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Assassin's Creed Origins is one of the most spectacular games of 2017. Award-winning by audiences and critics alike, with beautiful graphics and a compelling story, the title is also capable of unique immersion. We offer you some tips to play it at its best and enjoy the experience to the fullest

Assassin's Creed Origins is a big game, in every sense. It's not just valid, it's just big. You will have so many things to do and see, it is a very dense action-RPG that will take you a long time before you master it, and at first glance you will not be able to grasp its complexity. Only after several hours of play will you be able to understand all the mechanics, and for this reason we offer you some simple tips to better face the adventure (and save you some bad words and a few empty hours).

If you are new to the game and want to know more, we recommend that you read our review. Assassin's Creed Origins is the latest episode of the Assassin's Creed Series Ubisoft and it is available 4 PlayStation, Xbox One and PC. Contrary to previous titles, which pushed the chronology of history forward, this time you will go back: you will take a dip in ancient Egypt and play as Bayek, a warrior fighting against corruption who will become the first Assassin of all time.

Now that we've introduced you to the game, let's get started with ours tips for getting started Assassin's Creed Origins!

Collect all the items ... (Tips to start Assassin's Creed Origins | Guide)

Crafting, i.e. collecting material and creating new objects, plays a fundamental role here. Collect everything you can on the map: you will find everything, weapons, money or raw materials. Whenever you discover a new area, scout Senu and locate the places where the items might be hiding. The eagle will allow you to locate on the map of the region where you are the source of raw materials, such as animals to hunt. These materials will prove to be fundamental for crafting - check how much material you need to upgrade or craft certain pieces of Bayek's equipment, and proceed.

Enter every house, even the apparently uninhabited ones, check that the eliminated guards are not carrying anything, look for chests, open drawers. And if you just can't remember to do so, at least there is an unlockable skill that will collect all the material that the guards you just eliminated were carrying for you. The elite Greek ones usually carry precious ceramic pieces with them.

... but remember that you can sell your junk right away (Tips to start Assassin's Creed Origins | Guide)

During the adventure you will accumulate so much of that stuff that you will not know what to do with it. Many collectibles will be duplicates and above all they will have no real use other than being sold. So do it. You can approach a trader's stand and sell them. Very easy and profitable, with the money you earn you can buy new weapons and armor!

Don't forget to upgrade your equipment (Tips for starting Assassin's Creed Origins | Guide)

Speaking of weapons and armor, remember to take care of them! Do not give in to the temptation to sell something when it becomes old or obsolete: visit the blacksmith shops and upgrade your equipment, especially in the case of Legendary weapons: each weapon has unique or particular characteristics, which could prove very useful later on.

Visit the Nomads' Bazzars (Tips for starting Assassin's Creed Origins | Guide)

During your travels you will happen to come across Return, a very young nomadic merchant who sometimes proposes rare items on sale. You can easily recognize it: on the map it is marked with an icon in the shape of a turquoise camel. Remember that these items are not cheap, but they are worth the pain. Always carry enough money with you for your purchases, and be steadfast in your resolutions.

Also, if you have free time, Reda will offer you quests, special events that once completed will give you mysterious rewards. The real value of these items depends purely on chance, but they are worth a try: sometimes you will get truly remarkable items.

Attach the camps (at night) (Tips for getting started Assassin's Creed Origins | Guide)

Each camp you invade has a specific number of treasures to collect - and captains to kill. Completing these side actions may seem superfluous and tiring, but it will give you a nice experience bonus. If you have difficulty finding treasures, press the Up button on the Pad: it will highlight nearby objects.

The camps are always defended by a large number of guards and reinforcements arrive if the alarm is raised. A useful trick is to attack the fields during the night or while you are changing the guard. In these moments it is easier to enter the camps and carry out the assigned mission. Try to complete as many side missions as possible, so that you can then dedicate yourself to the quests of the main plot. Also because otherwise you would miss out on many goodies, characters and beautiful places in the game world of ancient Egypt.

Yes, we know it's boring to wait until the night; but read the next point to save yourself a tedious wait.

Get the Dawn & Dusk Skill (Tips for Getting Started with Assassin's Creed Origins | Guide)

Dawn & Dusk it's incredibly useful, practically allowing you to quickly switch from day to night. Useful precisely for attacking camps at night without having to wait. Also, in some quests you'll have to meet characters at certain times of the day, so you'll want to get hold of this skill as soon as possible.

Unlock Weapon Bearer and Bow Bearer abilities (Tips for starting Assassin's Creed Origins | Guide)

Weapon Bearer e Bow Bearer are two skills that will allow you to easily exchange secondary weapons. It may not seem useful at first, but the ability to switch weapons will become indispensable in casual encounters. Let's give an example: you are trying to silently kill a guard with a hunting bow, but you fail. This is the right time to choose a light bow to quickly kill the alarmed enemy. Also, these skills will keep you from going back and forth from the menu.

