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A little more than a month after the release of NBA 2K19, after having appreciated the various technical qualities of the title and after having played many games, using most of the teams, we sum up and try to identify the best franchises with which to start a MY GM mode

Have you bought NBA 2K19 and can't find the right team to fill the role of general manager? Don't know which city to drive crazy with joy at the end of the season? Here is a guide that could be for you with some useful advice.

MY GM: Eastern Conference | NBA 2K19: the best franchises

Let's start our tips with the Eastern Conference: Philadelphia 76ers and Miami Heat! 


Wade-James-Bosh, Pierce-Garnett-Allen, Embiid-Simmons-Fultz! It's up to you and your GM skills to bring these in three bad boys in the Olympus of NBA basketball. You will have to find the right balance and the right system in which to insert your big three: take advantage of Fultz's strong propensity for improvement trying to work on his 3-point shot, as well as take advantage of the excellent physical and athletic qualities of the good Simmons with whom you can become magicians of penetrations (much more articulated in this NBA2k19); finally do not forget the giant Cameroonian Joel Embiid, one of the best centers in the league who offensively is able to be dangerous in any situation (post, average shot, 3-pointers and under the basket). Defensively take advantage of Embiid's ability to rebound and matches in transition with the sprinters available to coach Brown's roster.

Expectations and objectives: Conference finals.


The best offense is defense… Wasn't that right? Well, go tell coach Spoelstra that he does defense and his famous "system" the strength of the Miami Heat. A well-tested team with which you can defend both man and zone avoiding taking risks and often sending your opponents to the bezel. Offensively there will be some more problems as the balanced system of your Heat does not provide for a fast and fluid game, but a low-paced maneuver: there will be a need to create patterns in training or exploit some already existing ones, if then things should get complicated you can take advantage of the isolations of Dwayne Wade (last year in the NBA) coming off the bench. Furthermore, a good GM of the Heat must be aware of the value of the deductible and thepalatability on the city market it represents: use it to get some interesting trades.

Expectations and objectives: Conference semifinals.

MY GM: Western Conference | NBA 2K19: the best franchises 

We conclude with our tips for the Western Conference: Phoenix Suns and Los Angeles Lakers!


“Me with Devin Booker the new Kobe and Shaq 2.0”. These are the words of Deandre Ayton, first pick in the 2018 draft, once he arrived in Arizona at the court of coach Kokoskov, the first European coach to sit on an NBA bench. A very presumptuous but at the same time stimulating statement that lets you easily imagine what kind of game you can adopt with the Suns: take advantage of the pick'n roll and the game for two, one of the offensive strategies at your disposal. As for the defense it will be very interesting to take on the role of the good Kokoskov and lead a bit of healthy Europe overseas, with a very masculine man defense and setting a great concentration on rebounds, thus exploiting the athleticism and verticality of your youngsters.

Expectations and objectives: Conference finals in three years.


Lebron James in “purple and gold”, need anything else? Playing with Lebron James is always a lot of fun, doing it with the Lakers shirt and at Staples Center it is even more so. Funny yes, but at the same time not simple as you will have to try to mix a team with little harmony, as it has been recently built, to do this the choices of your GM cards that you will get at each level advancement will be fundamental. You will have to focus a lot on the psychological aspect and on the affinity of the players who make up your virtual dressing room; talk a lot with them and try to give everyone the right reasons to give their best on the parquet! A different challenge that goes beyond simple performance on the pitch.

Expectations and objectives: NBA Finals in Two Years.

NBA 2K19: The Best Franchises To Start With MY GM

With this guide I have tried to show you the best 4 franchises (2 for conference) with which to have fun in the versatile and interesting GM mode of the 2K SPORTS home title. Finally, I would like to say that the choice of these teams does not take into account personal emotional involvement and cheering and I would also add to be wary of those who use the hyper buggy (even in reality) Golden State Warriors!

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