Marvel's Avengers: Checklist on PS4 and Xbox One

Marvel's Avengers checklist on PS4 and Xbox One isn't the most complex around. Let's go and see it in this guide

You just bought on day one Marvel's Avengers and your hero seems convulsed as he moves because you don't understand anything about it commands? Don't worry, we'll take care of clearly illustrating the PS4 and Xbox One checklist. The list in question is not the shortest given that the Avengers can perform different types of actions but it gets much worse. Let's now give some brief basic information on the title in question.

A cross-platform project

It arrives today in physical and digital stores Marvel's Avengers. The game is available on Google Stadia, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 e Xbox One. At a later time, versions will also arrive PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. On the latter, as previously announced, the game will be much better in its visual component and the free upgrade will be available for those who have already purchased the current-gen version. Furthermore, if you go to play the title on the new consoles you can start with the progress already made previously.

Marvel's Avengers is basically a action-adventure in terza persona playable both in single and cooperative mode up to a maximum of 4 players. The game was born from the collaboration of Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal. Square Enix instead it took care of the publication. In the title, you are going to impersonate the 6 basic heroes (Iron Man, Black Widow, Thor, Hulk and Ms. Marvel) intent on investigating a mysterious new threat.

The game's missions are organized into two categories: "Hero Missions“, e “Warzone Missions”. The former are the single player campaign quests (which should last around 12 hours), while the latter can be played in co-op o da soli. In full SHIELD style This time the Avengers headquarters will be a helicopter pad, from which you can access essentially all the contents of the game. We now proceed to list the checklist on PS4 and Xbox One.

The controls on PlayStation 4 - Marvel's Avengers: the checklist on PS4 and Xbox One

What you see below in this list is the list of controls on PS4 of Marvel's Avengers, for those of Xbox One skip directly to the next paragraph. It is a complete list so if you miss something, read it more carefully:

  • Moving: Left Analog
  • Move the camera: right analog
  • Shoot: L3
  • Skip: X 
  • Lock on target: R3 
  • Switch target: Right analog stick (with target already locked)
  • Dodging: Circle 
  • Light Attack / Interacting with NPCs: Square 
  • Heavy Attack: Triangle
  • Heroic Assault Move: R1 
  • Attacking from a distance / Parry: R2
  • Aim: long press of L2 
  • Support Heroic Move: L1 
  • Ultimate Heroic Move: L1 + R1 
  • Character Menu: Click on the Touchpad 
  • Tactical Intelligence: up arrow 
  • Emote: down arrow 

Xbox One Controls - Marvel's Avengers: Checklist on PS4 and Xbox One

After watching PS4 we now proceed with the list of you control Xbox One in Marvel's Avengers. This is also a complete list so if you don't know how to execute a command read it more carefully:

  • Moving: Left Analog
  • Move the camera: right analog
  • Shoot: LS 
  • Jump to 
  • Lock on target: RS 
  • Switch target: right analog stick (only with target already locked)
  • Dodged: B 
  • Light Attack / Interacting with NPCs: X 
  • Heavy Attack: Y
  • Heroic Assault Move: RB 
  • Ranged Attack / Parry: Rt 
  • Aim: Press and hold LT 
  • Support Heroic Move: LB 
  • Ultimate Heroic Move: LB + RB 
  • Character Menu: Back 
  • Tactical Intelligence: up arrow of the digital cross
  • Emote: Digital cross down arrow

Child's play

That's all. Now you know perfectly the checklist on PS4 and Xbox One from Marvel's Avengers. As you have seen this is not about nothing too complex. The slightly more difficult part to master is that relating to the special moves of the Avengers since there are quite a few. Nothing however that doesn't get perfected with a little practice anyway.

Thank you for taking the time to read this guide. Here you will find another useful for the Trophies of the game in question. We will keep you updated on future developments regarding this title. Stay tuned to Holygamerz for all the news and curiosities from the gaming world and beyond.

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