Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, weapons guide for the Safi'jiiva

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With the next update of Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, the siege of the Safi'jiiva will arrive on PC, here is a guide to the best weapons

After the guide to the siege of Safi'jiiva, it's time to talk about the weapons obtainable from the red dragon. In fact, for those who follow Monster Hunter World on PS4 and Xbox One he knows how devastating these new tools are. The new meta is almost entirely based on Safi weapons, and the possibility of customization through awakenings can be confusing for the less experienced. It is therefore our duty to give you some advice through this small guide to Safi'jiiva weapons and the new wonders released by Capcom.

In these paragraphs, I will try to best summarize the most popular weapons and builds depending on your class. The usefulness of certain weapons should not be underestimated as regards the siege itself, as it will occupy a large part of your future hours of play. Many of these builds will have a lot in common since the needs of different weapons often coincide. However, it should be noted that the builds shown will only ideally be meta, and that for obvious reasons of bad luck we weren't able to get the right decorations in time. In any case, take this guide as a suggestion.

Ready for combat

The broadsword is a tremendously slow but powerful weapon at the same time. Its finisher is useful for breaking the chest and cutting off the tail of the Safi, so in raids it is a very popular weapon. Strong, slow but also simple. In fact, it is not difficult to understand how to awaken the weapon: just invest everything in the attack. Skills like Teostra's Technique (Master's Touch) or the Safi armor ability will be pretty futile, as will any regeneration boosts. Indeed, it is good to invest in skills such as instigator, attack bonus, concentration and everything related to critical damage.

Damascus armor, which contains a minimum of concentration, is essential if you prefer to use the sling as a short-cut for the greatsword finisher. Otherwise it is better to re-evaluate the build, perhaps removing a partbreaker. Attack Bonus, Instigator and the three values ​​related to critical damage are the basis of the build, then accompanied by Concentration and other more or less useful skills.

The dragon weapon in particular serves for the seal it applies to the Safi, but for this purpose if you have thereand weapons of the Reaper Nergigante you should use them. The best alternative to the elemental broadsword is the blast one, a real marvel, to be built like all the others: aim for the attack.

Remember that the defense bonus is not the best protection, but invested in health bonuses. That said, you don't need much else for the Greatsword, the bonus of the Safi armor itself is superfluous. Just increase the damage as much as possible and make the most of the weapon's moveset.

Non-elemental Melee - Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Safi'jiiva weapons guide

For other melee weapons, a common denominator can be found: Master's Touch. That is, the ability of the Teostra's armor that allows the weapon not to lose sharpness when making a critical hit. For the longsword, swordsman, insect glaive, hammer and shield & sword is the key skill to have in the weapon. In fact, in addition to attack, defense, affinity, slot and element, Safi weapons will contain a value that can be accumulated to a piece of armor. Teostra's Tech skill will have you counting an extra piece of Elder Dragon armor in your gear.

That said, the weapons listed above are the ones that benefit the most from this ability. If you want, it is possible to build a loaded blade in the same way, perhaps bursting, but for the elementals the Safi'jiiva bonus is too much throat. The longsword, not relying on elemental damage, is a good example for a "typical" build.

The two skill acuity awakened are used to make the weapon go up to the purple bar, useful for endless reasons between extra damage and shots without rebound. If the longsword is elemental don't worry about the elemental value, because the longsword's most devastating attacks scale really badly on the attribute. A Safi-Teostra mix is ​​ideal for this type of weapon, and also applies to the Sword Ax and all the other melee weapons mentioned above.

Crackling Alternatives - Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Safi'jiiva weapons guide

The big flaw of Safi'jiiva weapons lies in their low element / status, at least compared to other weapons already present in-game. For the loaded blade, the Beotudus weapon is still a viable alternative, as is that of the Glavenus. Elemental scaling is sadly bad, which is why element-based Safi weapons (charged blade and dual blades) should be awakened with Element, not Attack. Small note: the double blades can avoid being placed side by side with the Teostra set, but it is necessary to keep the sharpness with the frostcraft and the various Extension jewels.

The insect glaive follows a similar line to blast weapons, and it's good to do this with a Safi set mixed with the Kaiser. If you want, you can add the Gym Chest (an event equipment coming very soon) to have three slots of one and level three Instigator already active. This will help you with the jewels and still allow you to do respectful damage while not using the Safi set bonus, which I remember will take your life away with every hit, only to return it to it at the end of the combo (if all hits hit). The spear is a forgotten weapon, while for the Gunlance the build remains similar to the Charge Blade.

