New Pokemon Snap, tips and tricks to become a great photographer!

New Pokemon Snap is finally available for Nintendo Switch, and today we want to give you our valuable tips and tricks on how to become a great photographer

Pokémon fans have finally managed to get their hands on the latest spin-off from Nintendo, that is New Pokémon Snap. Thanks to this Switch exclusive (sequel to the '99 for Nintendo 64), players abandon the iconic poke Ball to arm yourself with a camera. Set in the Lentil region, this new adventure is based on collecting photographs of the most famous creatures ever. Today we have a number of tips and tricks in store for you to become a photographer in New Pokemon Snap!

How New Pokemon Snap works

For those new to this spin-off of the Pokemon series, a preview can only do good. In New Pokemon Snap we find ourselves immersed in a kind of simulation on tracks. The player chooses a starting point and an arrival point, moving from the first to the second aboard a ship called NEO-UNO. While it is not possible to move freely, the player has a number of camera-related checks, in addition to some features oriented to "attract" the Pokemon to get the right shot. After each tour, the player will have to choose the best photo to be analyzed and evaluated by the Professor Speculux. Let's find out how to improve your score thanks to our tips and tricks to become the best photographers in New Pokemon Snap.

Gotta Snap'em All! - New Pokemon Snap, tips and tricks to become a great photographer!

As already mentioned, the main goal of the game is to take the best possible photo to get a good score from Professor Speculux. To make this happen, you need to know some basic requirements and evaluation criteria to know in order to improve in your shots. The parameters in question are the following:

  • Number of stars: indicates the category of the Pokémon. It is important to get one-, two-, three- and four-star photos
  • Color of the stars: based on the score obtained, stars of four different colors and qualities can be obtained
  • Pose: indicates the coach's ability to take pictures at the right time
  • dimensions: indicates the size of the Pokémon in the photo
  • Gaze direction: indicates the orientation of the subject towards the camera lens. It is generally good use to catch the Pokemon from the front, but even a profile photo could sometimes receive a good score
  • Framing: indicates the position of the subject within the photo, generally it is good that it is in the center of the frame
  • Other Pokémon: if in the photo there are other Pokémon besides the subject it is possible to obtain additional points
  • Background: a Pokemon photographed against an impactful background gets a better score

La Cercaamera - New Pokemon Snap, tips and tricks to become a great photographer!

During the courses of New Pokémon Snap the player cannot move freely, but has complete freedom in the use of the camera. For this reason, it is very important personalize some settings of the camera search (this is the name) to leave nothing to chance. First of all, we advise you to change the movement sensitivity of the machine, setting higher values to be more responsive. In addition, we also recommend that you activate the Gyroscope of the console. Many Pokemon have the bad habit of being restless, and helping themselves with the sensor allows you to follow better with the lens and thus get a better photo.

To calibrate the machine settings, simply open the settings menu and select the tab "Camera". At that point, you just need to change the parameters of "Camera Speed" and "Viewfinder Speed". By selecting the menu instead "Game", in the settings you can find the item relating to the gyroscope, in the section "Motion Sensors".

The importance of gadgets - New Pokemon Snap, tips and tricks to become a great photographer!

Often in New Pokémon Snap, especially in the more advanced expeditions, it is not enough to shoot at the right time to get a high score. To remedy this, the precious gadgets intervene that our character has. Gadgets have special effects on Pokemon, and allow you to interact with the game world to "attract" creatures in order to get better photos. Thanks to Radar, for example, it is possible to spot Pokemon on the minimap and even lure them to bring them out into the open. There Melodyinstead, it will make the Pokemon dance allowing you to take better photos. Some gadgets like the Soft Apple they have different uses, such as luring Pokemon for a snack or hitting them unleashing their anger for more "action" shots.

Our advice in this regard is to experiment with the various gadget combos - Pokemon, over the course of different runs, to obtain different effects and consequently better and better photos.

One at a time - New Pokemon Snap, tips and tricks to become a great photographer!

This advice is related to the previous one that we have suggested. In New Pokemon Snap the replayability factor of each path is really high. Each area is full of blocked areas that can be accessed by leveling up and experience, where you can find new creatures or creatures engaged in otherwise not immortalable actions. Furthermore, the game is littered with secrets and easter eggs to find and collect. At each run of the various paths it is possible to notice and capture new details, previously inaccessible.

In New Pokemon Snap it therefore becomes of fundamental importance play the levels several times, especially in the early stages of the game. Already at the beginning, in fact, it is possible to run into blocked areas or lose some secrets. Consequently, the game will take us, after leveling up, to return to those areas to proceed in the adventure and get new shots (and consequently more experience points).

Ready for adventure

Well friends, these were our tips and tricks on how to become a photographer on New Pokemon Snap. We hope to have helped you with our valuable advice, and if you have anything else to report please let us know in the comments. New Pokemon Snap is now available on Nintendo Switch at a price of € 49,00 both digitally and in physical copy.

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