Resident Evil: Resistance, how to use characters and skills

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In this guide we will explain how to best use the characters and their abilities in the new Resident Evil: Resistance

For a few days Capcom released the remake of the third chapter of Resident Evil and along with him is also available Resident Evil: Resistance, a multiplayer spinoff set in the world of the series. Within this title they are present lots of different characters and each of them has unique abilities. For some players it may be difficult to decide who to use and for this reason we have decided to write this guide, in which we will explain how to best use characters and their abilities in Resident Evil: Resistance.

Survivors and Masterminds

In Resident Evil: Resistance the characters are divided into Survivors and Masterminds, and their abilities vary a lot depending on which category they belong to. Survivors are ordinary boys and girls who have to try to escape from the captivity of the Umbrella Corporation. The Masterminds on the other hand are important figures of Umbrella that will have to prevent the escape of the Survivors. To be able to become the best in this game, it will be essential to learn to master the characters of both categories.

Tyrone Henry - Resident Evil: Resistance, how to use characters and skills

Tyrone Henry is a former firefighter from Raccoon City and belongs to the category of Survivors. Thanks to his high defense it is better able to withstand the traps of the Mastermind and moreover it can too empower his teammates. This character is suitable for any type of team and is the perfect choice for a novice player. Tyrone Henry has the following skills:

  • Powerful calcium
    • With this skill Tyrone executes a powerful kick to attack enemies in front of him.
  • gathering
    • This ability allows Tyrone to increase the morale of his teammates, thus increasing their defense for a short time.
  • Determination
    • When Tyrone is dying, his health will slowly regenerate, allowing him to keep fighting for a while longer.
  • Fireman
    • This passive ability greatly reduces damage taken from the Mastermind's traps.

January Van Sant - Resident Evil: Resistance, how to use characters and skills

January is an experienced hacker and is part of the group of survivors. All of the characters in Resident Evil: Resistance have their usefulness, but January's abilities make her a fundamental element in each team. Thanks to his computer skills this character is able to disable cameras of the Mastermind, putting him in serious difficulty. January Van Sant has the following skills:

  • Overload
    • This ability will allow you to disable the cameras, obstructing the Mastermind's view and forcing him to use another one.
  • EMP
    • This powerful ability is capable of disrupting the signal of all cameras and increasing the energy cost of the Mastermind's abilities for a short period of time.
  • Bullets Destroyers
    • Bullets fired from January's weapons will inflict greater damage on surveillance cameras.
  • Cyber ​​Monday
    • Thanks to this skill you will be able to buy the items for sale in the armory at a discounted price.

Martin Sandwich - Resident Evil: Resistance, how to use characters and skills

Despite the ridiculous surname, Martin is a survivor who possesses several very useful skills. Thanks to his excellent dexterity, Martin is able to build dangerous homemade bombs e disable traps placed by the Mastermind. This character is very situational, but could be a great addition to an already well-balanced team. Martin Sandwich has the following skills:

  • Handcrafted mine
    • With this skill Martin will be able to place a proximity mine that can paralyze enemies.
  • Flash
    • This ability allows you to generate a strong flash of light that can temporarily incapacitate nearby enemies.
  • Engineer
    • Thanks to his knowledge of explosives, Martin is able to modify deactivate the traps of the Mastermind.
  • Life Hacks
    • This passive ability allows martin to modify his weapons and clothing.

Valerie Harmon - Resident Evil: Resistance, how to use characters and skills

Surely you will already be a little familiar with Valerie's abilities, as she is one of the characters that you can use in the tutorial for Resident Evil: Resistance survivors. Valerie is a chemist expert and thanks to his knowledge is able to keep his teammates healthy. This character is very useful and every team can only improve with his presence. Valerie Harmon has the following skills:

  • Survival instinct
    • Valerie is able to detect all objects and threats in the vicinity, even highlighting them to her teammates.
  • Healing cloud
    • This ability allows you to place a modified Medic Spray on the ground that can heal or upgrade all nearby characters.
  • Biochemist expert
    • Increases the effect of all healing items used by Survivors.
  • Knowledge of explosives
    • Enemies defeated by Valerie will have a chance to drop grenades on the ground.