As frightening as the Safi'jiiva bonus set may be, in the end just put a Regeneration I upgrade to the weapon to not suffer too much from this malus. It's not very similar to speed-runs and big numbers, but it will make you feel safe and warm, without too much traumatization.. The hunting horn, which runs black throughout the game, uses the same way as regards the states (sleep, poison and outbreak), but for the element it is good to combine it with the skill "Deity of Velkhana", so as to have the elemental bonus of he needs. The attack melody is the most useful, so go for it and play good music for your team.

Let's keep our distance - Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Safi'jiiva weapons guide

Light crossbow, heavy crossbow and bow are the last three Safi'jiiva weapons in the guide and the game. As you well know, these are objects that require special jewels and pieces of armor. It's hard to route any player right, because even a single misplaced decoration (foresight, bow charge bonus, etc.) could cause you to trash your weapon. Usually, light crossbows are the most in need, but thanks to the new Safi Aquashot crossbow, things have changed. With a high rate of fire and the ability to fire second tier explosive ammo, the Safi'jiiva has encountered a new counter.

With a tremendously cheap set and fairly affordable decorations, the Sticky ammo build is the go-to for new crossbow users. You can get used to the crossbow in total tranquility, keeping yourself at the right distance from the creatures thanks to the characteristic of the sticky ammo. In fact, they will stick to the monster and will not bounce off its hard skin (reason for the existence of the foresight jewel). Also, thanks to the rapid fire on the Sticky 2 the damage will be substantial, while the Sticky 3 will help you to stun monsters quickly.

With Artillery 5, your damage can reach 150 per bullet, and with the Essence of the Nargacuga, saving ammo will allow you to hit continuously. The Slide Tackle Reload modification (two units) is essential, as is the Stabilizer (always 2 units). I remind new players of the crossbow to always carry the second and third level gunpowders, the explosive bullets 1 and above all the explosive nuts.

Another way - Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Safi'jiiva weapons guide

The second use for this crossbow is that of the elemental attack with water projectiles. As deadly as ever and fast in execution, elemental projectiles allow you to not rely on critical damage. This build will be vital for breaking the Safi'jiiva's wings, and it will give you a lot of satisfaction.

With the complete Safi set, the damage will get heavier and heavier, and it is therefore necessary to invest in the element and on the physical attack of the bullets. After all, critical damage doesn't matter to us, and the combination with Velkhana doesn't bring much benefit. The three Stabilizers in the modifications along with the Assisted Reloading will allow you a fluid and precise gameplay, while the Elemental Capacity will greatly increase your rate of fire with each reload. The build of the other light crossbows is very similar, since the needs are those, but the aquatic Safi is the most popular in the meta.

As for the bow, I have no build to show you because of the blessed Mighty Bow, but the meta hasn't changed at all. The armor is still that of the Silver Rathalos, and the Safi bow should fill it with elemental awakenings.. That blast on the other hand can be used with a full-set Safi, and is the first case of a raw-damage bow. The results are excellent, but there is not much more to say.

Heavy crossbow, expensive but effective - Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Safi'jiiva weapons guide

The latest weapon is the heavy crossbow, which also doesn't rely on Safi armor in most cases. However, it is necessary to keep an eye on the Fan Cannon which allows you to play spread-ammo and do substantial damage. The essence of the Nargacuga is also advisable in this case, combined with the helmet and gloves of the creature. Kirin's breast and Yan Garuga leggings will help you with the critical eye, this time very important for damage, as well as the Odogaron coil.

A rather inexpensive build that is based on a lot of decorations and amulets. The block amulet will be essential to have Guard at 5, as well as the fan bonus for the spread ammo. The attack bonus will not be strictly necessary, but if you have the possibility to insert it, so be it. For damage, the "Short Range" modification must be inserted in at least two units, leaving the rest for the shield.

For awakening, an attack buff is required, while an extra 3 slot could make you comfortable for jewels, being very demanding as a weapon. It is also good to increase the capacity of the fanned ammo and add a stabilizer. Not having had the opportunity to complete this build, we advise you to refer to the guide of the Youtube channel of the Darkside Team. Surely they will know how to deepen the subject properly.

Good hunting

And this introductory guide to weapons of the Safi'jiiva is also over. We hope it was helpful and showed you the best way to build your build. For those who decide to use the Safi's armor and its bonus, the meta recommends the use of Resentment, as well as Instigator. So stay connected on Holygamerz for more news.

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