New World: how to get started, tips and tricks to play at your best

Let's see together, in our guide, what are the tricks and tips and how to start playing New World, the highly anticipated Amazon MMO available today. 

After numerous delays and uncertainties, New World is finally officially available for all PC players (no consoles for now!) Starting today. The highly anticipated MMO of Amazon Games has finally opened its doors to all interested, after two beta more than populated and appreciated, with its vast open world and many game mechanics to be explored, known and learned. MMORPG fans, as well as those who have already tried the game with the trial versions, will surely feel at home, but there will also be those who will have to be accompanied in their first steps through this "new world". Precisely for this reason, this guide of ours is born! 

An introduction to the "New World" 

In this article, we will find out how to get started playing New World best, with a series of tricks, tips and mechanics to keep in mind while we are preparing to enter this new adventure. For many fans the following tips may be obvious and superfluous, that's for sure, but we still recommend reading to anyone who is ready to take turns in the new Amazon Games title: some details may escape even the most advanced players! 

The choice of weapons - New World: how to get started, tips and tricks to play at your best

In New World you will find, from the earliest stages of the game, many weapons from which you can choose your arsenal. We remind you that there are no predefined classes from which you can create your avatar, so you are simply called to choose the equipment that best suits your way of fighting. You can then choose, for example, an ax and a bow or a stirrup and a sword or any other combination you can think of.

The advice concerns, of course, the Weapon Mastery. Mastering the use of a weapon will allow you to unlock active and passive skills linked to that particular type of equipment and, if initially it seems to you something useless and collateral to your character level, with the passing of level ups and hours of play it will instead become a fundamental aspect. Then carefully choose the combination of weapons you want to carry out, based above all on the skills you want to unlock.

Watch out for the weight! - New World: how to get started, tips and tricks to play better

In the choice of weapons and equipment you must necessarily pay attention to the weight. A feature that the soulslike have made indispensable, but that all lovers of old RPGs know very well that it comes from illustrious times. It is obvious that, especially in the early stages of the game, the temptation is to get the armor with the best stats, but this could only apply to those who want to play as a tank, sacrificing mobility for a higher defense.

If, on the other hand, you want to be able to move with agility and dodge, you will have to pay close attention to the equipment you decide to wear. Also remember that your inventory also has a weight limit, which once exceeded will slow you down considerably. In this case, the advice is obviously to use the deposits scattered in the various camps, for keep your inventory as light as possible. 

Inn Recall - New World: how to get started, tips and tricks to play at your best

You will encounter the first of these camps after your first missions in New World, and while there is plenty to do around the area, we recommend that you explore the area well to unlock new quick travel points to the Shrines. And, speaking of fast travel, you can use the function of Inn Recall which will allow you, once you have spoken with the owner of a specific Inn, to teleport to that same Inn with a one-hour cooldown. You can only activate this feature for one Inn at a time. 

If we talk about tips and tricks and how to start playing New World, we cannot fail to mention the crafting. You can create items and equipment from the earliest stages of the game, although it is obvious that the feature will become more and more useful as your level and skills increase. However, the usefulness of crafting will be evident right away, as it will allow you to unlock some weapons first or create ammo and arrows for your ranged weapons. You can sell your delicacies to Trading Posts. 

Craft, craft, craft! - New World: how to get started, tips and tricks to play better

The crafting of the items is also partly available in the little ones fields that you can create within the game map. To create a camp, you obviously need to have the materials needed to craft it (and they can also be improved over time). Also, this gimmick will enable you to save time to avoid unnecessarily long journeys to the last inn you visited. We remind you that, although the Inn Recall feature is available, the New World map is truly vast and traveling will take you in immense amounts of time. 

Going back for a moment to the topic of weapons and equipment, although it is obvious we remind you that each object sees its durability decrease every time it is used (or every time you die). Always remember to check your equipment regularly and repair it whenever needed, using money and "Repair Parts". There are also Repair Kits, but you'll need to craft them using the Parts above.

Faction choice - New World: how to get started, tips and tricks to play at your best 

Moving on to sociability, in New World you will have to choose a faction to be part of once you have reached a certain part of the main story. There will be three factions to choose from: The Marauders, The Covenant e The Syndicate. If we leave out the purely aesthetic part, we can give you a couple of tips on how to choose it. Factions control different parts of the map, depending on the server chosen. In addition, of course, they will compete for the various territories to conquer them, so the first and obvious advice is to choose the strongest Faction in the server of your choice. 

The second tip is about guilds, or companies as they are called in New World. You can only join a Guild if it is part of the Faction of your choice, so take this into account if you plan to play New World with friends (and if you don't want to find yourself battling them in PvP). You can also choose to change Faction, but only when 120 days have passed since the last selection. 

Side missions and buying a house - New World: how to get started, tips and tricks for playing at your best

Once you have chosen a Faction, you can start taking part in Faction Quests, which, unlike the Town Missions (obtainable from the message boards available in the cities) do not donate large amounts of Experience Points. On the other hand, the faction missions raise the reputation of the same and, in addition, give a good variety of equipment more and more performing. As for the Town Missions, instead, they are more general side missions that can range from killing 20 bears to bringing a certain number of crafted items or materials to an NPC. These guarantee a good amount of experience points and the possibility of improving various aspects of the city, including the crafting stations. 

The more activities you carry out within your territories, the more benefits you will unlock in that particular area. For example, you can gain more experience, increase the speed of collecting materials or decrease trade taxes. Once you have reached territory level 10, the game will allow you to buy, in that same territory, a piece of land to build your house. To do this, you need to be level 15 and have a lot of money to spare. However, we advise you to save immediately, as having your own home offers a long series of advantages, in addition to the Recall function just like for the inns. In fact, you can increase your storage space and get buffs from the trophies that you hang on the walls ... 

Have fun! 

Here ends our guide on how to start playing New World at its best, a series of tricks and tips that many may consider trivial, but which will help novices and will certainly make fans discover some curiosities. Are you already playing the Amazon Games title? What do you think about it? Write it to us below in the comments, we will continue to keep you updated with all the news, guides and reviews on videogame and tech! And if you are interested in game keys at affordable prices, we recommend that you take a look at the InstantGaming catalog! 

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