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Here we are back on Pokemon Go, in this guide we will see how to capture the ultra forms of Unown. Let's see how to do it 

As we know one of the Pokemon more mysterious is definitely Unown. The latter can occur taking the form of 26 letters of the alphabet in the wild. Now in this guide we will explain how to get the ULTRA shapes of Unown. Let's begin!

Pokemon Go: let's see how to get Unown ULTRA forms | Guide

Niantic Labs has decided to reward the coaches of  Pokemon Go offering a variety of bonus e rewards to be obtained in three weeks. In the week from 2 9 to September all Pokemon Go players will have a chance to get Unown ULTRA forms. Now we will explain how to conquer them all step by step. The week from 2 to 9 September is the week called " trip to Johto". During this period, which goes precisely from 22.00 () of 2 September at 22.00 () of 9 September, with a little bit of commitment and luck you will be able to capture the ULTRA forms of Unown. You can obtain them by hatching the eggs from 10 km.

So more 10 km eggs you will get, in the period from 2 to 9, the more chances you have to find all the shapes U-L-T-R-A. You can hatch as many 10km eggs as you like until you can find all forms of Unown. For get the eggs you will have to visit the Pokestops, I recommend you visit as many as possible, while for make them hatch more easily you can activate the synchro-adventure. We remind you that for the last global event it is possible to capture Jirachi. If you still haven't managed it, go to read our guide.

And now get ready for adventure! Capture all shapes U-L-T-R-A di Unown in the first week of September. But in order not to miss any news on the world of Pokemon Go, but also on much more, continue to follow the pages of Holygamerz.

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