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The HP and SP points are certainly among the most classic statistics to be managed within an RPG. In this guide I will tell you about how to recover both HP and SP during a battle that out of it. Many of these tips will greatly simplify your Persona 5 Strikers adventure and are intended for players just starting out. To learn more about the game I recommend ours Complete guide on Persona 5 Strikers.

  • In battle
  • Out of the battle
  • Automatic recovery
  • Bond ability
  • Fast travel and Prison

How to heal in battle

Party members

Panther, Sophie and Mona they are the members who work the most as support, given the number of healing, recovery and support skills. In particular Mona learn numerous skills throughout history to prevent the death of the Phantom Thieves.

The recovery items are essential to be able to better face any challenge, especially against the bosses. Buying these items is very simple, just go to stores scattered around the map or at Sophia's shop.

Here are 11 skills to heal your team:

  • Morning - Slightly restores an ally's HP (3 SP)
  • Diarama - Restore a moderate amount of HP to an ally (6 SP)
  • Diarahan - Fully heal an ally (18 SP)
  • Media - Slightly restores party HP (7 SP)
  • Mediarama - Restore a moderate amount of party HP (12 SP)
  • Mediarahan - Fully heals the entire party (30 SP)
  • Recarm - Revive an ally by restoring 50% of their HP (? SP)
  • Samarecarm - Revive an ally by restoring all HP (? SP)
  • Drop of Amrita - Heals an ally from all non-special penalties (6 SP)
  • Rain of Amrita - Heals the entire party from all non-special malus (12 SP)
  • Salvation - Completely heals the entire party and eliminates all malus (78 SP)

Healing yourself out of battle

Using automatic recovery

Automatic recovery is a feature that allows you to recover life outside of battle. The only drawback of this method is the waiver of the SP. For this reason, you'll need to figure out how to balance this mechanic to fit your play style.

Bond skill

They are a category of skills that will allow you to recover HP and SP outside the battles. For example, the bond skill " Recovery Support”Allows you to reset both indicators at the end of each battle.

Another useful skill, and on which you will rely heavily, is " Sneak Trick". Used in combination with "Recovery Support"You will have a recovery of the statistics of HP and SP more than optimal.

Fast travel and Prison

If you haven't been careful to balance your SP and HP, you can use a little trick to easily recover both.

While exploring a prison, you can use fast travel to temporarily exit the prison. Return to the prison and your team will be full HP and SP. To use fast travel on PlayStation 4 you will need to use the touchpad, while on Nintendo Switch the - key.

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