New World - Quick Travel Guide

New World - Quick Travel Guide

N it is certainly the phenomenon of the moment, the Amazon title is experiencing really high numbers and, with the increase of players, the first problems also emerge like the difficult handling of fast travel, which in this guide we will explain. We will help you understand which are the best travel points, how to do it in the best way and above all the costs and advantages of each method!

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How to take advantage of fast travel in New World? Here is the guide

The land of Aeternum is vast and walking from one place to another will cost you a lot of time. Fortunately, there are 3 different methods you can use to quickly travel around Aeternum in New World.

Trip to the inn: remember first to check in at the inn concerned, otherwise this method will not work. To do this, all you have to do is talk to the innkeeper. The journey to the inn is free, but you will have to wait an hour before unlocking it again.

Journey to the spiritual sanctuaries: open the world map and click on the shrines to then choose the fast travel option. You can travel quickly to these spots only if you have visited them previously. Unlike the inn, you can travel freely, but in any case, moving will cost you Azoth, which can be obtained by completing missions or defeating enemies.

The cost of fast travel can vary from several factors:
- base cost 50
- cost based on distance: no cost for the distance if within 2 kilometers, 5 additional Azoth every 100 meters if you exceed 2 kilometers of distance.
- 4 additional Azoth for every 10 of weight

The price will also depend on the Faction and Company discounts, but these can vary greatly.

Quick trip to the houses

The last method for fast travel is by purchasing a home within a settlement. You can own up to 3 different houses throughout Aeternum, yet serve as a fast travel point. The only downside is that its cooldown is double that of the inn, and buying one requires a lot of gold and a territory of at least 10 or more.

Level 1 house: charging time 4 hours
Level 2 house: charging time 3 hours
Level 3 house: charging time 2 and a half hours
Level 4 house: charging time 2 hours

That's all there is to know in our New World quick travel guide.

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