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Let's find out which are the best 3-point shooters in NBA 2K19, a fundamental that is increasingly transforming the sport from the "ball into wedges"

The 3-point shot is one of the most important fundamentals of basketball, especially in this last period in which it is used too often. Many overseas and European coaches base their attacking strategies on danger from the perimeter.

What are you, gamers and the NBA 2K19 “video-coaches” to adopt these tactics? To do this you will certainly need excellent shooters or those who do 3-point shot their daily bread and their main characteristic. 

NBA 2K19: here are the best 3-point shooters

Here are the 4 best shooters of NBA 2K19, or even better those who under the heading "3-point shooting" in the characteristics have like vote A +.

Kevin Durant (GS Warriors) | The best 3-point shooters 

KD, The Snake or whatever you want to call him he is certainly one of the best players in all of NBA 2K19 and one of those who have been entrusted with one of the highest overall in the game, 97 to be exact, and besides being dangerous in any fundamental is one of the most dangerous even from the bow. Its ability to create a shot are almost infinite, you can use it as a blocker and then free it on the perimeter, you can shoot 3 from the dribble and again you can take advantage of your schemes and have the player himself create a space to slip into a nice triple! The team he plays for is certainly one that is able and can afford (as we will soon find out) to abuse the 3-point shot; you just have to play with Durant and have fun shooting from any angle and position!

Stephen Curry (GS Warriors) | The best 3-point shooters

In a few years it will be said that the NBA has lived through an era pre Curry ed una post Curry, yes, Steph fully embodies the "revolution" of the game. A game that is now going in a very specific direction that can be summarized in a simple affirmation: 3 points are better than 2! With Curry you will have practically no limits to the possibilities of shooting, from dribbling, after a discharge, after a block, freeing it from the corner and, why not, also well beyond the 9 meter line as Steph himself has accustomed us to. The attention that the defenses will place towards Curry will be very particular, be prepared to suffer many fouls (good for you, considering the percentages of Curry to free throws) and to be doubled, this will lead you to take advantage of Steph's ability from 3 not only to score with him but also to find your free teammates; here you are catapulted in the evolution of basketball targata Steph Curry!

Klay Thompson (GS Warriors) | The best 3-point shooters

Password: Catch and Shoot! This is the main characteristic of the second member of the "Splash Brothers" (the other is Curry), or literally translated "catch and pull". Klay Thompson certainly does not shine for dribbling skills but he has the ability to hold the ball in his hand for a few seconds and in those few seconds produce points upon points, especially from 3! It will be up to you to find the right pattern to free his fairy hands from the perimeter. In one of the latest releases of the season, Klay himself beat the previous record (always his) of 3-point baskets scored in a single game, well 14, for a total of 52 points made on the scoresheet. In short, with Thompson you can rest assured, free him, pass him a good ball and add 3 points to your NBA 2K19 scoresheet, a sentence!

Kyle Korver (Cleveland Cavaliers) | The best 3-point shooters

More than two thousand triples scored in his career by the veteran of this particular ranking, obviously we are talking about Kyle Korver! His name could not be missing, the name of one of the best shooters in the history of this game, one of those who made the 3-point shooting the basis of his career. In his thirteenth NBA season under the Cleveland Cavs, Kyle Korver continues to add triple over triples to his stats. The Cavs are orphans of Lebron James but it will be up to you not to let Korver himself be orphaned of the 3-pointer, as for Thompson, the Catch and Shoot will also be important for him and the schemes that will allow him to free him from the bow. My advice is to use it as a blocker using the assists of your teammates or to take advantage of the its exit of the blocks, a movement that despite its age still performs with an out of the ordinary cleanliness and elegance!

These were the best 3-point shooters for NBA 2K19, have fun with them and make the most of this fundamental. You just have to press the right arrow and "Free the shooters"! Don't you like the Warriors or the Cavs and don't know how to use and in which team to put these players? Follow our previous guide to the best franchises to use in a MY GM mode.

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