Resident Evil Resistance: tips and tricks to start playing

Resident Evil Resistance is finally available, let's discover together some tricks and tips to start playing this online survival horror

Capcom was probably fully aware of the shortness of Resident Evil 3 Remake and for that added a new multiplayer mode. The game takes full advantage of existing online horror like Dead by Daylight by building around it a more iconic structure and closer to its own series. The result is a fun experience that will give players many hours entertainment especially if in the company of other friends. In Resident Evil Resistance with someone tricks e advice, it will become much easier to start playing or to win more than before.

You live together, you die alone

There are two main roles that we can play, that of Survivors or the geniale Mastermind. In any case, it is essential to know your roles thoroughly and take advantage of a little coordination with your teammates. Wandering around the environments trying only not to die or scare the opponents it will certainly not lead to victory and for this we have compiled some tips and tricks to start playing Resident Evil Resistance. At the end of this guide you will be one step closer, whether it is to survive or defeat the Survivors with lethal traps.

Survivors: team play - Resident Evil Resistance: tips and tricks to start playing

Playing as a Survivor means being aware of your own fragility e weakness, which, however, finds a balance in one unrivaled strength if you play as a team. Trying to stay united and organized is a basic rule of almost every online game, but here it is fundamental and almost mandatory. We must therefore try to be coordinated and use our skills in sync with others to have the best results.

A good strategy is to advance characters who are more resilient and who can better resist blows (commonly called tank) to give the fragile ones a way to support them properly. Also avoid wasting ammunition, saving them for other more excited and dangerous moments.

Survivors: the final stages - Resident Evil Resistance: tips and tricks to start playing

Towards the final stages of the game it is important to have played correctly without wasting ammo, also always keep your attention high as the result could overturn at any moment. If we have a good Mastermind up against, he will start hurling all his offensive resources against us, putting a strain on any resistance. However, we must not be discouraged because, as previously recommended, if you stay together and well organized, nothing can stop you.

The main items we might need in the final stages are: Garnet, munitions, healing items. And if you're still having a hard time winning, you might want to try other Survivors who are better suited to your style of play. In case you still think that Resident Evil Resistance is not made for you, wait to try the role of Mastermind of which we will explain another series of tricks and tips to start playing this role at its best.

Mastermind: the great evil plans - Resident Evil Resistance: tips and tricks to start playing

Unlike the Survivors, here we play a part very similar to that of Saw - The Riddler, we are the evil mind who must kill everyone trying to always have a strategy ready to respond or anticipate the enemy. Wasting your zombie and trap cards without planning the offensive is just a way to waste resources with minimal results. Look for the best places to ambush and use the best places to set traps.

Stopping and thinking about your next move is certainly better than wasting your offensives by losing any surprise effect. It is also good to know and practice the various Masterminds and their special abilities, such as summoning a Tyrant to Daniel Fabron or the Yateveo di Alex Wesker. Experiment to find out which one suits you best.

Mastermind: being in control of the map - Resident Evil Resistance: tips and tricks to start playing

When the Survivors are not very organized, you immediately notice why you will see them wandering aimlessly and often being alone. These are the moments in which you have to attack to close them in a corner, without being afraid to use your cards. Furthermore close the doors e turn the lights off it will significantly slow their progress, separating them even further or making them more vulnerable.

To keep in mind is also the existence of one special zombies source of resources, very useful to Survivors. This creature that must be defended with traps and monsters to increase the difficulty with which these resources can be obtained.

Mastermind: synergies like in a card game - Resident Evil Resistance: tips and tricks to start playing

As the last of our tips and tricks to start playing, is to practice with the card synergies by Resident Evil Resistance. For example, there are cards that can lock Survivors in place, easy targets against camera gun attacks. This is a pretty easy way to deal 75 damage with a series of well-aimed headshots.

I Licker then they are very powerful, but they cost 7 energy points and must be used wisely. You can consider summoning them upon reaching 10 energy points, using the together discount card to summon it in the company of something else that supports it. All synergies that go to inflict massive damage or in the worst case to slow down the Survivors.

Let the challenge begin

With the guide that we have provided you now you know some tricks and tips to play the best in Resident Evil Resistance. In case you have doubts or want clarifications about this amospheric online horror game from Capcom, ask us your questions below in the comments or if you are looking for guides for Resident Evil 3 Remake we have some really interesting ones: for the objects released by the Nemesis, all the codes and combinations of safes and many more.

Resident Evil 3 Remake and Resistance are available together from March 3, 2020 on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. In the meantime, I invite you to continue following us on Holygamerz to stay updated on the world of video games and technology

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