Horizon Forbidden West - Guide to all GAIA functions

Horizon Forbidden West - Guide to all GAIA functions

GAIA and the Main IA of the program Zero dawn, that is a project that had the task of making the earth a new hospitable place for life through different functions, and it is also the one that we must restore in Horizon forbidden west as Aloy's mission. However, despite being the fulcrum, GAIA needs other artificial intelligences to support it, each of which performs a specific task within the gigantic system: these are subordinate functions, which we have already known and which we will know even better in Horizon Forbidden West. . Let's refresh our memory, what are the AIs and their functions?


The task of this function is to develop the machines from the main AI projects through the Cauldrons we know well. Their job was to clean up the planet by supporting other functions. In Frozen Wilds Aloy will get to know this feature very closely.


Minerva's task was almost that of a messenger: her function was to send and transfer the deactivation signals to permanently shut down the robots of Faro.


This unit had the task of regenerating and cloning the human race from cryopreserved embryos, this through Cradle Centers around the world. In short, the function was to reintroduce the human race to the planet.


As if it were an infinite archive of all knowledge, Apollo had the function of preserving the data of all human history to then pass them on to future generations, as knowledge and as a warning not to make the same mistakes.

Horizon Forbidden West - Guide to all GAIA functions


This AI, as easily understood by the Greek divinity chosen for the name, was in charge of cleaning up, regenerating and managing the entire hydrosphere.


Counterpart of Poseidon, the aether's job is to take care of the atmosphere, cleaning and regenerating it.


This function of GAIA was responsible for the regeneration of the flora, through cryogenically preserved seeds.


Counterpart of Demeter, this function of GAIA had the task of repopulating the fauna of the earth.


His job was to destroy the terraforming project in case everything went wrong. However, a mysterious signal awakened ADE causing him to start behaving abnormally.

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