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Calling Cyberpunk 2077 a "giant fountain of weapons" would be an understatement: the game is stuffed with a huge amount of guns and melee, which are divided into three main trunks, Tech, Smart e Power. These classes are each characterized by a special skill or trait that define their playstyle. But not only that, there are unique, more powerful models of weapons: the iconic weapons.

There are 6 individual models and are obtainable through various means, whether they are the main story missions, side missions or simple pieces of loot dropped by the bosses. This is a guide to each individual model and how to get it, divided by unlocking method. Let's start!

  • Main Missions
  • Secondary Missions

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Main Missions


Chaos is a Tech gun that can be obtained from the “The Pickup” mission by killing Roce during the trade or the end of the mission. This pistol has the unique ability to deal bonus critical damage, applying different types of damage and inflicting different statuses each time it is reloaded. In short, a name, a guarantee!

The iconic weapon, Chaos


Kongou is a Power pistol found during the “The Heist” mission on the nightstand next to Yorinobu's bed. I wish there was more but no ... all you have to do is take it where you find it and it's yours!

Kongou's bullets bounce even without the need for the appropriate cyberware mod. Additionally, the pistol has an increased rate of fire and more stable recoil, but for the price of a more modest magazine capacity.

The iconic weapon, Kongou


Cottonmouth is a one-handed mace found during the “The Space in Between” mission above Fingers' bed. His special ability is to deal bonus electrical and chemical damage, as well as having a small chance to electrocute or poison anyone who is hit.

The iconic weapon, Cottonmouth

Secondary Missions

Dying Night

Dying Night is a Power Pistol and is one of the first and simplest iconic weapons you can get! Once you leave your apartment for the first time, you will have to go down the stairs and look for a weapons dealer called Second Amendment (2nd Amendment), where you will find this gun… for free! Her signature traits are 50% additional headshot damage and increased reload speed.

The iconic weapon, Dying Night


Well, this must definitely be my favorite. Skippy is a Smart Pistol found in Heywood, near College St. Metro Station. Its peculiarities are that the damage it inflicts scales with your level, making it a good choice at any point in the game you find it. IS.. parla. Is not it fantastic?!

The iconic weapon, Skippy


Buzzsaw is a craftable Power submachine gun after obtaining schematic specifications (in other words, weapon blueprints). To get them you will have to head to Watson and go to the left side of Northside, where you will find a boss who is in possession of them. The peculiarity of Buzzsaw lies in its bullets, which are highly penetrating.

The iconic weapon, Buzzsaw

But that's not all! cyberpunk 2077 it is a vast world and it is very likely that given the young age of the game, there are many other weapons still undiscovered. It is in your hands and those of each player to find who knows how many other relics of the City of Dreams. Good hunting!

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