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Resolve is key in Mortal Shell, so finding Sister Geness is one of the priorities you will have during the game.

Where to find it: here is the way

This particular character is located in the initial area of ​​the area Seat of the infinite. Head to this place, which is the same place you will find there Eredhim Shell.

After the entrance, follow the first path on the left, go through the first tunnel and then turn right. Here you will find yourself crawling into a tunnel, once out of this, keep to the left and, once you have passed all the enemies you will find yourself at an intersection with three other enemies. Turn left and come up to the stone staircase that goes up, but don't use it! Instead, go down to the left and use the stairs while keeping yourself glued to the wall.

There in the middle of the obsidian blocks to the left of the stone ramp, you will find "Sister Genessa", at the point shown in the image below.

The Probita Offer and the Effigies for all the shells

Genessa won't give you any useful information, but you can find them Effigies for all the Shells in the game and you can buy theProhibited Offer, for 3000 Tar.

THEProhibited Offer will greatly increase yours Resolve, enhancing the Corrupted Seal, for this it is important to find it as soon as possible.

If you still have doubts about which way to go, take a look at the following video:

Other places where you can find Sister Genessa

You can find this character at the entrance to all the main areas and once you have acquired the Ornamental Mask, you can teleport to all places where it is present:

  • Falgrim Tower
  • Temple Gardens
  • Ash shrine
  • Sanctum of Flame
  • Dim Gate
  • Trembling archives
  • Abandoned Room
  • Enshrined Sanctum
  • Altar of the Martyr

Curiosities about Sister Genessa

Here are some little curiosities about this bizarre character present in Mortal Shell:

  • When you introduce yourself how Tiel, he will tell you that he was his beloved when he was alive.
  • If you talk to her without Shell, will have an exclusive dialogue.
  • If you try to attack it, it will vanish into thin air and laugh, and then reappear.
  • If you talk to The old prisoner without Shell, he'll tell you he knew her when she was alive.
  • It reacts when you play the lute. He will nod his head until he is fully familiar. At full familiarity, he will gently swing his head and body.
  • If you attack her, a bear trap may appear in front of her, and she will laugh if you walk over it.

In summary, it is not possible to kill her or do anything else. Also, this character will be needed for get Platinum.

Frequently asked questions and answers

The Forbidden Offering is located near the Obsidian Tower and costs three thousand Tar.
If you know where the Obsidian Tower is, go there.
If not, start in the central area with the prisoner, the sister and the merchant.

Forbidden Offering is a key item in the mortal shell.
The Forbidden Offering can be used to increase the acquisition of the Tainted Seal resolution and can be acquired from the Corrupted Sester.
Key items can be used to prosper in the primary campaign or to prosper your team.

Sester Genessa is an NPC and a merchant in Mortal Shell.
Sester Genessa can be found in the Fallgrim Tower.
Sester Genessa lets you use your Tar and Glimpses to discover Shell names and unlock their Abilities.
He will also give you merchant services later in the game.

Compilation of frequently asked questions that our users have sent us and that our experts have answered.

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