MotoGP 20: tips and tricks for new players

Let's see in this guide the best tricks and tips for playing MotoGP 20, which for novice players can be really frustrating

Released a few days ago, MotoGP 20 is undoubtedly one of the best chapters in the Milestone series. Also thanks to the absence for obvious reasons of the season that should have taken place in this period, the title will certainly attract many new players. If MotoGP 20 is the first chapter of the series you try, however, at the beginning it may seem really difficult and frustrating.

Unfortunately, the game does not present any actual tutorials for novice players, but with some advice, all accidents and falls can quickly turn into perfect overtaking and braking. In this guide we will then see the best tricks and tips for start playing your best the MotoGP 20.

It starts from the bottom

The first piece of advice we give you to initially approach MotoGP 20 is that of starting from the bottom. If you immediately decide to throw yourself into a MotoGP competition impersonating Valentino Rossi and deactivating all the driving aids, in fact, you will probably end up on the asphalt within a few seconds. First of all, therefore, we recommend starting from Moto3, in which the cars are much slower and more manageable.

It is then essential to activate all the driving aids, which will make the title easier and help in understanding the basic mechanics behind the game. By improving you can then conveniently deactivate progressively all the aids, keeping both the level of challenge and the fun always high. Among the tricks and tips for playing MotoGP 20 that we can give you, these first 2 are undoubtedly the most important.

MotoGP 20: tips and tricks for new players

Communication is the key to success - MotoGP 20: tips and tricks

Another very important help given by the game for novice players is theTrack Engineer. Through the engineer we will be able to greatly simplify the fundamental process of motorcycle preparation at every race. Speaking with the engineer we can directly select from a menu which aspect of the driving experience does not satisfy us, and he will do automatically all necessary changes.

In the case of career mode, then try the various adjustments in free practice, until you find the definitive set-up to use in the race. Always in free practice it is important to experiment with the management of the fuel, to see if you need more than recommended or you can get away with less. If the fuel consumption seems too high, adjust the power mapping, setting it to level “01” or “00” (ECO).

MotoGP 20: tips and tricks for new players

Get to know each track thoroughly - MotoGP 20: tips and tricks

Especially once the guide help of the ideal path, knowing the routes is fundamental in MotoGP 20. The key to increasing your game speed is in fact always knowing where to accelerate, where to brake, and where to brake. Let's say that the goal is to always mentally be “a curve ahead” with respect to where we are.

Obviously to improve in this last point the only thing to do is to play, and in particular before the races try to do the as many laps as possible on the track with the various free practices and qualifications.

MotoGP 20: tips and tricks for new players

The climb to success takes time

In summary, therefore, the important thing is leave slowly and with all the necessary help, and increase the speed and difficulty only with time and patience. We hope this guide on the best tips and tricks for MotoGP 20 has been of help to you, and we refer you to the review if you want to know more about Milestone's latest effort. 

We remind you that MotoGP 20 is available from 23th April on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. For other guides, news, reviews and specials on the gaming world, go to the dedicated section on our site!

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