Lego DC Super Villains: where to find the Red Bricks | Guide

Here is a guide entirely dedicated to Lego DC Super Villains, where we will help you in the search for the Red Bricks and we will reveal some tricks to unlock the characters using the cheat codes

The bane of the players? Obviously the collectible items within videogames… always if we can talk about ruin! Because in reality it is not enough to complete the main campaign to finish a game at 100%, but to reach this coveted goal you will also have to hunt for collectibles.

Like any self-respecting LEGO video game, too Lego DC Super Villains has collectibles to collect or i Red Bricks, literally Red Bricks. In this guide we will help you find them all, indicating their exact locations. We will also list some tricks that can be activated thanks to gods cheat codes that will allow you to unlock some cool things inside Lego DC Super Villains.

You are ready? Let's go!

Lego DC Super Villains: where to find the Red Bricks | Guide

In Lego DC Super Villains there are in total 20 Red Bricks to find, one in each normal level and one also within each bonus level. To keep track of your progress and know the exact number of how many bricks you have collected, it will be enough for you take the elevator and go up in STAR Labs a Metropolids: here you will see exactly which ones you own. Also, as always, the Red Bricks you collect can also be used for unlock new skills and upgrade your character.

Below you will find the list it indicates the exact location of the Red Bricks in each of the levels of Lego DC Super Villains.

Normal levels

  1. Climb into the Clock tower and check in the hands of the golden statue. Here you will find a Red Brick.
  2. To find the second brick, just swim in a aquarium, which you can find on the second floor of the building.
  3. Quickly hit all five targets within the laboratory to find the third brick.
  4. Get on the roof over the party and here you will find a statue: destroy it and you will find the fourth brick.
  5. During the battle against Hugo Strange you will surely notice the presence of one golden grate. Destroy it and you will have access to a secret area inside which you will find the brick.
  6. Now you will have to show off all your green thumb skills by growing plants that reflect light, then using them to light up the central dome and find the brick.
  7. Walk among the waste boats to find another brick, but be very careful! Barges are called “hazardous”, that is, risky, for a very specific reason… they blow up!
  8. On the display you will find another brick and to get it you have to jump in the right direction to make it the your reflection to collect it.
  9. You will find another brick singing a cheerful song to a sea beast. So you will also make her happy!
  10. Another brick is inside one safe and to open it you will need to enter a three-digit code. To discover the code to type, all you have to do is use the detective vision.
  11. Use mind control on the Party Parademon… And poof, here's another brick!
  12. We are sure you have all noticed the Amazonian bells. You have a great desire to play them, right? Well, what are you waiting for! This will earn you another brick!
  13. The next brick is a little harder to find. First of all find the graffiti wall in the Hall of Justice and once you find it, mark it to destroy it. Then mount the treadmill, get on it and run on it using the Flash's powers. By doing this you will get 10 pieces in the Force of Speed, which you will have to assemble in turn to create a container containing a Red Brick.
  14. To find the next brick you will have to launch from the offices of the Wayne way, obviously gliding. At this point you will find two portals and, after activating both of them, a cabinet will appear inside which a Red Brick has been placed.
  15. The last brick is hidden on top of the throne of Darksied.

Bonus levels

In Lego DC Super Villains there are five bonus levels. Here is the position of the Red Bricks inside them:

  1. Activate thelock switch under the giant gear and chain to find a brick.
  2. Fate grow a flower while battling Stompa to find another brick. It is complicated, but doable!
  3. Scratch the wall that is there near the starting area of ​​the level. And here's another brick!
  4. The next Red Brick is in Kanto trophy room.
  5. The last coveted brick is in the Granny area.

Lego DC Super Villains: all cheat codes to unlock characters | Guide

The characters of Lego DC Super Villains are really numerous and of course they are all unlockable simply by playing. However, if you are super impatient, there are gods cheat codes that allow you to immediately unlock the characters. Below is the complete list, but we want to warn you that using these codes you will not complete mission objectives related to the character you want to unlock with the cheat. In short, the character will unlock but the objectives of the related mission will remain to be completed.

Use them as you see fit! Here's the list:

  • Clayface: YUCOP3
  • General zod: D8577
  • Black canary: ND6AL
  • Harley Quinn: PLG1Z
  • Detective Chimp: BQWSG
  • Green Lantern John Stewart: KNJ2P
  • Firestorm: HFMHM
  • Adam strange: QF7NT
  • Clock King: Z6AU7
  • Blue Beetle: 8VV5Q
  • Doctor Fate: KPTCC
  • Red Tornado: CKDRF
  • Monseiur Mallah: GM9MX
  • Atrocitus: 9RHJJ
  • Dexstarr: KFLQM
  • Hawk Girl: LNSB9
  • Martian manhunter: Y7MFR
  • Land: F79GU
  • Star sapphire: QD2GY
  • Dr Light: 6NWX5
  • Lady Shiva: XQP2L
  • Jessica Cruz: S5DB6
  • Doctor Poison: GWWBS
  • Toyman: VB5AS
  • Plasticman: E6HUY
  • Mr Mxyzptlk: NURPU
  • Red Robin: JNLPY
  • The Trickster: YRZMS
  • Ravage: UVWHS
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