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The city of Mumbai is one of the most populous in the world, which means there are many enemies around for you. Our detailed Hitman 2 Mumbai guide will guide you through all the story missions

In this guide we will take you on all the missions of the famous Hitman 2 in detail, the city of Mumbai awaits you full of enemies and pitfalls. Let's find out what it is!

Hitman 2: Mumbai, let's discover the missions together in detail

La main mission of Hitman 2 in this treacherous city, is to eliminate three specific objectives. However, one of the objectives is completely unknown and before proceeding we will have to discover his secret identity and subsequently kill him. There are many ways to achieve various goals, so you shouldn't worry at all. We must be careful though don't get caught, in fact we will be dealing with crows who will be ready to discover you if you fail to blend perfectly with them, so pay close attention. And now let's take a look at all the missions gradually, so that we can tackle them and finish them as best as possible.

Finding Maelstrom

The hardest part of the Hitman 2 mission in Mumbai is locate the Maelstrom. While loading on the map you will see two red targets representing Vanya Shah e Dawood Rangan e three purple targets. These purple colored lenses are gods areas of interest related to Maelstrom. You will have to identify him before killing him and now let's see how and where to find him.

The missions to follow to find the Maelstrom immediately are a Close Shave, o Flames Rekindled. Both will lead you to the right man, but if you want to find him without completing the following missions, keep reading the steps below:

  • The crows hideout is located near the Metal Workers district west of the map, but you'll have to sneak into it. To do this you can use the generator near the waterfront and after entering take a disguise of the crows and immediately go down to the basement.
  • I recommend that you bring l’Elite Crow in middle room e take his equipment. In this room there is a letter from the barber, take it and go straight to the street.
  • Once you get to the map, objectives will appear. All you have to do is get closer to each person, until the bar above his head fills up and you will get a positive or negative result as a result.
  • When you find the right target take it out but be sure to not attract attention of the people around you.
  • Be careful though because there are many elite guards on the streets: they can watch too through your disguise and then discover you. Not to get caught use the crowd in your favor.

A Close Shave

The first person to kill on our agenda is the Maelstrom and to do that you will have to slit his throat with a razor. You will need to identify him first by following the instructions above, but sneaking into the barber shop can be difficult. Here are our tips:

  • Go to the Barber Shop in Slum Square in the center of the map and wait for the barber and his friend to finish talking. Enter from the back of the second floor e kick out the barber, then go back and go downstairs.
  • Using the barber key open the shop and start being barbers while you wait for the Maelstrom to arrive. There will be some people who will come into the shop and ask for your barber service, all you have to do is keep them good until the Malestrom arrives. When he arrives, make him sit down and offer him a shave by killing him on the spot with the razor.
  • Once the murder is complete, hide the victim's body in the next room, but be careful not to let him see you woman on watch, who patrols the building from the steps to the second floor.

A Dress to Die For

This mission will lead you to killing Shah, and what a somewhat cunning and stealthy disguise implies. Let's take a look at how to proceed:

  • Go to the tailor Tailor Southwest of Slum Square to take his disguise when he leaves the shop. Follow him to the area where he makes a phone call, but be careful: in the area there is another person which will need to be eliminated, or you can shoot to lure the tailor into the bush.
  • Then locate one currency which you can find on the second floor of the tailor's shop, in the crow's hideout in the central room, or in the convenience stores.
  • After getting the coin you have to go to the cloth merchant at Slum Square and bargain with him. Take the panno ceruleo and go meet Shah at the train station.
  • Here you will be searched. When Shah turns around you will have to kill both her and her servant and once the murder is complete, run to hide the bodies to eliminate all traces of the crime.

A Matter of Discipline

 There is also another way to kill Shah different from the previous one, let's see how:

  • First, head to the Chawls and use the padlock to open the laundry office. Go downstairs and wait until you can use the radio, then kill the guard and take his clothes
  • Go to the upstairs and take the disguise of Forman, then report to the guard who will lead you out of Shah.
  • When you talk to her you can choose if push it off the ledge and kill her, or follow her and kill her in different ways.

Broad Strokes

 In this mission you will have to dress the the role of an artist to achieve your goal:

  • First head to the Chawls. There is a killer upstairs, but be careful not to kill him because will copy the murder for you with a sniper rifle.
  • Then infiltrate the apartment Complex Tower e disguise yourself from guard.
  • Use the elevator shaft to get to third floor and reach the painter's room. Enter the window to get to the painter and get his clothes.
  • Once killed hide his body and wait for the arrival of Rangan. Once the guest arrives paint his portrait and wait for the sniper to kill him.

Flames Rekindled

This mission, as we said, can lead us to kill the Maelstrom. Let's see how in Hitman 2: Mumbai:

  • In this mission one must reach one big hill that you will find on the map. Here you will find one woman surrounded by guards.
  • On the roof there is a large one flag that you will have to lift. Once the Maelstrom is done it will come running to you. You decide if kill him on the spot or poison his wine which you will find on the table downstairs.

Gone with the Wind

This Hitman 2 mission involves using a gigantic fan to sweep your target out of the tower. Let's see how to do it together:

  • Infiltrate the building and go to the make-up room. Once you arrive, get ready to poison the tray which is on the table and to do so use the rat poison you find in the kitchen.
  • Then a follow the plumber e steals her clothes. Then infiltrate the elevator shaft to get to the top and use the hammer to knock the script down
  • Once this is done, take the script and take it to the director. This is for sabotage the industrial fan with a screwdriver increasing its power and wiping out Rangan.

Picture perfect

The mission Picture perfect gives you a great way to infiltrate the tower, but you need to track down the photographer before doing so.

  • To find the photographer Gregory Arthur you have to go to the food district and look for a man who wear wings.
  • When the opportunity presents itself, push him into the gutter and then steal his clothes.
  • Once this is done, head to the tower and once there you will be searched. After that you will be taken by Rangan and you can follow the plans described above in the Gone with the Wind mission.

Hitman 2: Mumbai, detailed mission guide

I remind you that Hitman 2 is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One e PC.

I just have to wish you good fun and not to miss any news on Hitman 2 keep following the pages of Holygamerz!

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