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Finally Persona 5 Strikers, the sequel to the beloved Persona 5, has arrived in the West bringing with it the immense amount of content typical of the series. In this guide we will go through every detail of the boss Nightmare Dragon Ango , both in terms of his story and the best strategies to face him during the bossfight.

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  • Personality
  • Stats
  • Weaknesses / Resistances
  • Ability
  • Ideal build
  • Strategy
  • Trophies

Personality and physical characteristics

Out of the metaverse Ango Natsume (real name of the boss in question) works as a writer and author of successful books. In reality, his bestseller "the prince of nightmares" was born as the result of the numerous plagiarisms he did against numerous authors.

Although from the outside he appears as a charismatic writer, famous and with a large following in Sendai, in reality he lives in fear that the various plagiarisms are discovered and go to destroy his work, of which he is very proud.

He is also afraid of disappointing his family and above all his grandfather, a famous writer, towards whom he feels a great inferiority complex.

If you have played Persona 5, you can well understand the parallelism that exists between him and the second boss that can be faced there, that is Madarame, being both artists whose success is given solely by the shameless plagiarism of the work of others. They also share the same cardinal sin, Vanity (highlighted by the trophy obtained by defeating him).

The first form of Ango Nightmare Dragon.

His Shadow version is inspired by the fantasy imagery present in his book "the prince of nightmares“, In fact in his first form he will appear as a classic archdemon while in his final form he will look like a dragon protected by a golden armor.

He is the monarch of the prison of Sendai, and defeating him will allow you to awaken the hearts of the people who have fallen into his sphere of influence.

Ango Nightmare Dragon stats

Weaknesses and resistances


Ideal party build

Battle Tips

  • Stock up well with SP recovery items before the battle. You will find them mostly around in the machines, but some you can also cook yourself.
  • Make use of a lot either upgrades and weakenings, they will be important to quickly finish the battle.
  • Attack the boss from behind: Since most of the boss's attacks will be aimed at the area in front of him, attacking him from behind will be the best way to deal a lot of damage safely.
  • Ango Nightmare Dragon will tend to attack far ahead, which is whyi behind him there will be a sort of "blind spot". Use it to attack him as much as possible.
  • Make full use of the Ice-type and Holy-type abilities of Goemon and Pithos respectively. Also equip the Joker to achieve maximum damage output.
  • Take advantage of interactable elements of the map, such as ice stalactites and columns.
  • Heal your characters whenever they suffer an altered status.
  • Try not to be affected by Maragion, both for the high damage taken and the boredom that will give the status On fire if taken
  • Judgment Hail it will do a lot of damage, so be prepared to avoid it when it does.
  • You will also want to largely avoid Demon Monarch Ice-Fire Drake Breaker given the damage it will inflict.
  • Last move I advise you to be careful of is Leg-Breaker Outrage Blade, although the main reason is that a simple jump is enough to not get hit and it will create an excellent opening in the Ango moveset, thus giving you the perfect opportunity to inflict as much damage as possible.

Obtainable trophies

Eliminate the boss and complete the Sendai Prison you will get the bronze trophy "Conquered Cage of Vanity“, Confirming again the connection between Ango and Madarame (which not even the game hides, given several dialogues in which the writer mentions him).

For more details on the other trophies, feel free to check out ours Persona 5 Strikers trophy guide.

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