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Facebook makes available a function dedicated to videos. The social network allows users to stream videos uploaded to Facebook through devices such as Apple TV or Google Chromecast to their home TV, to watch movies on a larger screen.

The Facebook Watch application can also be used on LG TVs equipped with the webOS operating system and the supported models are those produced from 2014 to 2020. The aforementioned app. it is available in the LG Content Store on compatible TVs and allows you to access all the videos on Facebook. "

This news may appear particularly interesting for those who want to have fun or engage in watching on TV, the same videos that can be viewed on a computer or smartphone, using the Facebook app.

In this article we will see how to use Facebook on a Smart TV.

Preliminary information

As we said, for some years now, a variant of Facebook for Smart TV has been available: Facebook Watch. This gives us the opportunity to watch the videos on the Facebook pages that we follow and those of our friends. Together with other videos offered directly from the social network.

Facebook Watch is available for LG Smart TVs (for 2014 and later models), Samsung (for 2015 and later models) and other platforms including Xbox One, Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV Stick / Cube. For a complete list of supported devices go to the site by pressing on the item Supported TV platforms.

We will then try to explain how to download and use Facebook Watch, using a Samsung Smart TV.

We will also see how to use the Facebook app on the TV starting from a smartphone, tablet or computer.

How to install Facebook on Smart TV

  • Make sure the TV is connected to the Internet. To connect the Smart TV to a Wi-Fi or wired network, the modem must be turned on and working,
  • switch on the TV, press the Menu button on the remote control and choose the Settings item from the menu, by pressing the OK button or the center button,
  • from Settings, go to Network or Internet connection,
  • follow the on-screen instructions to connect the TV to the Internet via Wi-Fi or Ethernet. In the first case, you will have to choose the network to connect to and type in the access key; in the second, just connect the TV to the router via an Ethernet cable.
    On a Samsung TV this operation must be performed by pressing the Settings button on the remote control.
  • using the menu, with the arrow keys, select the item General,
  • press the Enter key (the one with the square symbol and the arrow located between the directional arrows), then
  • re-enter the Enter key on the Network item,
  • click on the Enter key under Open network settings,
  • choose the type of network to which you want to connect the TV by pressing the Enter key on the Wireless or Wired item.

Once this is done:

  • click the Enter key on your network name,
  • type the network key and press the Enter key on the Done button on the right side of the on-screen keyboard.

Install Facebook Watch on Smart TV

Once the Smart TV is connected to the Internet, let's see how to install Facebook Watch:

  • open the TV menu by pressing the appropriate button on the remote control (the latter could be called Home and have the house symbol),
  • click on the central button under the item concerning the store (virtual shop) from which to download the applications,
  • you can use the search bar integrated in the store and type "facebook watch" or search for it in the available apps,
  • identified Facebook Watch, press on its name (it has a monitor icon with a triangle),
  • click on Download (or Install or Download).

How to download Facebook on Samsung Smart TV with the account already configured:

  • press the Home button on the remote control (the one with the house symbol),
  • scroll left in the submenu visible on the screen,
  • go to Apps and press the Enter key,
  • inside the store, move to the upper right corner of the screen with the directional arrows and press Enter on the magnifying glass icon,
  • type "facebook watch" and click Enter on the Done button,
  • Repeat this last button on the app icon in the list.

To finish:

  • click the Enter key on the Install button.
  • several Samsung Smart TVs have the app pre-installed, and this last step may not be required.

Watch Facebook on Smart TV

The use of the Facebook Watch app on Smart TV is the same for each device. Let's take into consideration today the one on LG Smart TV, with the enter key called OK.
You will need to use a mobile device or computer connected to the Internet to link your account.

  • Start the app from the menu of those available,
  • press the Menu button on the remote control (or the Home button),
  • select Facebook Watch in the submenu,
  • press the central button on the remote control on its icon to start it. With a Samsung Smart TV, touch the Home key, scrolling through the icons of the various apps in the submenu and pressing the Enter key on the Facebook Watch one.

If it is not present in the submenu, it is necessary to follow the same steps taken into consideration in the previous chapter to download the app (in this case the system will show that the app is already installed on the TV and that it can be started directly from the Samsung store).

Once the app starts:

  • move down in the left menu list,
  • press the Enter key on the Login item,
  • press the Enter key on the Continue button on the right.

An on-screen code will appear:

  • connect with any browser for PC or mobile devices at,
  • log in to our account (if necessary) and enter the code that appeared on the TV in the only compilation field,
  • from here press the Continue button.

From now on, the account and our preferences will be automatically synchronized with the app on Smart TV.

Let's go and see the contents:

  • press the Enter key on the Home item, in the left menu list,
  • you can see the videos posted by the Facebook pages we follow (by pressing the right arrow key),
  • to start playback, press the Enter key on the preview that appears,
  • To close the videos, click the Return button on the remote control.

Scrolling down the menu you can see the videos shared on our profile or those recently watched.

With the Enter key on the Search item at the top of the left menu, you can search for a video in particular among those present on the social network.
By pressing the Enter key, on the item Settings in the general menu and then again on Exit, you log out and you can connect to a different account, in the same way.

