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Let's see together, in our short guide, the complete trophy list of Lost in Random, the action-adventure of Zoink and Electronic Arts arrived on shelves all over the world today, 10 September

Today, September 10, is very demanding from a videogame and entertainment point of view. If we consider only the “major” titles, today we see the release of Tales of Arise, Life is Strange: True Colors, NBA 2K22 and WarioWare: Get it Together. Little stuff, in short. In addition, also from today, also Lost in Random, the particular action-adventure by Zoink and Electronic Arts, is officially available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and Nintendo Switch. We have already talked about what to know before starting to play it in a dedicated article, which you can find by clicking here, but in the past few hours the official trophy list of the title has also been released. So we turn to you, trophy hunters! 

Before starting

The complete Lost in Random trophy list consists of 41 total statuettes, of which 23 bronze, 15 silver, 2 gold and the inevitable platinum trophy. As always in this type of guides we repeat that, although the descriptions of the trophies are exclusively the official ones given by the developers, these may still contain spoiler of weft. For this reason, we do not recommend continuing with the reading to all those who do not want to receive any kind of preview on Lost in Random. That said, let's get started! 

Part XNUMX of the Bronze Trophies - Lost in Random: Complete Trophy List Revealed!

Let's see together the first half of the bronze trophies: 

  • Door-to-nut: Open your first dice door.
  • All for all: Play 8 cards in the same turn.
  • From the bomb to the grave: Defeat 3 of the Queen's henchmen with a single bomb.
  • Spooky stories: Help the lost girl in Triscordia.
  • Gazoo, Gazaak!: Win a game of Gazoo, Gazaak!
  • Bernie combinaguai: Help Bernie find his way with the talkie-walkie.
  • End of the nightmare: Find and defeat the Shadow Man once and for all.
  • Happy birthday: Complete the introduction.
  • Runaway: Hide on the ship.
  • It's your destiny, Even: Find your own die.
  • The way home: Return to Alea.
  • Two sides of the same coin: Merge the two personalities of the mayor.

Part XNUMX of the Bronze Trophies - Lost in Random: Complete Trophy List Revealed!

We finish the bronze trophies with the second half: 

  • The forgetful guard: Find all the clues to help Neeshka regain her memory.
  • One way to Sest'Incanto: Get on the arachnocar in secret.
  • For the nut's sake: Reunite with Dicey.
  • On the right track: Meet the Witch of the Vale.
  • On with life!: Receive a pep talk from Death.
  • Sweet dreams: Receive your dream card.
  • The rhyme is served: Defeat Ocadnis in the battle of rhymes.
  • Fortune (does not) help the bold: Fight against the Tata.
  • Either the purse or the life: Defeat the Saccoccia Brothers.
  • ding dong: Defeat the Tata.
  • For better or for worse: Save your sister.

Silver Trophies - Lost in Random: Complete Trophy List Revealed!

Let's find out the silver trophies together:

  • Check mate: Win your first board game.
  • On guard!: Take no damage in battle for at least 5 minutes.
  • Sharp ingenuity: Complete a battle without using any Weapon cards.
  • Card collector: Buy all of Max Mazzieri's cards.
  • A sharp pair: Defeat 3 of the Queen's henchmen using the same Sharp Edge.
  • Public danger: Hit 50 pots.
  • Knock Knock: Go home and knock.
  • There's no two without three: Try to open the door leading to Triscordia ahead of time.
  • Once upon a time: Collect all the lost pages of the storybook.
  • Everyone to the port: Solve the Primagoras riddle.
  • Build bridges: Solve the riddle of the Borgodoppio tower.
  • Upside down: Solve the puzzle of Caporovescio.
  • Aim infallible: Solve the Triscordia riddle.
  • Lover of catapults: Solve the Quattrobische riddle.
  • Juggle: Solve the Pentatropolis riddle.

The Gold Trophies and the Platinum Trophy - Lost in Random: Complete Trophy List Revealed! 

We are approaching the end with the two gold trophies:

  • At the mercy of chance: Complete the game.
  • Champion of puzzles: Solve all the puzzles.

Finally, let's find out the title of the Lost in Random platinum trophy! 

  • Long live Alea!: Complete the game and collect all trophies.

Have fun! 

The complete Lost in Random trophy list ends here. Have you already purchased the Zoink Games title published by Electronic Arts? What do you think about it? Write it to us below in the comments, we will continue to keep you updated with all the news, guides and reviews on videogame and tech! And if you are interested in game keys at affordable prices, we recommend that you take a look at the InstantGaming catalog! 

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