Outriders - Guide to Crafting and Economics (dismantle or sell)

Outriders - Guide to Crafting and Economics (dismantle or sell)

One of the questions that Outriders players (here our review of the first hours of the game) ask themselves more about the need to approach the crafting system and the economy, which in the title of the software house People Can Fly it is as intuitive in some cases as it is complex. In this guide to Crafting and the Outriders Economy we therefore want to explain to you what is necessary to set yourself in the progression system, both in the early playful phases and in the endgame.

Here is the guide on cHow Crafting and Economics work in Outriders

Start in the first few levels

At the beginning of your adventure on the planet Enoch in Outriders you will find a large amount of items. While choosing what to equip and what not (at this link our guide to the best tips to get started) you will have to understand what to do with the scraps. At the beginning it will not be vital what you dismantle and sell, but just know that the Blue, Purple and Yellow (or Legendary) items contain some mods in any case, which once dismantled can be applied to any other item of the same type.

Selecting an object you will notice the symbol of a grid on some mods, which will let you know if you already have the modification in question, and an additional red screen in case it is already in one of your equipped items (and therefore, equipping an identical one would be useless, since the effects do not melt). Your goal will be to collect as many as possible for each of the ranks. Blue items contain a grade 1 mod, those Purple two mods, one grade 1 and the second grade 2, While Yellow one grade 3 and one grade 2 (yes, you will need duplicates of the legendaries to dismantle them and get the best mods).

In a nutshell, try to dismantle the objects that contain mods that you do not yet own during the adventure, you will think later of the Fragments for the enhancement of the 3 statistics of each object. Iron and Leather will still be obtained by playing, from some drops and from the crates, and are only used to switch the mods; large quantities will not be needed, so focus as little as possible on this aspect, but you can even buy them.

The Endgame and the Expeditions are coming, how to upgrade?

Although to continue in the main campaign, up to the Endgame, it will not be necessary to pay maniacal attention in strengthening, the situation will change dramatically when you interface with the latest activities (find in the following article our guide on what you need to know for the Endgame and Expeditions). At this point you will need instead to raise your objects to high levels, to defend and attack with the right statistics, and to optimize the mods to create devastating effects with the skills. Speaking of this, remember that objects with 2 mods can only be changed one, since once this is done you can no longer interact with the other (you will notice a lock).

You will find stronger items such as loot, and even the merchants (Bailey and Tiago) will not joke, as they will sell you items of your level. In Bailet's shop you will only juggle the Scrap, and this is where you will thank you for selling many items and will continue to do the same, while for Tiago's you will also need the Landing Pod Resources. Huge amounts of Titanium are required to upgrade weapons and armor, which you will be forced to buy through grinding, and at some point you will also be asked for Landing Pod Resources. In Tiago's shop, you'll also be able to purchase legendary items using Pod Landing Resources, which makes this currency even more important.

Your luck is that all materials can be purchased with the Scrap obtained by selling items and playing, a factor that makes grinding much less stressful and will allow you without too much effort (but with many hours of play) to power yourself up to the maximum. Below, the list of materials that you can buy from Bailey and Tiago, also divided by individual pieces, which will allow you over time to forge your equipment up to level 50 and to deal with the very strong enemies of the Expeditions.

  • Leather - 22,52 Scrap per piece
  • Iron - 22,52 Scrap per piece
  • Titanium - 325 Scrap pieces
  • Landing Pod Resources (at Tiago) - You will get them by selling Titanium

Here is how much you can sell the individual resources in excess, to recover material from waste that you would not otherwise use, but especially get the Landing Pod Resources:

  • Leather - 1,24 Scrap per piece
  • Iron - 1,24 Scrap per piece
  • Titanium - Not for sale by Bailey
  • Titanio (at Tiago) - 2 Landing Pod Resources
  • Resources Pod da Landing (near Tiago) - 78 Scrap per piece

The secret to facing these latest challenges is to keep your equipment at the last level and use the correct builds by combining mods and skills, and to do so you can play (or replay) the secondary activities, or retrace the Expeditions at a lower rank. .

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