Princess Debut - Cheats


Unlockable accessories

Angel Ring
Get level 18 in Story Mode or Clear Latin in Ballroom Mode

Beads Chocker
Use Kid as your partner for the Final Competition

Bunny Ear Hat
Get level 20 in Story Mode (no partner required) or Clear Standard in Ballroom Mode

Diamond ring
Win the Final Competition and accept and accept the proposal

Emerald Necklace
Use Klaus as your partner for the Final Competition

Fashionable Hairstick
Use Hayato as your partner for the Final Competition

Lily Hair Adornment
Befriend Randy and get it after practicing (you don't have to have a partner)

Rose Acessory
Use Cesar as your partner for the Final Competition

Star Pendant
Use Kiss as your partner for the Final Competition

1st ??? Picture
Take on the partnerless game and take Tony down after the ball

2nd ??? Picture
Take on the game without a partner and accept Tony's proposal after the ball

To unlock Kiss Maxgaia you have to complete the game once

Princess Debut ds
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Exit date: 30 September 2008

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