Hitman 2 Colombia guide: how to perform all the best kills

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Hitman 2 is finally available and offers us a large number of high difficulty missions. Colombia is certainly one of these, thanks to the great variety of internal objectives. Some, it must be said, are simple, but in others it is necessary to become the most silent of assassins in order to escape it. In this our guide to Colombia of Hitman 2 we will guide you in every kill.

As with any Hitman 2 mission, there are many ways to complete the objectives. We will give you every indication you need to perform the most spectacular eliminations.


At the beginning of the mission, there is a shack with two men. You have to listen to their conversation and then break into the shack. Make sure you get the glue from the mechanic by using the radio to distract and kill him. Once you have the glue, get rat poison from the store close and use the glue to repair the souvenir before poisoning it. Use the alarm to lure the hippie inside and grab his clothes.

Once you are in disguise, make your way to the underground cave entrance marked on the map but make sure you drop any illegal items in your possession as you will be searched. Finally, pass the souvenir to Franco and, when he goes to throw up, when the time comes push it into the hole.

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Deadly art

Deadly Art requires you to kill Pico Delgado. To start, head to the bar which is to the north. Once you have heard the tattoo artist's dialogue, use the generator to attract the bartender and take his clothes and the key in his possession. Use it to go to the basement and get the rat poison there and then return to the bar.

At this point, wait patiently for the tattoo artist to make a call and poison his drink, take the opportunity to eliminate it in the bathroom. Then, take his robes and enter the Delgado Complex: be careful, you will be searched. Start tattooing him and ask him to sit and still, in this way the woman in the room will walk away. When the guard leaves too, kill Rico, leave his body in the bathroom and escape through the window.

Half Cooked

In this case you have to turning a man into a pack of cocaine. To start, head to the airplane that fell in the jungle and throw something at the red box to make it fall. Grab the circuit board and then grab the clothes of a drug lab worker in the lab in the south area of ​​the plantation.

Use the fuse box to lure a worker, grab his uniform and then repair the cocaine making machine in one of the labs using the circuit board: finally exit the lab but look through the window to keep an eye on. the situation. At some point, Franco will arrive, enter the window and kill him by making him fall inside the machine.

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Consecrated Ground

Start the mission and head to the airplane and locate the backpackers. Take the poisonous plant who is nearby and poison the tea: the shaman will go to the bathroom and you will have the opportunity to knock it down. Grab his clothes and meet Andrea Martinez. Follow it to the construction site and complete the ritual as soon as you can; wait near the mixer controls until you have a chance to kill Andrea. The moment no one is looking, press the button.

Heart of stone

Get a wrench from the mechanic and then go to the statue. When one of the guards leaves, follow him and take him out: then take his clothes. With the wrench, loosen the statue and then find the missing band members. One of them is near the departure area (the bus stop) which sleeps on the bench. The other passed out behind the gas station attendant. The rest can be seen on the map. Take the drummer's clothes lure him with the fuse box and go to the statue. Once the presentation begins, play the drums and the statue will fall, killing your target.


To start, you need to get a submarine laborer outfit. Follow the woman until she joins her husband in the town square. Steal the man's clothes from the back of his hut when it is there. Go around the building until you find an opening in the wall.

Once you are in disguise, go to the bar and use the map to find a hidden passage. Follow the step: -you will need a screwdriver to continue-, you can get it from the unskilled worker in the area. Then enter the area and sabotage the engine and, when the target asks you, maximize the power. This will kill him.

Immortal love

For this mission you have to go to the Delgado compound. Once inside, take the uniform from one of the gardeners (distracting him with the sprinkler) and then enter the building. Go behind the big TV and turn it off to attract the guard and get his uniform. Get the rat poison from the kitchen and go back to the TV area where you have to poison the right cocacina, which is the one on the right if you are looking towards the bar. Take the guard's love letter, and when she goes to the bathroom after being poisoned, she uses the fire alarm to get everyone out of the building.

Then go to the second floor and place the letter on his desk. Go to the balcony and wait: the woman will arrive and you will have the opportunity to push her downstairs.

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These were all our suggestions to complete the goals in Colombia in the most spectacular and interesting way. Keep following the Tom's Hardware pages to discover the latest guides.

Hitman 2 is a quality game: a good offer is definitely the right opportunity to buy it and have fun.

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