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In this guide on NBA 2K21 we will see how to improve player statistics: Speed, Acceleration, Strength, Vertical and Stamina

The new 2K Games NBA 21K2 is available a few days ago, and as always the player statistics are among the most important aspects of career mode. In this guide we will therefore see how to easily increase our player's Speed, Acceleration, Strength, Vertical and Stamina from their initial values.

The basics of career mode

As almost always with sports titles, the career is among the most prominent modes, and NBA 2K21 is no exception. In this mode we will be able to create our player with a very complete editor, which will allow us to choose the role, and physical and aesthetic attributes.

Arrived at the personalization of the player's Physical Profile, we will be able to distribute a choice of physical attributes: Agility, Strength and Vertical. Once you have chosen the starting ones in the NBA 2K21 career, it will be essential to improve the player's statistics, and they are there two ways to do it.

Buying Attribute Points With VCs - NBA 2K21: Improving Player Stats

The first way to improve your player's stats in NBA 2K21 is to buy attribute points with i VC, the in-game currency. Each statistic then has a maximum level, which can be increased with MyPoints also unlocking new upgrades. By increasing the maximum level and buying upgrades we will already partially increase all statistics.

As for obtaining VCs, the best method is certainly to earn them playing career. Based on your performance in the game and progressing through the mode, we will gradually earn more and more points. As almost always happens now, another way is to buy VCs directly with microtransactions.

Gatorade Gym - NBA 2K21: Improve Player Stats

The other way to increase player stats in NBA 2K21 is by taking advantage of the Gatorade Lecture. Every week you can improve the player with training mini-games that you find in the gym. However, it should be noted that these improvements can only be achieved once every seven days, and you have only one chance to do the workout successfully. 

To reach the Gatorade Gym, go to the Neighborhood and look for the Gatorade logo. Once you enter the gym, they will be there different minigames that you can complete. The better your performance in the minigame, the greater the stat boost.

Good workout!

We hope this guide on how to improve player stats in NBA 2K21 has been helpful to you! We remind you that the game has been available since September 4th on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Google Stadia, and will arrive later on Xbox Series X and PS5.

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