PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds: Strategies and Tips | Guide (updated)

One month after the release on Xbox One, here is a small guide for you to aim for the podium and dream of victory on PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is a battle royal video game developed by Bluehole. The title, with no interludes such as tutorial or story, will launch you on an island along with 99 other players and will force you to the most raw survival. Complicating matters will be the lethal gas that will gradually narrow the playing area. The key part will then be find weapons and armaments to be able to eliminate the opponents and remain the last ones standing. So here are some strategies to relate to the game and some useful tips.

Cautious Tourist vs Unleashed Crazy

In PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds everything will revolve around theapproach. The two fundamental strategies are characterized by one essentially opposite play style.

  • Cautious Tourist

    The player with this strategy will aim for less crowded areas, away from cities. He will have to look for the various weapons and equipment avoiding direct confrontation. The main concern must be the achievement of the safe zone and the search for structures to guarantee a strategically advantageous position. Obviously looking in the less traveled areas it will be normal not to be able to find everything you need, however, it will be important to aim for at least an automatic rifle, a backpack and a bulletproof vest. This is because at the mid-game the frequency of the clashes will increase and therefore even the most cautious will have to fight. This approach is particularly recommended for novice players who must familiarize themselves with the game mechanics, but it is not recommended in teams of 3-4 players. This is because the quietest areas are also the ones with fewer buildings and less loot, so it would be difficult to provide the necessary for everyone on the team.

  • Crazy Unleashed

    In this case the player, as can be easily understood, will have to aim as much as possible for the fight. In fact it will launch towards the cities or places full of structures and as soon as it lands it will get a weapon, then starting in search of the enemies. The focal point of that style of play is get various weapons and items from killed enemies who like you had cleaned up the area. In this approach, always look for painkillers and medkits, essential allies after the various firefights. The strategy is obviously very dangerous and will be influenced by what you find in the first moments of the game, but also by your ability to eliminate enemies. It is recommended for players with some experience and accustomed to game mechanics. The strategy is very profitable if carried out in a group.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds: Strategies and Tips | Guide (updated)

Auto and Airdrop: calculated risks

During the course of the various games you will find yourself dealing with two variables that could totally change the final result: Means and Airdrop.

  • Motorcycles and Cars:

    Vehicles can be a salvation for all those who find themselves particularly far from the "safe zone". But there are also many risks in using them. Every time you are behind the wheel your visibility will increase considerably as everyone will hear the sound of the engine, even if you are stationary. Also, a car's hitboxes are much larger than a body's. This, especially in motorcycles and "buggies" will be inconvenient. Anyone who shoots you can easily damage your car and could kill you by destroying the vehicle. Lastly, some players are stationed in the vicinity of vehicles targeting the driver's seat of the car to get easy kills on those who get on them. So always check around before getting into a car placed in too open places.

  • Airdrop:

    Airdrop is undoubtedly the best way to get the most offensive and defensive potential in a short time. In fact, inside, in most cases, you will find level 3 equipment and a weapon with high "dps": like a sniper or a machine gun, as well as a viewfinder. The main problem with getting the content is that by being dropped from the plane anyone can see the airdrop land and aim to get it. Which is why trying to get close increases the chances of being seen. It should also be considered that to check the content you will have to stop for a few moments and open the loot menu while remaining completely exposed to enemy fire. Always consider whether it is actually worth the risk or not!

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds: Strategies and Tips | Guide (updated)

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds: consigli utili

So far we have talked about the strategies that can be applied in the game. Of course, you can mix them freely in the same game as you please. In addition to this, here are some small tips to integrate to improve the outcome of the matches.

First of all to get into the game, I recommend try a couple of games by "jumping into cities" and playing in third person mode. This is because even taking advantage of a cautious approach you will inevitably have to shoot at the enemies. So you will need to be familiar with the shooting mechanics. Especially on consoles the game controls can be awkward. My advice to make the best use of the Xbox joypad controls is to: set the commands to Type B in such a way as to aim as long as “LT” is held down.

I advised you to train in the third person for the simple fact that from the third person with the appropriate button you can switch to the first (unfortunately not vice versa). Also remember to identify good spaces within the safe area, so that you can have a good view of any incoming enemies.

Then when you reach the last "safe zone" you will be forced to clash with the last remaining enemies. Used: Med kits, energy drinks and pain relievers to take your life to the max and take more damage. This will give you an advantage over the enemies in the final moments of the game. A good tip for the end game is to use automatic weapons such as assault rifles and machine guns. As the narrowest spaces and the most frenetic clashes will be facilitated by the use of the latter.

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