Shield Master Skill and Trait Guides - Bravely Default II

In Bravely Default 2 the Shieldmaster is a class focused on team defense, thanks to some skills that allow him to act as a bodyguard to allies. In this guide we explain how to use it to the fullest and also when it unlocks in the game.

If you want to know more about the various mechanics of the game, I refer you to our guide with all solutions and advice.

  • Class summary
  • How to unlock
  • Skill List
  • Better skills
  • Specialties / Special Skills
  • Equipment
  • Best secondary class

Class summary

This is the tank par excellence, a role that in many boss fights will make your life really simple. Some of his most intriguing passive skills are Double Shield with which we could equip more than one shield, e Quick hands, which transforms the penalties of speed-reducing items into bonuses.

  • Autowin against some bosses
  • Immensely useful
  • It can have 2 shields
  • Very high HP and defenses

How to unlock it?

The class is unlocked by continuing with the storyline in Chapter 2. You will need to defeat the Asterisk bearer Galahad to get this formidable class.


Skills are mostly defensive, with some having an offensive role as well. During boss battles you will almost always only use the first ones, as you should have other team members as attackers.

Recommended skills

The Shield Master has so many indispensable skills, you will use almost all of them except the offensive ones. For example:

  • Bodyguard
  • Double shield
  • In defense of all
  • Quick hands
  • No courage, no glory
  • The gift of wisdom

Remember that this class can pass its MP to wizards or other party members as needed.

Specialties and special abilities

Each class has two specialties and a special ability. The first specialty is acquired based on when you unlock the class while the second is obtained by reaching level 12. This type of specialty offers bonuses that are often passive while the special ability, in addition to being active, allows (at times) to do damage to the enemy.


Special skills

Mastery of weapons

The recommended setup remains double shield for physical boss battles and ax / spear + shield for casual encounters.

Best secondary class

The best subclass to match is the Bastion, unlockable at the beginning of Chapter 4. Since they are both defensive classes you can do some nice tricks with the various abilities or protect your allies even better. If you have just unlocked it or you are not yet at that point in the storyline, I recommend the Armored Infantryman as a secondary class, so you can use other skills that work well with the support role.

For more information you can consult ours class guide or see them individually below:

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