Resident Evil Village - The Complete Guide to the game

Resident Evil Village - The Complete Guide to the game

Resident Evil Village is finally here, ready to throw us back into the pure terror that has always distinguished the brand. Of course, he also comes with a series of puzzles, puzzles, things to do and secrets to discover, and for this is here to help you with our Complete Guide to the Game. In this Complete Guide of Resident Evil Village you will find every solution, every advice and a series of useful information.

ATTENTION: here you will find many spoilers. Obviously, they are meant to help you progress through the game, but if you are afraid of getting burned by any information, then proceed with caution. We will try to limit them, but regardless they may be present.

Guide to Platinum

With this guide you will find a path to be able to face the conquest of the most coveted Trophy, the Platinum, proceeding with optimized times. Some trophies will be missed if you advance through the story without making them, so in case your goal is to win the coveted prize, we suggest you use this guide.

In case you are interested, the game will also offer you the possibility of completing challenges that will unlock credits to spend. So here is the complete list of challenges and some useful advice.

Guide on how to make money (you) easily

Guide to Weapons and Ammunition

  • Guide to Weapons, their upgrades and where to find them
  • Ammo and Item Project Guide
  • Unlimited Ammo Trick Guide

Guide to all puzzles and riddles

  • Puzzle of the Statues - Dimitrescu Castle
  • Puzzle of the Bells - Dimitrescu Castle
  • Windows to Break - Dimitrescu Castle
  • Puzzle of the Masks - Dimitrescu Castle
  • Puzzle of the Carillon - Casa Beneviento
  • Projector puzzle - Casa Beneviento

Guide to Bosses and how to defeat them

Guide to all collectibles

  • Documents
  • Goats
  • Codes for Doors, Padlocks and Safes
  • Latrine
  • Projects

Guide to all three treasures

  • Beneviento House
  • Collection of the Maestro
  • Riverbank Treasury House

Some items to sell will instead be linked to challenges made of spheres and mazes. Each will give you a high-value salable item, in case you can find the whole list here.

Guide to dishes to cook in the Duke's Kitchen and how to find the ingredients

  • Quality meat
  • Succulent meat
  • Delicious fish

New Game +: here's how to unlock it

Mercenaries: how to unlock it and how to reach SSS rank

We will continue to update the Resident Evil Village Complete Guide with any other game-related news.

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