Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice - All Bosses | Guide (Part 1)

Defeating Sekiro's bosses requires patience more than anything else. In this guide we will reveal the tricks to defeat all the bosses of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, the latest license plate From Software and distributed by Activision, certainly one of the most difficult created by the Japanese company, especially for away of its bosses. Despite the trilogy of Dark Souls has already accustomed us to constantly dying. The bosses of Sekiro they are painfully hard, and the Sekiro mini bosses are no less. Beware these tips will not help you defeat the toughest bosses on the first try, but you will defeat them by dying as little as possible. Let's begin!

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice - How to defeat all bosses | Guide (Part 1)

Sekiro bosses are like that various and different from each other that there is no general advice to beat them all. The important thing is to look for an area, if possible, to see how to get a sneak attack. Whereas most of the boss fights in Sekiro it can take hours, so arm yourself with patience.

Chained Ogre (mini boss) | Sekiro - Boss Guide (Part 1)

Find the tool "Fiery jet”Will ensure that meeting with the chained orc be easier to deal with. You need to know that the ogre hates fire, then throw some oil on him and then set him on fire. Doing this will start to stagger and you can then fight with the sword for extra damage.

However, you can too kick it, when his indicator turns red and he starts to break free. Run back, hide behind the big door and he it will lose interest and stop on the steps, after that slide left for a sneak attack. Whatever you do, when you fight against the Chained Ogre by Sekiro, first of all make sure you've taken out both enemies at the bottom of the stairs, and the lancer hidden in the upper left

If you want instead fight stealthily the orc can sneak past while on the stairs to take out the spearman. Otherwise you can kill the latter while the orc is struggling to break free from his chains. Once you've isolated the ogre, the trick is avoid its grip because it deals massive damage, both at short and long range. The long-range attack bring the orc to dive forward, the latter is more hard to dodge, so we recommend that you stay close to him, sticking around his legs.

As soon as you see the symbol flash Kanji red the boss is about to get a hold on the screen. For avoid it dodge to the side and then forward. Keep hitting his legs until he attacks then run away. can avoid la most attacks simply attacking around without using the dodge button. Attention dodge away when he raises his fists.

Gyoubu Oniwa (boss fight) | Sekiro - Guida ai boss (Parte 1)

The best way to kill Gyoubu Oniwa is to be close to him, parrying his attacks to send him out of his position. The most its attacks they are are lens combo, the three attacks, which you will be able to parry. What to watch out for is a triple attack. The latter it begins with right hand strike followed by a quick stab to its left, ending with a slow blow up. If you can parry the first two quickly you can parry the third as well, causing him to stagger.

When get away from you, dash towards him e grab it, when the signal appears above his head, for stay close to him. This you will help avoid his powerful long-range attacks. The boss has two phases but the strategy is the same in both phases of the fight, don't worry because its behavior barely changes. Stay close, repel his attacks and hit him when he's staggering. If you want to make easier the fight, take it Castagnola tool, use it for stun the horse during combos.

Burning Bull (mini boss) | Sekiro - Boss Guide (Part 1)

To defeat the Fiery Bull you have to inflict a couple of blows on the back of the latter and then run around him. In most of the fight you will chase you, Then caution a don't end up face to face with the beast. Before starting the fight stealthily eliminate the first soldier, Then carry on in stealth manner So that the bull tramples the other two guards in front thus putting them out of action.

After that, the fastest way to kill him is to keep your distance, remaining in front of to him, so that you charge directly against you. Shortly before that he will reaches, it will sink its head and then strike. Make a parry just as you unroll your neck. Then yes will turn, stunned, and you can do one flurry of attacks.
You can then back off while he struggles, forcing him to charge and repeat the same attack pattern. Every charge deals small fire damage to you, so make sure you have some hand pruned powder to cure burns.

Se can't keep up with the pace of the previous combat mode there is another option. The combat option is try to be behind him whenever you can. When carica, snap to the side so you can get past. continue to turn around up when you can't hit his side in the end yes will stop allowing you to inflict multiple hits in a row. If you find yourself in front of him while he's pointing at you, don't panic. You can block his attacks and reposition yourself behind him.

As soon as the Burning Bull is close to die, this will begin to run wild. Nevertheless you can continue to follow the strategy explained above. If you're lucky enough, the Burning Bull will it will run into a wall leaving you free to inflict a deadly blow. Finally, have it Castagnola tool can make the fight much simpler, since the it will stun for well- five seconds and you can reuse it approximately every 20 seconds.

