Sekiro: how to gain experience quickly | Guide

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is one of the most difficult games ever and to go on you will have to gain a lot of experience. In this guide we will see the various ways that will allow you to do it quickly!

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is defined by many as the most difficult videogame of From Software, the same developers of Bloodborne and the “Souls” who paved the way for the next “souls-like”, creating a new videogame genre. 

While this is a wonderful game, due to its difficulty it could lead to exasperation and one way to avoid this by making the gameplay a little easier is earn levels, gaining experience. In this guide we will see what are two great places to do it, so let's move on now!

Sekiro: how to gain experience quickly | Guide

Keep in mind that the best possible place to gain experience fast is not available until the end of the game, but there are still other places that make the XP farm very fast in Sekiro. The most important aspects are the amount of XP earned for each defeated enemy and how close the enemies are to an idol. The trick is the same for all methods; you will have to kill all the enemies, possibly so stealth, then rest at the nearest idol to make him respawn and repeat. Now let's move on to the best places to farm.

Ashina Castle - Towards the beginning of the game | Sekiro: how to gain experience quickly

The best place to quickly gain experience in Sekiro early in the game is without a doubt the Ashina Castle, in the Anteroom of the Upper Tower. Once inside you will have to kill the first purple Shinobi, then face the Shinobi who guards the internal walkways on the main shaft of the tower. Once this is done, you will have to kill the two Shinobi at the main gate which you can also have the Chained Ogre slaughtered, but there will be no need as one of the Shinobi will be turned from the back, so very easy to finish. This method will make you money 600 XP per enemy e 10 skill points in about 40 minutes.

Sunken Valley - Towards the middle of the game | Sekiro: how to gain experience quickly

The second best place to quickly gain experience in Sekiro is there Sunken Valley. Starting from the idol you will find three musketeers who will give you more than 120 XP each and, once the moves are framed, they will be really easy to beat. Our advice is to first kill the two musketeers and then dedicate yourself to the musketeer with the cannon. The fact that these three enemies are close to the idol allows you to kill them, return to the idol to rest and repeat the step as many times as you like.

There is another place, also in Sunken Valley, to accumulate experience points quickly. Teleport to the idol of Gun Fort, go to the mini-boss arena “Centipede-Arms-Long Sen'un” and drop down into the cave. Here will be an optional room with 10 lizards that you can kill with a single headshot of Shuriken. This is the easiest place to farm XP fast as you will not need to engage in any combat.

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