Outlast's solution: Whistleblower

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The solution is based on the American version of the game, so it is possible to find some differences in the Spanish version.


Not all patients are hostile. However, it is best to keep away from all of them. Don't run when you are trying to avoid detection. The enemy will surely hear you and start chasing you. Remember not to hide under a bed or in a closet when someone sees you. This will result in certain death.
You will usually die after several hits from an opponent, no matter if he is using his fists or a chainsaw. Enemies tend to randomly search beds and lockers. The camcorder is your best friend, but you'll have to save your batteries so you don't run out of charge in a critical situation.
If you hide, you will have to exit as soon as the opponent passes you. So for a few moments you will know where it is. While escaping, it is a good idea to close the doors behind you if the enemy is far behind. This will hinder his search and give you a chance to hide.

Underground lab / Hospital

The game starts with the character typing an email to his laptop in a closet. Once it's done, press the left mouse button to send the message. After a few moments a man arrives saying that they are waiting for you at your workplace. Leave the room and go right, and at the reception turn right again. After walking down the aisle, you will arrive at your workplace where you are asked to repair some software. Sit in the chair next to the computer and watch the cut-scene. When all is done, go back to the room with the laptop. Here you will be captured by the guards.
You will wake up sitting in a chair in front of a TV. Take the video camera and wait for your partner to open the cell for you. Then quickly go left and in the bathroom on the right you will find a battery. Keep walking and after a while you will be attacked by a ghost. Run down the corridor until you get to the door. Once inside, the ghost will vanish and prisoners will appear and invite you to join them in mistreating a dead doctor. Wait for the prisoner to stop talking and continue down the corridor.
Pay attention to the boy sitting in the chair on the right, because when you approach he will get up to attack you. Enter the next room to find the bathroom entrance. The madman will focus on another guy and you will be stuck here. At the top there is a ventilation duct. Go inside and crawl to the exit. During the journey it will be possible to hear a conversation between a doctor and a guard.
At the end of the shaft, jump down. The guy won't hurt you, so there's no need to be afraid of him. Push the locker that blocks the door and exit the room. While you are doing this, the man who was sitting will get up and come towards you, but you need not be afraid.
At the fork, you can only go left. The corridor on the right is a dead end. Visions will appear. You will find a room with the button that opens the way. Here you will find a doctor trapped in a chamber. Press the button and watch the cut-scene. Note that you will be able to find a battery next to the button. Then go back and walk along the open path. Be careful, because in the corridor a ghost will attack you again. It will stop when you get to the gate. After a few moments, you will be decontaminated in the chamber, you can walk and reach the exit door. Unfortunately, it will close right in front of you. On the left side, you will find a battery on the floor (behind the cylinders). While facing the front door, approach the boxes on the right. Climb on them and continue. Go past the room and then back into the corridor.
In the corridor where the dead guard is, you will find a battery. Another is present in a lighted room to the left of the bed. Head to the popping sound and after a moment you will come to the kitchen.

Go through the icebox, then the cafeteria, where the dead patients are lying. The cook won't hurt you, so keep going. As you are passing by the tables, the cook will notice you and tell you to get out of here. Do what it says.
Go into the hallway and turn right of the bathroom. You will see a row of washbasins and urinals. On the right there are lockers, there you will find a battery, take it and continue. You will hear two normal voices and a prisoner handcuffed to the door. You will need to remove the handcuffs and for this you will need a key. Turn around and go up through the window to another part of the structure.
Go down the hall and jump onto the overturned bed. Here you will not be alone. This place is patrolled by a cook with a circular saw. You won't have to run if you want to avoid it, because once it sees you, it will start chasing you. It is a good idea to move around while squatting. If he starts chasing you, you can always escape to the place you came from. To find the key you will need to go through a dark room, then to the left, through the lighted part.
Then turn into the room on the right. Grab a battery and go to the next room where there is an illuminated desk. Jump on it and head back to the quieter part of the facility.
You will meet a guy with a gagged mouth who will be following you. He won't hurt you though, so you can ignore him. Go down the hall and get the key from a dead guard. As you go through the lab, grab a battery along the way and exit through the forced door. You will be back in the other part of the facility which is patrolled by the cook. Now it will be possible to free the handcuffed boy.
You will now find yourself in a crematorium. The whole room is dark, so you will have to use the camera often. Inside you will see a man crawling. However, after a while it will drop dead.
When you approach one of the doors, the cook will surprise you. He will throw you into the oven with the intention of burning you. Run to the other end and start breaking through the wall. When you are out, the madman will get furious, but he won't be around anymore.
Now go to the ladder next to you. Get to the top of the ladder, go up the ledge and you will now be on the top floor. Now climb up the boxes and then carefully cross the ledge to the other end of the room. In the middle of the path a ghost will start hunting you again. While escaping, enter the vent which is at the level of your feet and jump down the corridor.
Go to the newly discovered corridor which is in the dark. At the crossroads you can take two directions. Going left will bring you to a battery, keeping to the right - where the light is coming from - will allow you to progress through the story. Go down the hall until you get to the library. Here, the cook will appear again. If he sees you, run and hide in the lockers or run all the time through the main corridor passing between the shelves where he cannot pass.
You will see a room with two doors. The one on the left leads to the bathroom, where there is a madman busy pushing a doctor's head into the toilet, but it won't hurt you. The door on the right is the one you have to choose.
It will take you to the foil-covered corridor. On the right there is a battery and on the left the way forward. Near the entrance to the room there is a passage where you have to go. Then you will find a broken window, go through it and go left. Now go through two doors and a patient will appear in front of you and walk away and hit his head against the other door.
Go under the nearby desk and leave the room while you collect some batteries from the nearby area. Go through the nurse's room in the next corridor. Now turn right, because there is nothing to collect on the left. Enter room 237 and go up the shaft. Keep going until you drop down. The cook will start banging on the door, but he cannot force it. Now go quickly through the other door.
You will come to a small bathroom, you will have to go out through the hole in the wall. Go into the corridor and keep walking until you reach a laboratory with two computers. There, take the documents and move on. You can meet a guard, then take the battery which is in the control room.
Exit the room and go along the corridor. You will immediately hear the familiar sound of a saw. Your friend is here again. You will have to go to the hall and run straight to the door, then along the corridor and when you see traces of blood on the floor, go to the room to go up.
Keep going up until you reach the gas chamber, where you will have to turn off the gas.
Once you have turned off the gas, you will have to deal with the cook a little longer, then go to the door, where a guard is huddled in fear. Go through the clearing house and continue down the familiar corridor. One more room and you will arrive in the basement.

