Resident Evil 3 Remake: tips and tricks to play better

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We return to Racoon City in the remake of one of the most loved survival horror ever, we discover in Resident Evil 3 Remake some tricks and tips to play at your best

Also in 2020 the past returns to haunt us with its horrors and beauties; it depends on the points of view. The Nemesis is not quite a glamorous type and the change it has undergone from its original version is very noticeable. But not only the best known of biological weapons has undergone transformations, with it all Resident Evil 3 Remake has also changed face. Between new puzzles and cut parts we will give you some tricks and tips to play at your best. After this guide, the Nemesis will escape from you.

Oh no, there's the Nemesis!

After the remake of the second chapter the expectations for Resident Evil 3 Remake they could only be very tall, and it seems they didn't disappoint us too much. The rooms are well-kept and reflect the old places of Racoon City down to the detail. But the addition of novelty, new lighting, textures and so on can create a certain level of disorientation even in the most accustomed players to the title. With this guide we want to give some tips to all those players who want to play using the best tricks to demolish the zombies in Resident Evil 3 Remake.

No waste of resources - Resident Evil 3 Remake: tips and tricks to play at your best

As a good survival horror, Resident Evil 3 is a game where you have to pay attention to your resources. Among these is the category of dressings and those who already know the series will know very well that the plants are the basis of everything. As in almost every chapter of the series we will improvise green thumbs and alchemists by mixing the properties of each herb. There are red, blue, yellow ones and at the base of all the green ones to cure us a little bit.

However, we must resist the strong temptation to use them individually. Their true potential only shows itself if you mix them together, especially for the green ones. By combining two healing plants we will form a decidedly more medicinal compound, having also saved some fundamental resources. The same rule applies to ammunition and various types of gunpowder. If you can try to save some to create those of the shotgun. They can be formed by joining normal gunpowder evaluation with High quality gunpowder.

Map exploration and control - Resident Evil 3 Remake: tips and tricks to play at your best

One of the main differences of this game from the second chapter of the saga is in the tighter pace and focused on the narrative. This leaves less room for exploration, but that doesn't mean it's non-existent. Look round whenever we have the opportunity it is always useful if not essential, for example there could be secrets and ammunition hidden behind a table in the dim light. Some of the best times to search for resources is in fact at the beginning of the game where we will be left with more freedom of movement.

But what is exploration and completism without a good map in Resident Evil? By opening the menu, we will have everything we need available. Each place we visit will be shown on the map with some very useful information. Just like in Resident Evil 2 Remake le blue rooms those are the places that we have fully cleaned up bitchy instead they still hide resources or secrets. Check it out often so as not to miss anything useful.

Bobbleheads and important documents - Resident Evil 3 Remake: tips and tricks to play at your best

Less important in terms of gameplay but fundamental for achievement and plot, there are the bobbleheads of Mr. Charlie and the papers. The latter are useful for having greater awareness at the narrative level. Resident Evil 3 Remake has improved a lot on this juncture and it would be a real shame to miss some of it. These sheets contain important information on the environment and the events related to it, giving further charm to the environments and characters that surround us.

Bobbleheads on the other hand are one of the new additions in R3R, very similar to Mr. Racoon. The name of the character depicted is Mr. Charlie and we'll have to find them all to earn 100 points for the Capcom Ambassador program. Nothing really tempting, but fundamental for completeness. To find them, just keep your eyes and ears open as they emit a characteristic sound and have a very recognizable appearance.

When to save ammo - Resident Evil 3 Remake: tips and tricks to play at your best

Among the best tips and tricks we can give you in Resident Evil 3 Remake, there is that of don't waste ammunition to be able to play better in situations of greater difficulty. Finding unarmed in front of a zombie that we cannot avoid is the worst nightmare for any RE player. This chapter is no exception and every opportunity not to throw bullets must be taken immediately. 

One way is to use the knife to kill the undead and check if they are still alive. Unlike the previous remake, the knife here doesn't break, allowing us to wave it at anything that moves, and keep an eye out for any environmental traps. Throughout the game they are scattered red barrels or other dangers that can be exploited against zombies and the fearsome Nemesis. The most useful are the electrical circuit boxes that thanks to their ability to recharge over time can be used multiple times. This will save you invaluable resources.

Dodge only when necessary and reduce the damage of holds - Resident Evil 3 Remake: tips and tricks to play at your best

Avoiding any unnecessary damage is the fundamental rule of survival horror and in Residen Evil 3 Remake we are provided with two systems to do so. The main one is dodging, already present in the original title, here enhanced and improved. Whenever we succeed in one perfect dodge we will be given a few seconds of slow motion to fire a lethal barrage of shots.

However, if we were to abuse the system, we risk throwing ourselves into the fray and ending up fed to the enemies, moreover a wrong dodge will leave us briefly exposed to potential incoming damage. For more information about it, I refer you to the specific guide on how to dodge and deflect attacks. If after a wrong dodge or a moment of distraction a zombie wants to give us his affectionate kiss, you need to be ready to respond as you can. The only way we have is press X or A repeatedly to reduce the harm that would be inflicted on us. Now it's time to move on to the last of the various tricks and tips to play the best of Resident Evil 3 Remake.

Killing Hunter Gamma and Drain Deimos - Resident Evil 3 Remake: tips and tricks to play your best

Some of the most feared and annoying monsters featured in the original title have returned to haunt us. They are certainly no less lethal in this remake, and knowing the best way to kill them will also be our best defense. One of these is theHunter Gamma, with its huge mouth and eerie presence. To kill him, it is advisable to wait for the moment in which he opens his jaws to throw a grenade into him (a bit like you must do against the cacodemon in DOOM Eternal).

Even one can be enough to eliminate them, but care must be taken as its attacks cause massive damage if not instant death. Another sweet creature is the poisonous one Drain Deimos. His quick movements make him a difficult target to hit. It is therefore advisable to use the shotgun thanks to its generous target coverage area. Most importantly, they can die in one shot if well targeted.

Back to Racoon City

With the guide that we have provided you now you know some tricks and tips to play the best in Resident Evil 3 Remake. In case you have any doubts or want clarifications about this amospheric horror game from Capcom, ask us your questions below in the comments or take a look at our other guides: for the items released by the Nemesis, all the codes and combinations of the safes and many more .

Resident Evil 3 Remake is available from March 3, 2020 on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. In the meantime, I invite you to continue following us on Holygamerz to stay updated on the world of video games and technology.

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