Juzou the Drunkard (mini boss) | Sekiro - Boss Guide (Part 1)

This is a fight that you will face and it is very tough so do not lose heart. Juzou the Drunkard he has a guard of enemies around him, and you should deal with them first. Before entering the boss area, sneak up to the building on the left where you will find two enemies: backstab the first, then kill the second as he raises his hand for help. Follow the path forward and you'll eventually come close to one of Juzou's squad members, grab him for the fight to get started.

To take out the smaller enemies, keep running and spinning in circles so you can put them all one on one. They are easy to handle individually and Juzou è too slow to keep up. Make sure you have the prosthetic attachment of the ax to face shielded enemies.
When you're done fighting, get out from the area to the water, and you will find a NPC near the rock. Talk to him and yes he will join you in battle, making it easier for you to fight. At this point, wait that Juzou attack the NPC . When he turns to you, go back and allow the NPC to attack. Repeat this pattern keeping it between the two of you. 

Eventually the NPC will die and you will have to face it alone. When you fight it alone, the key to success is parrying his sword attacks, avoiding his blows and punches, and staying away from his poison cloud. Every time that sips from its bottle or spits on his sword run and attack, then go back. When he brings the head back, means that is about to spit poison: dodge continuously to left or right to stay out of the cloud.

Her attacks with swords are slow and predictable, so repel them as best you can. you do be careful when sweeping however, why you can't parry: When the red Kanji symbol appears on the screen and he pulls the sword to the left, jump away. The last thing to deal with is his punches.

You understand that they are coming when squats e raise your left hand, if you see it, you go back and keep retreating because sometimes two more punches follow. If you are struggling, you can pay easier la boss fight scapando when it's just you and Juzou, hide under the walkways to the left of the arena. By doing so you will lose sight e will come back to its starting position. You can then sneak behind her and stab him with one of your killing blows.

Moth (boss fight) | Sekiro - Boss Guide (Part 1)

This boss has two stages of combat. Her first stage, however, it's simple you have to focus on stand in front of him and block his combos. Do a couple of three hit combos, one slower, one faster. After parrying the three hits, you can do your flurry of attacks but then return to parry.
When the red Kanji symbol flashes on the screen, is about to make a sweep attack, then jump straight and hit the jump again to kick her in the head.

Sometimes it even flies in the air. If you throws his shuriken, can lock it by pressing and holding LB / L1. From above, it will sometimes perform an attack that cannot be blocked. Wait in one spot, dodging when it swoops down. After a killing blow it will enter its second phase stopping periodically to summon enemies from the ground. They are slow, and to avoid them just run around the edges of the arena. More dangerous are the butterflies of light that appear when the illusion dispels: they will fly over you together and cause gods enormous damage

In addition to his illusions, your strategy must be the same, stay close and parry. This time, yes will mix in shorter combos with a seven attack combo. If she does this attack, just make a parry to make her lose her balance. It will finish the combo with a quick attack, so be ready to blast away. Some of his sword attacks in the second phase they also evoke butterflies, so avoid when this happens. In this moment, unbalancing it will be difficult, Because will come back in its position only when his illusion ends

Shikibu Toshikatsu Yamauchi (mini boss) | Sekiro – Guida ai boss (Parte 1)

Before facing this mini boss you need to learn how to master the Mikiri Counter, Because Seven Ashina Spears  lash one series of push couplings. So train on this move with lower level enemies to better deal with this boss. Make sure you take out the enemies in the surrounding area, before using la stealth mode and then of sneaks out hidden towards the cliff on the left side and in the house where you have met the Heir during the prologue. From there, you can sneak back and stab the mini boss making the battle harder for him.

During the fight, concentrate on blocking and using the Mikiri Counter when the red Kanji sign appears on the screen, which will allow you to trample his spear. Watch out for the moves that follow: it features a area attack that you will be able to perform even if its counter is zero. Attack him when you have landed a powerful blow, or if you have dodged one of his blows from above. To confuse things, it also has an unblockable sweep attack that will cause a red Kanju mark to appear.

The difference is that he'll roll and spin around for the sweep, squatting and then leaping forward. Jump and then jump on his head again. This can be a difficult enemy. If you are in trouble, we recommend that you return when you have defeated other bosses and collected enough grains to improve your health and posture.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice - All Bosses | Guide (Part 1)

This first part of the Sekiro boss guide: Shadows Die Twice has come to an end. In order not to miss the other parts of the guide on the bosses of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice (here the second part), continue to follow the pages of Holygamerz.

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