will be equipped in a separate section. You can then choose the look you like best without being bound by any other feature. 

    The classics are required to unlock the costumes in Spider-Man: Miles Morales activity tokens and components. The former are collected by completing secondary tasks and solving crimes. The components, on the other hand, are found in underground hiding places scattered throughout the map of Manhattan. Additionally, some of these costumes will be unlockable only upon reaching a certain level.

    The Complete List 1/2 - Spider-Man: Miles Morales, how to unlock all costumes

    Below is the first part of the list of all the costumes in the game, the requirements to obtain them and the mods they unlock:

    • Sports Costume: Miles' initial costume.
    • Great Responsibilities: obtained after the obligatory “Farewell Gift” mission.
    • Improvised Costume: requires level 5, 8 activity tokens and 1 component. Increases the damage of thrown items.
    • Costume C.R.O.N.O: requires level 6, 10 activity tokens and 1 component. Reduces damage from ranged hits by 25%.
    • Animated Costume: requires level 7, 20 activity tokens and 4 components. Enemies are trapped in cobwebs for longer.
    • Costume Brooklyn Visions: requires level 8, 12 activity tokens and 1 component. Whirling through the skyscrapers loads the Venom bar.
    • Scarlet Hood Costume: requires level 9, 14 activity tokens and 2 components. Web Attack Eliminations cannot be heard by enemies.
    • Costume E.M.P.I.R.E.O.: requires level 10, 16 activity tokens and 2 components. Venom Gauge charges as health decreases.
    • Costume The End: requires level 11, 16 activity tokens and 2 components. Standing still, the Concealment is not consumed.
    • Costume Miles Morales 2099: requires level 12, 14 activity tokens and 3 components. You can free yourself from Bolas with Concealment. Plus Venom Roxxon suppression lasts less.
    • Costume A New Universe: requires level 13, 18 activity tokens and 4 components. Change the animations of Miles by applying the style of the file “A New Universe”.

    The Complete List 2/2 - Spider-Man: Miles Morales, how to unlock all costumes

    Let's continue with the second part of the complete list of all the costumes in the game:

    • Classic Costume: obtained by completing the “Political Struggle” mission. Miles can perform a shockwave that destroys all weapons.
    • Harlem Pride Costume: obtained by completing all the activities of the Spider-App.
    • Winter Costume: obtained by completing the side mission "We have a Track!".
    • Costume Miles Morales 2020: obtained by completing all Training Challenges and completing the “Final Trial” side mission.
    • Programmable Materia Costume: It is obtained by completing all Underground Hideouts, completing all Roxxon Labs, and completing the “Favorite Matter” side mission.
    • Purple Dominion Costume: it is obtained by collecting all the Audio Samples and completing the secondary mission "Back to the Origins". Stealth eliminations replenish gadgets with ammo.
    • Cat in the Sack Costume: obtained by finishing the main story and completing the side mission "The Cat's Pajamas"
    • Spider-Training Costume: obtained in the New Game +. Requires 20 activity tokens and 1 component. Concealment can be converted into Venom energy.

    The best dress for any occasion

    You now have all the information you need to unlock all Spider-Man: Miles Morales costumes. Try to get them all to choose your favorite and unlock all available powers. Finally, we reveal a last gem that can be convenient for style lovers. Indeed it is possible change Miles' costume to your liking directly in Photo Mode. In this way you can choose the most suitable for that specific scene, making various tests.

    Spider-Man: Miles Morales is available now on PS4 and PS5. On the pages of our site you will find many other guides dedicated to the game such as the guide to concealment skills or the guide to gadgets. We therefore invite you to follow us on Holygamerz to stay updated on all the news from the world of video games and more!

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