Recreation Area

You will find the stairs up to the courtyard. Once you are there, you can continue in two ways, to the right or to the left. There is nothing to the right, although you will hear the sound of the cook's machine. But he is not there. The path on the left is the right one, it will be better to keep walking along the fence on the right to get to the next level. The worst thing about this level is that night vision is useless for looking around.
Go over the bloody wall and turn right.

You will see a mad fugitive. Let him go and walk to the area he was escaping from. Go up the stairs and turn left again, because the door on the right is closed. Pass the boy who is playing basketball and after a while you will see a boy trying to get out through a large door. Not succeeding, however.
Now go back to the stairs and take the door on the right, the one covered in blood that will now be open.
Pass the body of a guard, at the end of the path turn right as soon as possible, then immediately left. There is a place nearby where you can jump off. After the jump continue straight and then jump down again. Follow the tunnel and take the ladder again, you will be back in the gardens. Now run along the main corridor and take the right path, then right again at the first corner and finally left. In the next step you will be able to meet the known twins in the main game. They are standing next to the table. You will have to run in front of them and turn left. They will follow you, even if they will not be in a great hurry.
You will arrive towards the basketball court. The guy who was playing there will get mad at you. Run between two other madmen and climb the ladder.
At the crossroads, there are documents on the right and a bridge on the left. After getting the documents, follow the street to the left. At some point a madman will start running towards you, but he will just pass you by. Keep going until you finally reach the door. There is a ladder nearby, use it to climb even higher.


Here you will meet a madman who speaks for himself. Go past it and go back inside the building. You will see a total mess. You can only take one direction which is on the left. Go down the corridor and enter the room at its end. Inside you will find the radio.
However, as usual something goes wrong and the radio is destroyed. Exit the room and hide in the dark in the other room. Wait for the big guy to leave, or just start running as soon as he walks away from the door. Go back to the corridor and jump over the first desk, then enter the next room and go down the other corridor. Then continue into the narrow space between the shelves.
To go further, use the barred door and you will meet a man who is creating a work that was already finished in the main game. Of course you will have to jump into the same hole as last time. There are documents behind the ajar door, so you have to go in the opposite direction from the Exit sign.
In the room behind the lighted hall you will find a battery. Then head to the corridor where there are a lot of small lockers, then start running forward. At some point the music will intensify and you will notice a giant breathing on your neck. Run down the corridor and eventually jump out the window.

Drying Ground

Once outside, jump down and keep walking on the right side of the wall. You will come to a descent to the basement. At the end of the corridor, jump over a damaged fence and walk forward while crouching. You will come out again. In front of you is a cathedral and a document next to it, and on the right a passage to the next level, to pass you will have to cut the electricity in the control room on the left.
Go left and after a moment you will find a switch. Press it and go back upstairs to the fence. Now do it again, because someone will turn on the power. Once this is done, you will see a madman standing in front of you. It will start chasing you. Run up, then left and finally to the door with the warning sign.
However, he won't stop chasing you as soon as you go through the door, but only when you turn left and jump into the next building. Once inside, take a left.
Cross the corridor and then, once outside, jump into the water. At the end of the pool you will find a ladder. Head to the open door, then immediately turn right and enter the building through the hole in the fence.
Climb to the top, go through the window, and jump to the far ledge. Unfortunately, you will fall to the lower right in the next area.

