Resident Evil Village - Guide to hunting and where to find the ingredients for the Duke's Kitchen

Resident Evil Village - Guide to hunting and where to find the ingredients for the Duke's Kitchen

Resident evil village has arrived on digital and virtual shelves (here our review), and in this guide on the work of Capcom we want to explain everything about hunting and where to find the ingredients for Kitchen of duke.

ATTENTION: we remind you that in this guide to hunting and where to find the ingredients for the Cucina del Duca we will have to tell you about the places where to find the ingredients, and consequently this we could mention spoilers on the plot of Resident Evil Village.

Let's find out where to find the animals to hunt and what they will give you

The places are listed in chronological order according to the progress of the story, but remember that the locations inside the village are accessible only up to a certain point, so be careful when you continue.

Fish x3: these three fish you will find in the cave after finishing the Dimitrescu Castle and returning to the village. Along the way you will pass through a cave with a pool of water, the fish swimming in it.

Fish x3: in the pond next to the bridge leading to Dimitrescu Castle there are three fish swimming in the pond to the left of the raised drawbridge.

Pollame x2: in the church cemetery

Pollame x2: in the dead end south of the Uncultivated Land

Quality meat: Kill the pig behind the house where you found Elena and Leonardo at the beginning of the game, the father-daughter duo you escort to Luiza's house.

Carne x2: to the first house in the village you passed in front of the house with the red chimney. The pig is inside the building, if you don't kill him he will run into the courtyard.

Pollame x3: in the courtyard of the house with the red fireplace.

Succulent meat: You can get it by killing the blue bird hiding in the trees west of the gate of Dimitrescu castle.

Carne x2: courtyard south of the gardener's house before the Beneviento house.

Carne x4: in front of the windmill that leads to the reservoir. When you go to get the flask from Moreau in the tank, you will see two pigs running around the area in front of the windmill.

Fish x3 ATTENTION THEY ARE MISSING: in a side cave after the first boat ride in the reservoir. After obtaining the boat key and taking the first boat ride in the Moreau area, there is a cave on the right hand side of the path which contains three fish. You cannot return to this area once you pass, so be careful.

Poultry x2 ATTENTION THEY ARE MISSING: after crossing the station in the Moreau area there is a small area on the right of the path which hides two chickens.

Fish x4 ATTENTION THEY ARE MISSING: Once the water in the tank has been drained and you have defeated Moreau, instead of leaving you can return to where you originally took the boat. You will find a new area where the water has been drained, at the bottom there is a small pond with two fish.

Pollame x2: behind the mechanical gate in the eastern old town.

Delicious Fish x1, Fish x2: After returning from the Moreau area you can use the crank to lower the bridge in the area leading to the ritual site. You can take the boat south along the river to a pier. From there head south where there will be a small pond which contains 2 normal fish and 1 special fish.

Carne x4: in front of the gate leading to the Dimitrescu castle

Carne x2: before the entrance to Otto's mill.

Meat x3, Poultry x1, Fish x1: in the room after the miniboss in Otto's mill.

This is all you need to know in our guide dedicated to the ingredients of Resident Evil Village, for more solutions and details on the game we refer you to our complete dedicated guide. If you want to see specifically what the dishes are, you can visit our guide.

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