Samuel Jordan - Resident Evil: Resistance, how to use characters and skills

Samuel is a survivor who specializes in the close combat and is capable of causing serious trouble to his enemies. Thanks to his past from boxer, Samuel is able to use his fists as real weapons capable of knocking out even the most resistant enemies. Given his short range this character really is very risky, so we advise you to try to use it only if you feel experienced enough. Samuel Jordan has the following skills:

  • Fist Loaded
    • With this skill you can make a quick sprint and punch the closest enemy.
  • Fists of steel
    • Greatly increases the damage dealt by Samuel's punches for a short period of time. Each kill increases to the duration of the ability by approximately three seconds.
  • Voltage
    • Each enemy killed reduces the cooldown of Fists of Steel by two seconds for the entire game.
  • Wrangler
    • This passive ability greatly increases Samuel's melee damage.

Becca Woollett - Resident Evil: Resistance, how to use characters and skills

Becca is the last survivor on this list and she is a character indeed very useful in any situation. Being a forest ranger, Becca really is proficient with firearms and is able to accurately hit even the furthest targets. Becca Woollett has the following skills:

  • Sentinel
    • Becca is able to aim more accurately with all firearms, but her mobility will suffer
  • Storm of bullets
    • Once activated, this ability will allow you to fire infinite bullets for a short period of time
  • Aim infallible
    • This passive ability significantly increases the chance of critical hits
  • Lucky shot
    • Enemies killed with firearms will have a chance to drop ammo on the ground

Daniel Fabron - Resident Evil: Resistance, how to use characters and skills

Here we are finally arrived at Mastermind, the fearsome members of the Umbrella who will try to thwart the Survivors. Unlike Survivors, Masterminds do not possess specific abilities, but differ mainly based on the type of bio-organic weapon that they can use.

First on the list is Daniel Fabron, Spencer's personal handyman. This character is capable of deploying numerous creactors with a lot of power and a high energy cost. Daniel's bio-organic weapon is the Tyrant T-00, the powerful creature present in the second chapter of Resident Evil. Despite not having too particular skills, this character is able to put in difficulty the teams with little offensive power.

Annette Birkin - Resident Evil: Resistance, how to use characters and skills

This character first makes an appearance in Resident Evil 2, and is the mother of one of the protagonists of Resident Evil 6, Sherry Birkin. Annette is a very talented Umbrella researcher, and is able to bring out the full potential of the creatures she summons. Also, Annette's bio-organic weapon is her husband William Birkin, one of the most powerful bosses of the second chapter of Resident Evil.

Alex Wesker - Resident Evil: Resistance, how to use characters and skills

Alex Wesker is the handsome sister of Albert wesker, as well as the main antagonist of Resident Evil: Revelations 2. This wicked woman does not have extremely powerful creatures, but she is able to use poison for accelerate the infection of survivors. It also has a very useful bio-organic weapon, lo Yateveo, a very dangerous mutant tree capable of blocking the path of the survivors. If used correctly, this mastermind can prove itself one of the most powerful and insidious in the game.

Ozwell E. Spencer - Resident Evil: Resistance, how to use characters and skills

Finally, we conclude the list of Masterminds with Ozwell E. Spencer, one of the founders of the Umbrella Corporation. Despite being old by now, Spencer is still capable of fighting, especially thanks to his main weapon, the D. Field. Spencer in fact he will not be able to use a bio-organic weapon like the other Masterminds, but will instead leverage a D. Field for block the way of the survivors and leave them at the mercy of his creatures.

Good survival!

Thanks to this guide, you will now surely know how to use Resident Evil: Resistance characters and their abilities. If you are interested in other guides on the game, we recommend that you also take a look at the tips and tricks present on our site.

Resident Evil: Resistance è available now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. If you are interested in staying up to date with all the news on the world of video games and much more, then continue to follow us here on Holygamerz.

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