Vocational Block

You will find yourself in the attic. You will have to get out of here, because you will not be alone. Go through the passage between the boards, then turn left and walk around the small room, this way you will come to a room with a lot of shelves and cardboard. While crouched go through most of the room and when you get to the gap between the shelves, go through them. Continue past a hanging corpse and behind it there will be another passage to cross.
When the hostiles start talking about water, you should be able to see a shelf in front of you. Jump on it and go to the hole to the left. The scenery will change somewhat towards a bluish. Go forward through the small corridor and eventually you will find a fight waiting for you. Jump over the wooden wall, then the dudes will notice you, you'll know when an enemy comes out of the room in front of you. Immediately start running to the left.
Now you will need to find a smaller wall, with the door on it. The door will be closed, but you can jump over the wall. After that, go left and then jump over the garbage on the right. Now just follow the corridor and jump to the closet in front of you. Then go straight for a while and jump down the stairs below.
Now is the time to face the bridegroom. He won't be there at first, until you try to open the door. When he starts looking around the rooms looking for you, you need to sneak behind the door he came from. It will be best to hide under a sewing machine in the middle of the room and wait for it to pass.
The door you need to take is open, so you shouldn't have any trouble locating it. There is a battery along the way, but there is no need to take it, because in the end, you will lose them all. Then just keep running from door to door.
When you push the second piece of furniture and run into the corridor, you will see an elevator shaft. Go there and watch the cutscene where the ladder falls apart.
When Gluskin starts the elevator, go downstairs. Turn right at the fork and force entry into the room. When you reach the door that cannot be opened, you will see the groom on the other side. Hide in a nearby closet and watch the cut-scene.

Once it is over, you will be free to go, but you will still have to run, because the groom is looking for you. Problem is, the guy took all your batteries. However, it's not that dark here. Walk straight, then turn left. Hide behind a table as soon as you see it, then keep walking a couple of rooms until you find an open window. Jump out to reach the construction site.
Enter again through the only door here. There is a battery on the right, then take the other road. Now you will have the goal of finding the key to the men's department. Go straight and enter the kitchen through the door left ajar. At the end there is a ventilation shaft, where you can go up.
Go through the vent, then you'll come to the large hall full of hanging corpses. When you come out of there, you will hear Gluskin's voice again. In the room with a lot of lockers you will find a battery. It is also a good idea to hide there and wait for it to pass. Go down the corridor and take the barred door on the right. When you see a row of chairs and a person wearing a wedding dress, walk towards her.
The key you need is shining in his hand, but of course Gluskin appears behind you. Turn left and walk down the street between the shelves. Then push the locker to the right and go through the door. Now run left down the hall and go back to the room with the hanging corpses. Finally, go back through the same shaft as before.


When you open the door with the key, look at the cut-scene and move the mouse when the game tells you. After that, go through the door on the right and move to the men's ward through the open door. After a long time through the corridor, an armed squad will appear that will have orders to kill everyone. At some point, you will have to crouch to go further. Then turn left. At some point the guards will start shouting, and you'll have to turn right at the fork. You can reach the place where you started the main game. Enter the room with the TV, go to the corridor and then go down the stairs.
Now go straight to the exit. At the door you will encounter a man in black lying on the floor by the exit door, barely alive. When you get close to him, he will attack you. The only thing you can do now is watch.
After the cut-scene, exit the facility and get in the car. When the game tells you to send a message, click the mouse.


1 - Next to the exit door, in the room on the right. There are a lot of dead bodies nearby.

2 - In the laboratory together with the dead guards and the key to the handcuffs. The one-handed gagged guy who starts following you is wandering around. The document is located near the computer.

3 - After the sequence in which the cook tries to burn you, there is a chapel next to the room you are in. The document is under the cross that hangs on the wall.

4 - After receiving the goal to turn off the gas in the chamber. Go through the broken window, it is in the next room.

5 - Once you get to the laboratory, after the third escape from the cook and passed through room 237. The documents are lying on the table.

6 - After the first escape from the twins, go up the ladder behind the courthouse. In the upper room.

7 - After meeting the patient who is doing the writing on the wall and jumped off. In the room with the locked prisoners.

8 - Before disabling the fence. On the door of the cathedral.

9 - You can find the document after falling from the attic tower. When you are about to push the first metal locker, don't do it, but go straight. The document is at the end of the corridor.

10 - After the escape from the groom and the jump from the window. Near the fountain.

11 - In the illuminated corridor, after meeting the special forces on the first floor. In one of the rooms on the right.

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Exit date: May 8, 2014

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