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In this short, but useful guide, we want to introduce you to the game world of Nier Replicant with our tips and tricks to start playing at your best.

Nier Replicant ver.1.22474487139 is the rather oddly titled re-edition of the original 2012 video game by Yoko Taro. , enemies gradually more and more powerful, gigantic bossfights, weapons, spells and so on and so forth. Ah yes, there is also fishing of course, they are still Japanese. The game has been available for a couple of days and we are working hard to bring you our review, as detailed and accurate as ever. In the meantime, however, we thought we'd give you some little advice. 

Before starting ... a new world

In this short guide, in fact, we would like to put before your eyes our tricks and tips to start playing at your best in the world of Nier Replicant. This type of guide is notoriously dedicated to novices of the genre or to those who have never actually approached the title, but even veterans may find some interesting information that may have escaped. Let's talk about rescues, maps, side missions and… obviously making money! 

Old school saves and maps - Nier Replicant: tips and tricks to start playing

Nier Replicant, despite being a re-edition, has a very classic rescue system. What does it mean? Very simple: there are no automatic saves. You will only be able to save at specific points and you will have to do it often, or even better every time you see a save point. Although initially the game may seem rather simple in mechanics, we assure you that it will be just as easy for you to lose hours and hours of play (and perhaps farming) just because you forgot to save. Do it, listen to us. 

Another round, another old-fashioned mechanics. Each time you arrive in a new area, the minimap and the enlarged map of the area you are referring to will be completely black. To add details you will need to find the right maps. You will get some of these by continuing in the story or by completing side missions, but much more often you will necessarily have to pay them. The various object shops scattered around can sell them, in fact, at very fair prices. So remember to check out the various merchants and buy them as soon as you can, thus making exploration much easier and having to wander around like poor madmen more difficult. 

Let's go, let's go… - Nier Replicant: tips and tricks to start playing

Exploring the Nier Replicant game world, you will inevitably be caught in the whirlwind of resource gathering. You will find the classic bright collection points scattered throughout the various maps, or you will get them by defeating enemies or, even better, by hunting animals. In short, in no time you will find the inventory full of collected objects, some of which will be obtainable only in specific areas, or from specific animals and enemies. Some of these will be particularly rare. 

And this is where you need to be especially careful. If the basic advice is to always collect everything, also because some resources will then be useful to complete secondary missions faster or to improve your weapons, the next step is to figure out what to sell to merchants and what not to.

Selling items obviously will allow you to get money, this is true, as it is also true that if you slaughter sheep for an entire afternoon you can think of selling those 200 units of useless wool that remained in the inventory. But beware of items you own one or a few units of, no matter how valuable they are. You never know if they could be useful to you in the course of the adventure. Also… to make money fast it is easier to complete side missions. 

Not just money - Nier Replicant: tips and tricks to start playing

Nier Replicant's side missions were a weak point of the original title, because the vast majority were simple fetch quests. "Bring me 10 units of this particular object", where the object could be the wool we were talking about before or something rarer. Although they are repetitive, however, side missions will allow you to make money pretty quickly, certainly faster than selling wool units to merchants. 

Also, the Nier Replicant side quests they will also allow you to discover many interesting details about the game world and its inhabitants. They could also put you on roads you haven't explored before and introduce you to new NPCs, new plot twists, and new subplots. In short, as in any good role-playing game, however repetitive the secondary missions play a very important role in the experience. Do them, be patient, but do them. 

Words, words, words… - Nier Replicant: tips and tricks to start playing

Once you know Grimoire Weiss, you can start using magic in Nier Replicant through Sealed Verses. Also, the grimoire will give you the possibility to collect, through the drops of the enemies, Words that will allow you to buff your weapons, your magic attacks or your defensive skills. To do this, however, you will have to select the appropriate item in the Grimoire Weiss submenu from the pause menu. 

While this may sound like a really beginner's tip, we assure you that in the heat of continuing to fight and gathering wool you may not realize you've gotten a new word. Check your "inventory" of Words often, also because there is also a voice that allows you to directly equip the most powerful you have available. 

Two halves, same game - Nier Replicant: tips and tricks to start playing

Finally, a piece of advice that does not go to beginners of the genre, but to anyone who does not know Nier Replicant. The story of the game is practically divided into two halves and, once you reach the end of the first part (duly marked, don't worry) and climbed over towards the second, you will not be able in any way to return to the content of the previous one. So aim to complete all the side missions and recover all the weapons in the first section of the game, before venturing into the second. Watch out, because if you are not careful you could also miss some endings ...

Have fun!

Here ends our list of tips and tricks to better approach the world of Nier Replicant, if only for the first few hours. And what do you think of Square Enix's title? Are you playing with it? Write it to us below in the comments, we will continue to keep you updated with all the news on videogame and tech! And if you are interested in buying Nier Replicant at a decidedly advantageous price, we suggest you take a look at the dedicated InstantGaming page that you can reach by clicking here! 

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