Outriders - Expedition and Endgame Guide

Outriders - Expedition and Endgame Guide

Once you have finished your main adventure in Outriders, recent game of People Can Fly of which you can find our review of the first hours of the game at this link, you will have access to further related activities to complete the game in its entirety. In this guide we therefore want to learn more Outriders Expeditions and Endgame, trying to clarify any doubts and help you in the continuation of your adventure.

In the following guide we will avoid in any way spoilers on the Outriders plot, but the deepening of the Expeditions and the Endgame may contain some words related to the game ending. We therefore advise you to continue carefully, in case you do not want to read any mention of the plot.

Outriders - Expedition and Endgame Guide

Let's find out together the Expeditions and the Outriders Endgame in this guide

Once the main campaign is complete, you will need to make your way through the Expeditions system to finish one final mission, which we will not talk about to avoid spoilers. Suffice it to say that throughout the Endgame you will have to venture into some adventures where speed will be of the essence, whether you decide to live the experience alone or in a cooperative. It will also be important to strengthen oneself properly, to face the challenges that will be more and more difficult.

To start, it is good to know that the level you will reach in the Expeditions (up to 15) immediately overrides the general World Level, and will gradually allow you to use more and more powerful objects, up to maximum level of 50. You will then get items Blue, Viola e Detective stories more powerfull (forget the Municipalities and the Greens), and you can upgrade yours more and more at the same time, to exterminate the enemies that will exceed level 30 and can immediately give you a hard time.

Once you reach the Endgame you will find yourself in a rather comfortable field, where you can talk to Channa to move and retrace the history and the Secondary Missions, but above all manage the upgrades. In this small comfortable circle (but also in the other stations, if you move) you will be able to access the board to retrieve the Landing Pods, and other shops related to the economy.

Inside the latter you will have from time to time different maps to choose from (a total of 14 + the final one), almost none will incur costs and penalize you in the event of death, but some will ask for an average Expedition level to start and Pods as currency. Your goal will be to gradually complete the expeditions getting good times, and upgrade yourself just like the enemies by leveling up, up to 15, where with 40.000 Pods you can start the last challenge and conclude the game plot.

In order to raise your Expedition level in the Endgame you will have to finish the difficult maps with good times. The first time, selecting the maximum rank and making the best time, you will get 2 ranks at once, but from then on you will have to select the maximum rank and make it in one of the 3 best times (therefore not exceeding the last) to obtain a single additional degree. In this way you will gradually be able to arrive at the insidious ending, which we do not want to talk about to avoid spoilers, as mentioned at the beginning.

Outriders - Expedition and Endgame Guide

Within these brutal missions you will have to advance as quickly as possible, exterminating all the enemies in each area, and from time to time staying close to the Obelisks to charge them, without any opponent being in the circle with you. You will have up to 3 attempts, then you will have to automatically return to base. In case of failure you will find the loot accumulated in the restart area or in a chest in the base, to the right of the Expeditions table (the enemies will only release bullets to avoid confusion, the loot will be given to you only at the end, but it is still released as success in the countryside).

If successful, however, your target will open and release dozens of useful items, including potentially some Detective stories (o legendary). The loot will be random, but you will be aware of the amount of loot that will be given to you as a reward from the menu, before heading into one of the Expeditions. The faster you are, the more succulent objects will be released, but remember not to rush too much, each death will make you restart from the beginning canceling all your progress.

Whatever the character, we advise you to study your build well, whether you are alone or in a group, try to adapt it to this circumstance. Solo you will have to bet everything on survival, perhaps sacrificing damage, since a decent time will still make you rank up. In a group the enemies will be stronger and you will be able to support each other, based on your class and that of your companions you could therefore evaluate different approaches. Remember that any player could join your started game, so be careful to disable this setting if you don't like it.

Before leaving, we refer you to our main page dedicated to Outriders, where there are further guides and insights on the game. You can get there simply by clicking here.

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