How to log into Facebook on Smart TV

If instead of Facebook Watch we want to take advantage of the "classic" version of Facebook on the TV, let's see how to view the social network by referring to any smartphone, tablet or computer.

Con Screen Mirroring

Miracast technology is integrated in many Smart TVs, Android devices and many recent Windows PCs, it is possible to connect one of these devices to our TV without using a router as an intermediary (it works, in fact, via WI-Fi Direct).

Miracast presents one of the most immediate solutions for mirroring (duplicating data) of the Facebook app or site (i.e. transmitting the video signal of one device on the display of another device).

To proceed:

  • check that this feature is available on your TV by consulting your TV manual and considering that many manufacturers use different trade names for this technology, such as Anyview Cast, Screen Share or WiDi.

With a Samsung TV, to find the Miracast option:

  • press the Menu button,
  • select the Network item and press the OK button or press the Settings button on the remote control,
  • choose the item General,
  • press the OK button,
  • select the Network item and press the OK button,
  • go to Screen Mirroring and click OK. On some older TV models the option is directly accessible by pressing the Source button and on other models there is no need to activate a specific option for Miracast.

After all this, to proceed from Android smartphones and tablets:

  • slide your finger downwards starting from the upper edge of the display,
  • scroll to the right the menu page with the icons (if necessary) and press on that Projection (the screen symbol),
  • tap on the name of our TV,
  • confirm by pressing the OK button (if necessary, press the OK or Enter button on the TV to allow the connection).

There were problems:

  • click on the gear icon at the top right of the icon menu,
  • press on Connection and sharing,
  • choose the item Wireless screen and from here tap on the name of the TV.

To proceed from a Windows 10 PC:

  • press the notification area button at the bottom right corner (the square balloon icon next to the date and time),
  • click the Connect button,
  • choose the TV name.

At this point:

  • go back to the TV,
  • press the OK (or Enter, depending on the remote control) button on the Allow button at the top right.

Miracast technology is not usable on iPhone, iPad and Mac, but if our Smart TV supports AirPlay technology, you can use this to mirror anyway.

To proceed:

  • connect the TV and the device you want to broadcast from to the same Wi-Fi network,
  • press the Duplicate screen button in the iOS / iPadOS notification drop-down or in the macOS multifunction menu (top right),
  • select the TV name from the menu that opens,
  • at the first connection, you will be asked to enter a verification code, which is displayed on the TV screen.

Now just open the app or the main page of the Facebook site to see it on the TV.

Cable connection

Perhaps the best known option for connecting a TV to a mobile device or computer (on which to view Facebook) is the one via cable with the classic HDMI connection.

In the case of mobile devices we will need a micro-USB or USB-C to HDMI adapter; on computers many times there are standard HDMI ports, but on some laptops there may only be USB-C ports and, in these cases, there is a need for specific hubs or adapters.

Once connected, to preview the TV inputs menu:

  • press the Menu or Home button on the remote control,
  • select the item Sources (or Inputs),
  • choose the one that has the same number as the HDMI port to which you connected your device (eg HDMI 1).

Other solutions to access Facebook from TV

In the event that our devices fail to support Miracast technology or we do not want to connect via cable, you can project the Facebook app or site on the TV using external devices to connect to it.

One of these is Chromecast, a device produced by Google which, once connected to the TV, via the HDMI port, allows you to view content downloaded from the network in streaming. The tool can be purchased from websites or electronics stores.

It can be used to stream multimedia content and the screen of smartphones, tablets and computers to TV. It is compatible with both Android and iOS / iPadOS and, in the computer field, with the Chrome browser on all operating systems. All devices need to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Chromecast is available in its basic model (at 39 euros on the Google website) with the ability to play video signal in Full HD (1080p) and with Google TV (at 69,99 euros on the Google site) with support for 4K, HDR, Dolby Vision, which is based on the Google TV operating system, and allows you to install apps directly on the device, managing them from the remote control.

Another rather inexpensive solution is Amazon's Fire TV Stick, a key that connects to the HDMI port of the TV (as well as to the power outlet) and allows you to access a wide range of online content. Fire TV Stick has, among the integrated functions, also that of being able to mirror Android devices and is available in the Lite version compatible with the Full HD resolution standard, and in the 4K version with support for the 4K / Ultra HD format.

Another interesting option is that of TV Stick / Android TV Box. These are small computers with an Android operating system and application stores, which allow you to access Facebook and other applications directly from the TV, without connecting to a smartphone, tablet or PC.

TV boxes are devices to be connected to a television / monitor, to make it “smart”, for the reproduction of multimedia contents, both audio and video.

With an iPhone, iPad or Mac, you can connect wirelessly with Apple TV.

The new Apple TV allows you to watch movies, TV series, football matches, sports and many other content in 4K streaming. It is a small box to be placed near the TV and connects via HDMI cable and Wi-Fi, or iPhone and iPad. Apple TV has its own application store and is available in both HD and 4K versions (with support for Dolby Vision and HDR10 as well).

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