Go Easy on Your Enemies (Tips for Starting Assassin's Creed Origins | Guide)

Forget the Rambo scenes; In Origins, it's not enough to throw yourself into an entire battalion of enemies to take them out easily (and quickly) one by one. Now the enemies have a level, just like you: the higher it is, the more difficult it will be to knock them down, because they will be equipped with a certain type of equipment and skills. If you get surrounded and are of a low level or poorly equipped, rest assured that you will not survive. Pay attention to the position and level of the opponents. The approach must be scientific, and we advise you to eliminate weaker opponents first. Always look for a stealth solution instead of crashing into a camp with your face uncovered. Discretion is the watchword!

Beware of the dog (and the lions)! (Tips for starting Assassin's Creed Origins | Guide)

The local fauna is not the friendliest: being killed by a lion or a hippo is really very simple and very frequent. It sounds silly to say, but when you see a predator in our vicinity… run away. Or, if you really want a fight, make sure you're well armed. Crocodiles, lions and hippos they are a real nightmare: the only solution is to be able to tame or kill them, but it is much more complicated than you think. In addition, you will encounter trained animals, such as armored war elephants. Apparently it's possible to kill them with your bare hands - but it means you really don't have a whole lot better to do and that's not a good thing - but these pachyderms are potentially lethal.

Take advantage of the Ultra Attack (Tips to start Assassin's Creed Origins | Guide)

You may like to rely on brute strength, skills and reflexes in combat, but be aware that your every single attack will load up your adrenaline bar. The latter serves to release a very powerful move called Ultra Attack. Depending on the weapon you are using, the Ultra Attack will allow you to perform a devastating attack or to obtain a (temporary) buff useful to bring the outcome of the fight in your favor.

Be wary of using the Ultra Attack: not worth releasing it for new opponents! Much better to keep it for the enemy with the highest level on the field, the one that could create problems for you. The effectiveness of the Ultra Attack can also be enhanced by purchasing special skills in Bayek's skill tree.

Take Advantage of Guaranteed Damage (Tips to start Assassin's Creed Origins | Guide)

When you aim your bow at an enemy, or sneak up on it, you will notice a red marker taking place inside the health bar. It serves to tell you the amount of damage you are about to inflict with a direct attack on the enemy, i.e. the indicator of a Damage Guaranteed. You can use it tactically to your advantage: is it worth attacking an opponent in a group with an arrow, if that arrow still fails to kill them in one shot? Evaluate your actions well.

Reloading the mission objective (Tips for starting Assassin's Creed Origins | Guide)

Did you mess up the mission and want to go back to the last checkpoint? It's not very obvious at first, but in Origins it's possible thanks to the option "Reload mission objective". To activate it, pause, highlight the quest page and press triangle / Y. It will be very useful, especially if you are a stealth perfectionist and want a clean assassination.

Autopilot in the saddle (Tips to start Assassin's Creed Origins | Guide)

Are you too lazy to ride to your next destination? No problem, Origins allows you to set an arrival point: hold down X / A on the location you want to reach and fall asleep in the saddle, your mount will do all the effort for you.

Another thing: when you enter a new area, you unlock all of its quick travel points. In this way you will make the movements faster, but also for each point of interest you will gain 100 experience points (or more), AND you will also increase Senu's perception skills.

Destroy the statues of Ptolemy (Tips to start Assassin's Creed Origins | Guide)

You will happen to find statues of the hateful King Ptolemy XIII scattered all over Egypt. If you find one, give it to us and destroy it: it will give you 150 experience points. Political dissent has never been so satisfying.

There is a photo mode (Tips for starting Assassin's Creed Origins | Guide)

You probably know this already, as the Ubisoft has also launched a photo contest, but it is best to remember that. To activate the photo mode, press the two analog sticks: you will have a series of filters and lenses to take beautiful photos and document your trip to Egypt. On the contrary, try to make them as beautiful as you can, never if they win a prize or are voted on by other players!

Exit the Animus (Tips to start Assassin's Creed Origins | Guide)

As in other episodes of Assassin's Creed, also in Origins you can go out whenever you want and play with the “modern” protagonist, Layla. Pause and hold the Up key to exit. There isn't really much to do with Layla, but you can read a lot of emails and documents on her computer: this tip is dedicated to hardcore fans who want to know everything about the game and its predecessors, but we recommend it to everyone. .

We've finished this short guide to getting started with Assassin's Creed Origins! Let us know if they were helpful to you or if we missed any important information in the comments!

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